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We celebrate May Day with five of our favorite May-centric pop culture references

How best to celebrate the arrival of the fifth month, PopWatchers? Lacking a May pole in EW’s office, I decided to turn to pop culture. Though I considered expanding the net to include non-traditional picks like bunkin’ cousin Maeby Fünke from Arrested Development and Ghost‘s Oda Mae Brown (“Molly, you in danger, girl!”), there was plenty of May love to go around without getting Fünke with it. Below, five of my favorite May touchstones. READ FULL STORY

How Francis Lawrence can make 'Catching Fire' an improvement on 'The Hunger Games'


The revelation that Francis Lawrence will be taking over the director’s chair on Catching Fire does not seem to be filling Hunger Games fans with much excitement: Our comment boards are currently filling up with responses that vary from “Wait, the Constantine guy?!?!” to “How come they didn’t get Joss Whedon/Alfonso Cuarón/David Fincher/Kathryn Bigelow?” to “Eh, I Am Legend wasn’t bad.” And there are certainly reasons to be skeptical about the Hunger Games sequel. Lionsgate’s insistence on a Thanksgiving 2013 release date doesn’t give Lawrence much time to plan. That’s unfortunate, since adapting Catching Fire will require some delicacy: The book has an unwieldy, bifurcated narrative, beginning with a mostly drama-free road trip before suddenly taking a left-turn into action territory. Also, yes, Francis Lawrence is the man who made Water for Elephants.

But allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment: READ FULL STORY

'Catching Fire' poll: Who would you rather see in the director's seat?


Two accomplished filmmakers stand before us — but only one can be named America’s Next Top Catching Fire Director.

On one hand, we’ve got Francis Lawrence (no relation to Jennifer). He’s the man behind some of the most iconic music videos of the ’90s and early ’00s — “Waiting for Tonight,” “Independent Women Part I,” “I’m a Slave 4 U” — as well as CGI-filled action thrill rides Constantine and I Am Legend.

His opponent is Bennett Miller, an Oscar nominee with prestige projects like Capote and Moneyball to his name. Extra nerd cred: Miller is also pals with This American Life‘s Sarah Vowell.

These guys are as different as explosion-and-vampire-filled night and quiet, critically-acclaimed day. It’ll be tough for either one to fill Gary Ross’s shoes — even so, which one would you like to see in the director’s chair for The Hunger Games‘ upcoming sequel? Decide in our poll below — and if you pick “none of the above,” let us know why in the comments.


Brothers battle royale: Two Hemsworths enter; one Hemsworth leaves?

Liam and Chris Hemsworth are on the verge of something improbable, if not unprecedented. Not only did both brothers hit the genetic lottery, but both are essential components of studio franchises that will dominate the box office this year. Liam, 22, laid the foundation for his character, Gale, in The Hunger Games, and has a role in the upcoming AARP action film, Expendables 2. Chris, 28, is, literally, a Norse god, playing Thor again in The Avengers, as well as the Huntsman in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman.

What makes the Hemsworths’ success so unusual is that it contradicts one of the quirky unwritten laws of Hollywood stardom, which seems to predicate that when brothers experience renown in the movie business, one of them absorbs the celebrity and enormous success while the other operates in the shadows. Jeff and Beau Bridges. Matt and Kevin Dillon. Alec and Every Other Baldwin. (In a way, it’s not unlike Sith lords.) READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: How many times have you seen the same movie in the theater?

My record is 7. The movie was Titanic. I was 13 going on 14. And although I’ve yet to see Titanic 3D (I promise I will, I’ve been sick, started a new job, and it was Easter), when I do, I won’t add it to my count. Why? Because that dilutes the purity of the number.

There are plenty of movies that, by nature of them always being in theaters, are almost ineligible for this list. As my colleague Laura Hertzfeld points out, Rocky Horror likely can’t cut it and neither would Star Wars for most. (With the caveat being if you were not alive when George Lucas first released his famous trilogy, then you can include any one theatrical run.)

With Hunger Games now in its third weekend, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who’ve seen Katniss defy the Capitol more than once. After all, it is the type of movie that lends itself to repeat viewings — with the obsessive teenage fanbase leading the way. (I myself plan to see it again soon.)


Who do you want to direct 'Catching Fire'?


Yesterday, I looked at the tricky question of what filmmakers have not only all the various skills needed to assume the newly-vacant director’s chair for The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, but actually have a schedule free enough to do it. In the real world, a much smaller list of filmmakers satisfies all those conditions, making Lionsgate’s task at finding their replacement for Gary Ross that much harder.

But let’s not live in the real world just now. What director would you want to direct Catching Fire? Who do you think would be able to handle both the big, effects-driven action scenes and the moments of wrenching emotional tumult in Suzanne Collins’ darker, weirder, more political second book? Who do you feel would bring an exciting new spark to the ever-complicated story of Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, and a host of new, exciting characters? Is it an established, A-list director, or a brash up-and-comer? Culling from reader suggestions on yesterday’s post, here are 10 possibilities — but by all means, nominate your favorite in the comments if you don’t find it here! READ FULL STORY

'The Hunger Games': 'Survivor' alums Coach, Parvati, Cochran, Eliza, and Jenna Morasca reveal their strategies if they had to fight to the death

Sure, the Hunger Games already have a slogan. But if the gamemakers of the Capitol ever get tired of “May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor” they would do well to consider “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast” as a substitute. Luckily enough for today’s Survivor contestants we don’t live in Panem and Jeff Probst hasn’t started wearing cake makeup, so the backstabbing that occurs on CBS’ venerable franchise is still just metaphorical. For now, anyway.

EW wondered what a few notable former Survivor contestants would do if they were thrown into the Hunger Games arena and risked having more snuffed out, so to speak, than their torches. So, to get you psyched for our live chat of tonight’s Survivor: One World at 8:00 p.m. ET, we got Coach Wade, Parvati Shallow, John Cochran, Jenna Morasca, and Eliza Orlins to confide in us what their respective strategies would be—and how they think they’d fare–if they were to find themselves on a show produced by Seneca Crane instead of Mark Burnett. Here’s what they had to say. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a shock that Coach’s strategy involves a suicide pact. READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games,' Adele, and 'Game of Thrones' references top pop culture baby names

The pop culture babies are coming! Baby naming website Nameberry has made predictions of what the most popular baby names of 2012 will be based on an analysis of almost 3 million page views on their site. The guesses are an eye-opening, pop culture revelation of what is hitting with soon-to-be parents. Highlights below:

'The Hunger Games': Mattel debuts Katniss Everdeen Barbie -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK


We told you last month that — whether you like it or not — Mattel is turning The Hunger Games‘ Katniss Everdeen into a Barbie doll.

Now, EW is happy to share the exclusive first look at the iconic heroine after being filtered through Mattel’s Barbie-making factory. This Katniss isn’t wearing her reaping dress — instead, and rather fittingly, she’s wearing what she wore into the Games and comes complete with a miniature mockingjay pin, bow and arrow, forest-tromping boots, and that one, plump braid. You can find a full-body shot of the Katniss Barbie — as well as further details about the doll’s creation from its designer, Bill Greening — below.


Kim Kardashian talks Kanye, Katniss, Kris, and Britney on 'Today' -- VIDEO

Kimye: It might be the most annoying A-list power couple moniker since Bennifer. Despite Kanye West’s over-the-counter ode to Kim Kardashian, the reality star kept mostly mum about her relationship with the bombastic rapper during a visit to the Today show this morning, save to say that they’re longtime friends and “You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me.”

Oh yeah, and The Hunger Games (the movie she saw on a reported date with West) was “really interesting.”

Kardashian also discussed her divorce, her newfound appreciation for Britney Spears, and, of course, that infamous flour bomb. See the full interview below. READ FULL STORY

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