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Toby and Kelly (and Dwight?) clock out: Where does 'The Office' go from here?

The Office is about to get a serious renovation. In March, fans learned that Paul Lieberstein — who plays Toby Flenderson and is also the series’ showrunner —  will depart at the end of Season 8 so he can concentrate on launching an Office spin-off about Schrute Farms. If that show gets off the ground, Rainn Wilson’s Dwight will also leave Dunder Mifflin.

And today, Fox officially picked up It’s Messy, a sitcom created by and starring Mindy Kaling — meaning that motor-mouthed Kelly Kapoor is also on her way out the Office door. Since Kaling’s an executive producer and the writer of some of the sitcom’s most memorable episodes (“The Injury,” “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” and “Diwali,” among others) as well as one of The Office‘s stars, losing her will be especially tough on the series.

It was hard enough to watch Steve Carell’s Michael Scott depart for Colorado — and a movie career — in Season 7. But what will happen to NBC’s most-watched sitcom if three of its biggest names leave for less fluorescent pastures? Can this Thursday-night staple overcome an uneven year to finish strong in its (presumably last) season? Would a reboot revitalize the show — or make matters worse? And who will bother sticking around to watch?


Play ball! Nick Offerman versus Craig Robinson in New Era's Chi-town feud


Last year, Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski acted out baseball’s most passionate feud — Yankees vs. Red Sox — in a series of New Era cap commercials. An apartment building was set ablaze, animals were abused, and pants were soiled. More important to this impartial observer, neither rival went on to win the World Series. (So begins the New Era jinx!)

This year, Major League Baseball’s official hatmaker is staying within the NBC family, but shifting the bloodsport west, to the City of Big Shoulders. In the first of what we can only hope are a series of ads, Park & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman (Cubs) and The Office‘s Craig Robinson (White Sox) exchange digs at the Chi-town corner pub, the Dividing Line. It seemed like a fair fight, but then Robinson had to go all Chicago Way on the Cubbies, crossing a line that just shouldn’t be crossed. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

NBC’s epic Super Bowl promo features literally everyone on NBC -- VIDEO

Whether or not you were happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl, you’ll find it hard not to smile while watching NBC’s ridiculously fun promo (which aired during the pre-show) featuring the casts of… well, just about everything on NBC.

The Peacock gathered its various stars together for a super-sized Super Bowl commercial featuring a rousing rendition of “Brotherhood of Man” from the Broadway musical “How to Succeed in Business (Without Really Trying).” READ FULL STORY

'The Office' Dwight spin-off: Amish you were here?

We know what you’re thinking: An Office spin-off?! Possibly without Greg Daniels or Michael Schur on board?! But slow down, friends: Before any of you start complaining about what a bad idea this possible Rainn Wilson/Office spin-off could be — or try to remind us that for every Frasier there is a Joey — let’s consider the potential here.

The Office is a unique show, in that it boasts plenty of characters that could easily stand on their own. (Would I watch a Meredith show? Maybe not. Unless it was on A&E. In which case, yes of course I would.) But Dwight is even more unique, in that he lives and works on Schrute Farms, home to some of the greatest, weirdest moments in the show’s history.

Stephen Merchant stands tall, shows lovable geeky side on 'Hello Ladies' tour

Carolyn Djanogly

It’s not easy to always be in someone else’s shadow — but it’s particularly difficult when you’re 6’7″ — you’re supposed to be the shadow. Stephen Merchant — co-creator with Ricky Gervais of The Office, An Idiot Abroad, and Extras – is able to literally rise above in his standup one-man show, Hello Ladies. Merchant quips in the show that he’s returning to standup “so he doesn’t have to share the profits with anyone,” but it’s also a chance for Merchant to introduce himself as a presence apart from the shows he’s helped create and apart from seemingly constant man of the hour Gervais (particularly the week after the Golden Globes).

At the recent Los Angeles stop on his brief American tour, Merchant delved into questions of self-esteem, bedroom antics of the height-enhanced, and the perils of having less-than-cool parents (especially when you are already less than cool). He’s ostensibly on a search for a wife, and in a world filled with YouTube videos featuring a girl with 12 cats that proclaim to women “this is why you’re single,” it’s refreshing to see Merchant’s mug coming at you from a fisheye lens, showing his less than sexy bedroom eyes, admitting “this is why he’s single.” READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: I watch 'shipper fan videos. Which are your favorites?

It’s not a cool thing to admit. At all. But in the spirit of PopWatch’s sacred Confessionals, I have to admit: I’ve spent a lot of time watching fan videos on YouTube lately.

This is far from a recent development. I’ve watched many ‘shipper (relationship + supporter = ‘shipper) videos in the past, but I just had a few days off recently that were spent largely following a trail of videos after my friend sent me a great one about How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney and Robin.

Once upon a time, I had an entire playlist dedicated to fan videos, but after that account was closed, I lost my comprehensive — and, frankly, dated — selections and never had the time to start it up again. I started a new one this past weekend after coming across several I loved.

That’s not meant to sound like I have that many favorites. In fact, there’s a lot of crap out there. And I don’t feel bad saying that. I saw some Booth and Bones videos set to Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero” that I refuse to admit actually exist, and am totally amazed at how many people still think “Kiss Me” is still the most romantic song ever made. But there is small, select collection with remarkably fine editing work — both in terms of clip and music selection. Bonus points go to those who find a way to incorporate dialogue or moments. And the supreme fan-vid editors can make you cry. Yes, actual waterworks.

That didn’t happen but once during my recent excursion into the world of fan videos, and yes, I felt like a corny idiot. Then I pressed “replay.”

Judge me if you will; I won’t blame you. But if you’re so inclined, share or talk about some of your favorites below. Here are a few of mine: READ FULL STORY

'The Office' cast members teach us about the value of paper


Some people were extremely excited a couple weeks ago when Quill.com announced a special holiday tie-in with NBC’s The Office: Genuine Dunder-Mifflin paper, the perfect present for your friend whose printer is out of paper. Personally, I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I spend my days writing on various non-paper devices: my computer, my smartphone, my iPad. They serve all the functions of paper, while also letting me to e-mail my friends, play Angry Birds, and watch YouTube videos. Paper can’t do any of those things! But I changed my tune when Officemates Kate Flannery and Oscar Nuñez swung by the EW office for an interview. They were kind enough to bring some Dunder-Mifflin paper with them, and they taught me two valuable lessons: 1) Paper is awesome, and 2) My iPad is totally stupid. Watch it all happen in the video below: READ FULL STORY

Celebrity PopWatch Confessional: For a big guy, I cry a lot at the movies

I confess: I find myself getting more and more emotional during particular movies. Sometimes I’ve even hidden tears: from dates, family members, friends. If I’m watching Star Wars with a male friend and he sees a tear running down my cheek when Han Solo returns at the end to help Luke destroy the Death Star, how am I going to live that down? Like that’s not going to be brought up at every possible occasion. Real men don’t get misty eyed at that stuff. I bet John Wayne never welled up watching Gone With the Wind and had to tell his buddies he had something in his eye.

I was warned that I would get emotional during the beginning of Up and I thought, “I’m going to fight it. I’m not going to be manipulated.” I was welling up within 10 minutes. It happened on a date during Toy Story 3. The boy gave up his toys and that got me. We’d only just sat down. I’d heard it was a dark movie and later, when it looks like all the toys are going to be incinerated, I genuinely thought they were going to get it. I was thinking, “I cannot believe what I’m seeing. They are going to kill off these lovable toys in a Disney movie.” I was gob-smacked. I had to lift up my 3-D glasses so I wouldn’t see the tragedy as clearly when it happened. Then when they were saved, I had to put the glasses back on to mask my tears. That’s one good thing about the movies: at least it’s dark in there. READ FULL STORY

'The Office' baby mystery: Where is Pam Halpert?

Break out the blue cigars: Pam Halpert had her baby, apparently.

I know this not because of any mention on the show, but instead a blog post that went up last night on the show’s official website. “He’s Here!” the blog proclaims. “It’s official! I’ve said goodbye to my lovely lady bump, and hello to baby Philip Halpert!!!” You can read the full announcement on the fun baby blog (complete with a photo of baby Halpert).

I’d love to know who is responsible for the blog. It’s just as full of corny Mom jokes as real-life Mommy blogs. The same announcement entry reads, “When we brought Philip home, Cece was overwhelmed with emotion. First she threw her Vtech at the wall and started crying, but then all she wanted to do was be near him. It was pretty adorable. Now I just need to get her to be able to say “Philip” instead of “Pull-Up” so I’m not instinctively rushing to her side with Huggies every time :)” READ FULL STORY

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