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'The Last of Us: Left Behind' review: Flashbacks make for captivating game


The Last of Us was a moody masterpiece, a big-budget blockbuster video game that told a surprisingly affecting story of love and loss. Grizzled smuggler Joel and tempestuous teenager Ellie are two of the most fully realized characters in gaming, beautifully brought to life by actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. Its morally ambiguous ending felt unresolved yet somehow perfectly complete. As much as I love the world Naughty Dog has created, I’m conflicted as to whether I want to know what happens next, worried that a sequel could sully the poignant journey I experienced. READ FULL STORY

The beautiful wastelands of 'The Last of Us' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


The Last of Us is set 20 years after a fungal outbreak has devastated humanity and created a plague of zombie-like Infected. Given the current fascination with post-apocalyptic adventures, the game has been an object of fascination ever since mysterious trailers debuted over a year ago. But this isn’t another gritty apocalypse, like The Road or The Walking Dead. The exclusive “Wasteland Beautiful” video below — a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the environments — shows what happens when nature starts reclaiming its territory, as dense foliage has begun overtaking the game’s crumbling cities. The creative team at developer Naughty Dog discusses how light and shadow help create a believable, fully immersive world that despite the devastation, is beautiful in its own eerie way. 

'The Last of Us': Watch two trailers for the new post-apocalyptic game


The post-apocalyptic videogame The Last of Us has been hotly anticipated for over a year now, and not just because people nowadays seem to really love post-apocalyptic anything. Coming from the same studio that created Uncharted, Last of Us looks to retain that franchise’s cinematic action-adventure vibe. (Curiously, the second game this year where Troy Baker voices a gruff protagonist in charge of protecting a mysterious young girl.) A new trailer for Last of Us played during The Walking Dead last night, and today an extended (and somewhat NSFW) trailer hit the internet. Check out the TV spot below: READ FULL STORY

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