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Jim Carrey wants a job at 'The Office.' In a perfect world, which guest star would replace Michael?

The Office‘s star-studded Season 7 finale just got a little more interesting. Last night, EW learned that Jim Carrey will appear on the hour-long episode that airs May 19, joining previously announced guests Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett, James Spader, Ray Romano, and Catherine Tate. All six will be playing potential replacements for the dearly departed Michael Scott, who’s set to leave Scranton in next Thursday’s installment.

It’s safe to say that none of these boldface names will be sticking around for much longer than one episode (or, more likely, a few minutes of screen time during which they’re each interviewed and summarily dismissed from Dunder Mifflin). Even so, we can dream of a magical world in which Gob Bluth, Ace Ventura, David Brent, or even Ron Burgundy became a permanent fixture at Sabre’s wackiest branch. Which one, though, would make the best World’s Best Boss? Vote in our poll to let us know who you’re rooting for most. READ FULL STORY

'The Office' tonight: You down with the Dundies?

Ah, the Dundies; how can I explain it? We were introduced to Dunder Mifflin’s in-house awards long, long ago — at the very beginning of Season 2, when Kelly still dressed like a librarian, Michael wore his hair slicked back (check out that vintage photo!), and Jan’s last name was Levinson-Gould. Since then, we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the ceremony… but apparently, it’s been held off-camera every year, because tonight’s episode of The Office is called “Michael’s Last Dundies.” Suddenly, I’m getting a craving for baby back ribs.

Though Season 7’s callbacks to earlier Office touchstones haven’t always hit — unlike a lot of you, I wasn’t a huge fan of “Threat Level Midnight” — I can’t wait for the return of the Dundies. Here’s why: READ FULL STORY

John Krasinski in talks to join Lena Dunham-penned indie 'Nobody Walks'


While he’s melted our hearts for nearly seven seasons on The Office, Big Tuna has failed to make a huge splash on the big screen. Strange, huh, especially given the immense likability of Jim Halpert. (“Niagara” will forever live in infamy. How many men booked surprise trips on the Maid of the Mist after seeing their girlfriends tear up while watching the episode?) With Steve Carell’s impending departure, it seems there’s no better time for John Krasinski to seal his fate as a legitimate leading man. But why isn’t he one already?  READ FULL STORY

'The Office' poll: So, how did Will Ferrell do?

Eleven long weeks after news of his guest arc was first reported, Will Ferrell’s four-episode Office arc finally began last night. In terms of ratings, the outing was a definite success — it delivered 7.7 million viewers and a 3.9 adult demo rating, making it Thursday’s top-rated scripted show. But as I said in my recap of last night’s half hour, I felt a little lukewarm about Ferrell’s debut. His character, Deangelo Vickers, is more of a collection of quirks than a fully-formed person, and his first day at The Office also felt way too similar to Charles Miner‘s. At the same time, though, Deangelo made me laugh plenty of times — the episode’s cold open especially hit all the right notes — and Ferrell is so appealing that I’ll enjoy watching him for the rest of the season even if Deangelo himself is sort of half-baked.

But enough about me. What did you think of Ferrell’s return to NBC? Are you wishing that he’d replace Michael full time, or that the comedian had signed on for one episode (or no episodes) instead of four? Vote in the poll below, then tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments. READ FULL STORY

'The Office' tonight: Are you ready to start saying goodbye to Steve Carell (and hello to Will Ferrell)?

It’s finally here, Office fans: the beginning of the end. In tonight’s episode, “Training Day,” Michael Scott starts preparing to leave Scranton for good — and his replacement, an allergy-plagued manager named Deangelo Vickers who’s played by some guy named Will Ferrell, will arrive. The entirety of Season 7 has been leading toward this moment, so there’s just a little pressure for the show to get it right. READ FULL STORY

Ricky Gervais still loves 'The Office': How many more seasons would you like to see?

Yes, Ricky Gervais was partly joking when he told birthday boy David Letterman on The Late Show last night that he would like to see The Office stay on air forever (“Financially, I do”), but with the show’s revolving door of recurring and permanent characters, it does seem as though the series is looking forward to a long life well after star Steve Carell leaves at the end of this season. (CBS has yet to post the full interview on the site, but the awesome folks over at Vulture have posted a few choice moments from the interview here.) READ FULL STORY

How 'The Office' can make its supersized farewell to Michael Scott great

With Steve Carell leaving The Office after seven hit (and mostly hilarious) seasons, it’s only fitting that NBC send him off in style. That’s why the Peacock is saying goodbye to Michael Scott with a 50 minute episode on April 28.

That announcement is bound to evoke conflicted emotions from Dunder-Mifflin devotees: nostalgic sadness over his departure, excitement for the much-hyped season finale, as well as a touch of apprehension over yet another love-it-or-loathe-it extended Office episode.

You would think that if you love The Office, double the time would mean double the laughs, but then you think back to the dozen or so extended episodes the series has done before. Some were amazing, but a lot of them just seem far too long and difficult to swallow (that’s what she said).

So here are four suggestions for the show making the most out of Michael Scott’s 50-minute swansong:  READ FULL STORY

Alec Baldwin (Yankees) and John Krasinski (Red Sox) talk baseball

The slow-starting Red Sox took two of three from the Yankees over the weekend, pulling Boston fans back from the ledge and preserving the hilarious new New Era hat commercial that features Yankees supporter Alec Baldwin and Sox fan John Krasinski talking trash. Krasinski interrupts Baldwin’s elegant soiree to gloat about the Yankees off-season failures, but like his character on 30 Rock, Baldwin is unflappable as he dismisses the notion that the Red Sox are even in the Yankees class, saying “This is not a rivalry, just like fire doesn’t have a rivalry with kindling.” Krasinski’s passions get the better of him in the end, but hey, it’s baseball season. (By the way, the Orioles are in first place.)

Watch the ad below, and then vote for Team Baldwin or Team Krasinski at the New Era site. Team Baldwin currently leads, which is a little surprising since he alienated some potential supporters from Philadelphia. READ FULL STORY

'The Office' finale: Is Will Arnett the Scranton Strangler? Also: Our dream plotline


Along with Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett, NBC has confirmed the addition of Ray Romano, James Spader, and Catherine Tate to The Office‘s May 19 finale. With so much time between new episodes and all this talk of upcoming guest stars, it’s hard not to get carried away with dream plotlines. But what will this epic finale entail? Let’s brainstorm. Come on!

Office writer and star Mindy Kaling may have revealed that Arnett will be portraying the series’ most infamous character, The Scranton Strangler. The network has yet to confirm these casting details to EW, but we’d like to believe Fair Mindy, if only because the sight of Gob Bluth in prison orange would be one we’d love to revisit. READ FULL STORY

Rainn Wilson: Why superheroes are weird


His new movie Super — about an average Joe who dons a spandex suit and fights crime vigilante-style (see an NSFW clip here) — opens in select cities today, and to celebrate The Office star shares his thoughts on the superhero genre in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands today. Turns out, he has quite a few burning questions about Spidey, Batman, and their crime-fighting peers. Click through for a preview. READ FULL STORY

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