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NBC exec says there's no time to nurture TV shows anymore. Is she right?

Back in 1991, 9.7 percent of television households watched George Costanza embarrass himself via answering machine on Feb. 13, when the fourth episode of Seinfeld’s second season aired. By today’s standards, that number — and the 13 million viewers that came with it — would make Seinfeld the most-watched show on TV. Even Sunday Night Football, last season’s biggest eyeball-grabber, earned a rating of just 8.2 — two full points above the season’s second place show, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.

But before the days of DVRs, increased cable competition, and the vast wilds of the Internet, a 9.7 rating wasn’t so impressive — especially coming after weeks of dwindling viewership. NBC would have been within its rights to can the show then and there. Instead, the network chose to hold onto Seinfeld — after putting it on a two-month hiatus.

The rest, of course, is history. Barring a few dips here and there, Seinfeld returned stronger than ever, racking up ratings as well as Emmy nominations. By season 5, it was the third-most watched show on television; by season 6 it was number one.

The Seinfeld story should be a comfort to any showrunner with a beloved but under-watched program. Unfortunately, according to NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke, it’s a trajectory that’s just not possible anymore. “With deteriorating ratings the tolerance for a show that’s struggling is just shorter than it’s ever been,” she told TV critics at TCA over the weekend. “So it’s frustrating for all of us that you can’t take the time to nurture a show and grow the audience as much as you might want to.”

Stars of canceled NBC shows join Neil Patrick Harris on Tony stage for number -- VIDEO

If NBC cancels your TV show, you know you’ll always have a home on the Tony Awards stage.

Andrew Rannells, Megan Hilty, and Laura Benanti — who starred in NBC’s now-defunct  The New Normal, Smash, and Go On respectively — appeared with Neil Patrick Harris at the ceremony to perform their ode to working in television. Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

'Perks of Being a Wallflower,' 'New Normal,' Bill Clinton honored at GLAAD Media Awards

GLAAD Media Awards went to The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The New Normal on Saturday night for their thoughtful depictions of gay characters, while former President Bill Clinton received the inaugural Advocate for Change Award for his work campaigning to legalize same-sex marriage.

It was a redemptive moment for the ex-president, who in 1996 signed the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as a partnership only between a man and a woman. In recent years, Clinton has campaigned against anti-gay legislation proposed in various states, and has publicly called for the Supreme Court to overturn the law he once signed.


'The New Normal': Matt Bomer works out just fine, as Bryan's ex -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

In Tuesday’s episode of The New Normal, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) are contemplating expanding their family, with Goldie’s help of course, but when they see that their single friend Gary (Michael Hitchcock) aspires to what they have, they try to help. White Collar‘s Matt Bomer guest-stars as Bryan’s ex, Monty, a legendary party boy the couple attempts to set up with Gary so that their lonely pal can start on the path to his own family. But don’t ever trust a guy named Monty! He has his own plans for procreation, and they just might include Goldie (Georgia King.)

Clearly he’s let himself go since he dated Bryan!

“The Goldie Rush” episode airs tomorrow night at 9:30 on NBC.

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‘The New Normal': Watch Ellen Barkin get ‘eggnogg nice’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
‘New Normal’ takes on Jesus’ abs

'New Normal' takes on Jesus' abs

Is it just me or has The New Normal‘s preachiness stopped being so annoying? Yes, the show’s LET-ME-TEACH-YOU-HOW-TO-NOT-BE-HOMOPHOBIC mantra was in full swing in last night’s episode (that tackled the oh-so-easy-to-crystallize-in-22-minutes topic: gays and the church), but for some reason I found it less irritating and more touching than previous issue-laden episodes. Most importantly, tonight showcased the brilliance that is NeNe Leakes (substituting “guinea pig” for “sheep” in a Bible quote? Perfection!) and had its share of wonderful lines.

My five favorites:

Bryan: If I die before I wake…
David: It’s probably due to a huge earthquake. READ FULL STORY

'Revolution'? 'Mindy'? 'Nashville'? What's your favorite new TV show this season? POLL


One month ago, Homeland and Modern Family were named Best Drama and Best Comedy at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. Their crowning ushered in the 2012 fall TV season, an exciting new beginning filled with surprising triumphs and unsurprising failures. (Made in Jersey and Animal Practice, we hardly knew ye!)

It’s too early to tell whether any of the networks’ shiny new shows will dethrone Homeland or ModFam at next year’s Emmys. Still, we’ve seen enough of them to know which ones are live-watch musts, which deserve a spot on the DVR… and which should follow CBS’s legal drama and NBC’s monkey comedy to an early grave.

For now, though, let’s keep things positive. Which of the following new shows is your favorite one of all? Vote in the poll below — and explain yourself in the comments.


Still sexy and we know it -- TV hotties over 55

Tuesday nights bring a double-dose of pentagenerian sexiness with Ellen Barkin on The New Normal and Dennis Quaid on Vegas. But these two aren’t the only sexy stars over the age of 55. Read more to see the hottest stars on television who still rock our world after all these years.


'New Normal': Are lamb sliders gay?

Republicans and Democrats? Covered. Race relations? Check. What politics-masked-as-sitcom plot were we hammered over the head with tonight? Gay marriage! “When you find someone who gets you for who you are, you want to be with that person, no matter what anyone else has to say about it,” young Shania says to the crowd at her fake-wedding to Wilbur. Did the writers think to themselves, “Okay, we’ll make Shania say this moving line about love conquers all and then all the bigots out there will realize that even if she’s talking about her fake elementary school romance, she could be talking about all couples. They’ll exclaim, ‘Wait! She could be talking about gay people! I’m pro-gay marriage! Where can I register to vote?'” If only that speech had been 1/100th as moving as when David proposed to Bryan before the sonogram of their future child. I wish the writers would show us the sentiments they’re trying to get across, not just tell us. That being said, you can’t always show a great line of dialogue, so here are my three favorite lines of the night.

1) “What are you doing? Is it my birthday?” – Bryan (Andrew Rannells, in perfect delivery, of course), as David gets down on his knee, in position to either propose or do something else?

2) “The only [monkey] in town is booked on some TV show.” – Bryan, again, simultaneously explaining to David why a simian couldn’t attend Shania’s wedding while also showing some network brotherhood with Animal Practice. Nice move!

3) “Lamb sliders are gay!” – Nana (Ellen Barkin). I wonder what she thinks about cake pops.

What did you all think about the episode? Are you preached out? Shania’s leaf dress: Did you j’adore it as much as I did? Did you cry at the wedding proposal? Will this show make it to May sweeps for what will undoubtedly be a very special episode of David and Bryan’s wedding?

'New Normal': Why we should all worship Andrew Rannells

Nana had her first orgasm. David’s mom (guest star Jackie Hoffman) came to visit. Shania ate wasabe…and then puked up wasabe. But the most important thing that happened tonight was that this sitcom ditched the bitchiness for actual laughs and emotion. Of course, Ellen Barkin’s Nana had some of the best (and okay, yes, bitchy) line of the episode (including one of my favorites lines of any show this year: “We get it Jennifer Garner. You take your kids to the park.”), but the success of this show (hello, full season pickup today!) can really be credited to the genius Andrew Rannells. Not only did he work a pair of turquoise pants to perfection (not easy), he killed every single line (even the not hilarious ones make you laugh with his delivery) and gave some much-needed heart to the show with that heartbreaker of a close-up while calling his estranged mother. I didn’t think he could possibly be as good on TV as he was on stage in The Book of Mormon and then  came along and he proved his brilliance. Ryan Murphy did himself many favors by casting Rannells, the one consistently great part of an uneven show.

Speaking of uneven, let’s talk about uneven screen time. As in, a lot less for Goldie, an even teenier amount for Shania, and none at all for Rocky? Personally, I didn’t miss any of them tonight, though I usually do love my Nene Leakes. The show seemed to have more focus without needing to hand out one-liners to everyone on the payroll. All in all, good show. Strong promise for the future. Now, who on earth is going to play Bryan’s mom? What did you all think of tonight’s episode? Are you as obsessed with Andrew Rannells as I am?


'Mindy Project': When does haha get hateful?

If you haven’t been keeping up with The New Normal, here’s a fall TV newsflash: Hater humor is all the rage. But it wasn’t Nana Forrest’s Republican rhapsodizing that got my proverbial panties in a bunch last night, it was a much more insidious brand of bad-mouthing — and from a most unexpected source: The Mindy Project. READ FULL STORY

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