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R.I.P., 'The L.A. Complex': Why this finely crafted, little-watched soap deserved better

When somebody mentions The L.A. Complex, chances are you think one of two things: “What’s The L.A. Complex?” or “Didn’t that show get, like, the worst ratings ever?”

It’s true: When this Canadian import first debuted on The CW in April, its premiere had the dubious honor of being crowned broadcast TV’s lowest-rated drama debut of all time. The numbers didn’t improve much in subsequent weeks, or when the series returned for a second season in August — season 2’s finale in September drew just 390,000 pairs of eyeballs. So it’s no surprise that yesterday, Canada’s Bell Media confirmed that it will not order a third season of Complex for its MuchMusic channel. Though The CW has not yet responded to EW’s request for comment, it’s very likely that the American network, too, will pass on a return trip to L.A.

And that’s a real shame, because The L.A. Complex is — was — one of the best dramas on television.


Six reasons you should be watching 'The L.A. Complex'

When The L.A. Complex premiered in April, it made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Canadian transplant’s first episode attracted only 646,000 viewers and a paltry 0.3 rating, making it the lowest-rated broadcast drama debut of all time. In the weeks to come, things barely improved: the series, now in its second season, has never come close to breaking 1 million viewers, and its July 25th episode drew just 390,000 pairs of eyes. That’s worse than Quarterlife, guys. Quarterlife!

But the few hundred thousand people watching The L.A. Complex each week know something that you don’t: The show is good. Like, look-forward-to-it-all-week, watch-it-as-soon-as-it’s-up-on-Hulu good. And not just in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Although this soap occasionally gets mired in goofy plots, it’s more often a tart, refreshingly unvarnished look at the ins and outs of trying to make it in Los Angeles. On paper, Complex‘s storylines and characters sound like cliches — but sharp writing and great performances by cast members like Jewel Staite and Andra Fuller keep things feeling fresh. Best of all, it’s one of the few shows that manages to be consistently surprising — no small feat, especially considering its well-worn premise.

Still not convinced? Here are six more specific reasons to give The L.A. Complex a chance:


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