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'Millionaire Matchmaker': Patti Stanger talks finding love for 'Real Housewives,' setting up friends

Patti Stanger has love in her blood.

The star of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, currently in its seventh season, believes matchmaking is in her DNA. Makes sense, since both her mother and grandmother were matchmakers before her. But Patti has made the art of finding the perfect match her own. Her blunt words and actions (she’s not afraid to slap a guy on TV) have made Stanger the go-to girl for advice on love. Stanger shared some of her relationship tips with EW, setting up the Real Housewives and their friends in the future, and why now is the easiest time to find love. READ FULL STORY

'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger gives controversial, uh, 'advice' during 'Watch What Happens' visit

If you tuned in for the season 5 premiere of Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, you watched horrified host Andy Cohen listen to Millionaire Matchmaker‘s Patti Stanger giving advice making judgments and sweeping generalizations about the gay community.

While visiting the Bravo talk show, Stanger took calls from fans, including one man who asked what her feelings were on open, long-distance relationships. After giving a vague, not-entirely-helpful answer (“Long distance relationships are great because they go faster and are quicker to close to a serious [relationship], almost marriage”), Stanger then asked the caller if he was gay. Not that that should matter, right PopWatchers? If a straight person called with the same question Stanger would give the same response, right? Wrong! We are so very wrong. READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' sons to appear on 'Millionaire Matchmaker': Let's pick their perfect match!

Manzo-matchmakerImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Peter Tangen/BravoBravo has confirmed that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo’s sons, Albie and Christopher, will appear on the upcoming season of The Millionaire Matchmaker. These boys are not self-made millionaires (Christopher’s entrepreneurial skills haven’t paid off yet, and Albie’s legal future is temporarily on hold), but rather the children of successful parents. Regardless, they seem to work hard and have escaped falling victim to a nasty case of entitlement that has affected other Housewives children. And considering everything that’s gone down over the course of two seasons, Albie and Chris still seem to be carrying on relatively normal lives. Good morals, a close family, and a connection to Andy Cohen? Where do I sign up?

Now I know Patti Stanger comes from a long line of matchmakers, and finding people’s soulmates is her job and everything, but I consider myself pretty fluent in Housewife, so here’s my take on who the boys should be looking for: READ FULL STORY

'Millionaire Matchmaker': It's the kid from 'Picket Fences'!

One of the clients on last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker was Justin Shenkarow, a.k.a. Matthew Brock, the sheriff’s son from Picket Fences! Patti Stanger HATED him. My feelings about him weren’t quite as vehement because hello, do we really expect anyone worthwhile to be a client on Millionaire Matchmaker? I tried to divert my attention from what a suckfest he was and focus instead on how his hands appeared to have not grown up with the rest of his body. On the bright side, we will always have part of little Bobby!

Shenkarow posted a “behind-the-scenes of Millionaire Matchmaker” video on YouTube to explain his side of the story and preemptively combat Patti’s scathing reaction video on BravoTV.com today. Justin’s low-rent episode of Cribs features about a billion quick cuts in two and a half minutes, in which he admits he doesn’t know how to dress, complains about his sailboat date, pimps his Twitter account and Facebook page, and includes a special message to President Obama, who is definitely watching: “Call me. Let’s work together.” Ooh. Should he?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Image credit: Picket Fences: Everett Collection

'The Millionaire Matchmaker' premiere: Haulin' junk

Dear Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker: Please, for the love of sweets-induced sex favors (“If you give a woman chocolate, I bet you get a blowjob”), no more crossovers with A&E’s Hoarders and TLC’s Clean Sweep! Last night’s season premiere featured Nick and Omar, two dudes who clearly weren’t as interested in the bevy of skanks national treasure Patti Stanger and her Millionaires Club had to offer as they were in getting their moving business, College Hunks Hauling Junk (already pimped on Shark Tank), promoted on cable TV. (And now this blog, kind of. No link for you!) Tool of the century Omar fears that women only want him for his money, so it makes total sense that his first stop on the road to dating happiness was Patti. He insisted on bringing his date, Rachel, “on a job” with him to clear some strangers’ crap out of their garage (pictured). The Strange Stange was in her element, warning Omar that “it is not gonna be fun to any girl to haul junk unless she’s an unattractive, desperate zero.” READ FULL STORY

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