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Who should play Johanna in 'Catching Fire'?

Now that we’re finished waiting for The Hunger Games to arrive in theaters, we can begin the important work: waiting for Catching Fire to arrive in theaters. The sequel is slated for a Thanksgiving 2013 release — although there remains the outside possibility that Lionsgate will split the book into two movies for artistic reasons, and let’s theoretically call those movies Catching Fire Part 1: Love Takes a Victory Tour and Catching Fire Part 2: Back 2 the Arena. You can bet that casting updates for the sequel aren’t too far away, since the book introduces a few fan-fave characters. Yesterday, we asked you who should play tortured golden boy Finnick, and you responded with a resounding cry of “Ryan Kwanten!” along with a slightly-less-resounding-but-nevertheless-impressive-for-his-weight-class cry of “Grant Gustin!” Today, though, we’re going to ask the really tricky question: Who should play Johanna Mason, the cunning, nihilistic victor from District 7? (Warning: A few SPOILERS from Catching Fire follow.) READ FULL STORY

'The Hunger Games' on ABC Family: What will get edited out?

With yesterday’s news that The Hunger Games will head to ABC Family in 2014, one question came to mind: How will the film — which of course features violence and intense imagery — be edited for TV? When reached by EW, ABC Family acknowledged that it will likely have to edit Hunger Games for broadcast: “We don’t want to take away from what makes the audience connect with the film,” said the network in a statement, “and we will do our best to make as few edits as possible to maintain the integrity and essence of the film, both for content and length.”

So what scenes could you live without, and what absolutely must make the cut? Here’s my list to start (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!): READ FULL STORY

'Survivor' alum Rob Cesternino on how to improve the Hunger Games -- the event, not the film

Rob Cesternino was a contestant on Survivor: The Amazon and Survivor: All-Stars, finishing 3rd and 15th respectively. Once called “the smartest player to have never won Survivor” by Jeff Probst, Rob regularly writes about reality TV series like Survivor, Big Brother, Celebrity Apprentice and Jersey Shore at his popular blog, Rob Has a Website.com. This Wednesday starting at 7:40 p.m. ET, he’ll chat live with you on EW.com, taking your questions and adding his running commentary to the latest episode of Survivor: One World. Below, he presents suggestions to Panem’s President Snow about how to improve the Hunger Games. Warning: SPOILERS follow.

This weekend The Hunger Games opened to the tune of $155 million. Based on those numbers, it seems as though everybody should now be familiar with the story of Katniss Everdeen and her journey as a reluctant participant in the 74th Annual Hunger Games — a televised battle to the death where the last surviving player is the winner. The depiction of our future society in the film is not a positive one. In this post-apocalyptic world, a dystopian regime oppresses the surviving citizens of the planet. But the most troubling part of all? Reality TV has taken one giant leap backwards.

Many comparisons have been made between the Hunger Games and the reality competition shows of today like Survivor. As a two-time participant of Survivor myself, it hurts me to think that all of the progress reality TV has made over the years will somehow be lost because of a little thermonuclear skirmish. However, if I could just get a meeting with President Snow, and smuggle in my DVR, I believe I could convince him of a number of ways to improve the Hunger Games franchise. READ FULL STORY

Who should play Finnick in 'Catching Fire'?

The film adaptation of The Hunger Games is currently redefining our simple human notions of success. It earned more in a single weekend than any movie not starring Harry Potter or Batman. It attracted audiences from every demographic, and based on exit polls, those audiences liked what they saw. At this point, the only question is whether there will be two sequels or three sequels. (And if they do have four films, which book do they split up? The first half of Catching Fire is basically a Panem travelogue. Mockingjay is so magnificently depressing that the notion of turning the book into two movies borders on cultural masochism.) But the most exciting aspect of Games‘ success, for me, is that some of the intriguing characters Suzanne Collins introduces in the latter books will now be brought to life on screen. Which brings me to today’s big question: Who do you think should play Finnick Odair, the glamorous trident-carrying Hunger Games victor? READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' poll: Are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?

Over the weekend, we confirmed via PopWatch polls that moviegoers who’d read The Hunger Games before seeing the film were more likely to cry than those who hadn’t. Only 15 percent of readers didn’t tear up, while 35 percent of non-readers remained dry-eyed. Does whether you’ve read Suzanne Collins’ trilogy make a difference when you’re asked to choose who Katniss should end up with: Gale or Peeta? Vote below…  READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' poll: Who is your favorite character? -- VOTE

Everybody’s buzzing about The Hunger Games, and how could they not be? The film’s release this weekend hit all sorts of box office milestones, spawned dozens of fantastic fan outfits, and got folks talking about everything and anything related to the smash book series. So what else is there to discuss?

There’s at least one topic that’s inspired some heated post-movie conversations: the characters. Just check any social media outlet for proof that fans are still chatting about which Panem personality made the biggest splash or who made the most graceful jump from the page to the screen. All of the buzz can be summed up in one brief question: Who is your favorite Hunger Games character? Whether he or she was brilliant in the film adaptation or exists strictly in your literary imagination (Madge Undersee!), let us know which figure gets your bread a-baking or your mahogany a-shining, and we’ll let you know who makes it to the Victory Tour!


'The Hunger Games' poll: Did you cry?

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen The Hunger Games, stop reading now. If you have, continue on and tell us how many times you teared up during the movie. We’ve made separate polls for people who’d read the book before seeing the film and people who hadn’t. Will it make a difference? READ FULL STORY

'The Hunger Games': What the movie missed about the book


The film version of The Hunger Games is a fine example of the contemporary Hollywood franchise picture. It features a cast full of next-big-thing breakout actors supported by old-pro ringers having a blast with funny wigs. It conjures up an intriguing new fantasy world without overdosing on world-building (like John Carter) or mythology (like Green Lantern.) More importantly, it manages to capture the propulsive energy of Suzanne Collins’ novel. Adapting a great book into a good movie is not an easy task, and the makers of Hunger Games deserve credit just for the bad decisions they didn’t make. (They didn’t Twilight the movie into a romantic “triangle;” they didn’t turn Peeta into someone who could even remotely be construed as a badass; the kids still kill each other.) But there is one important aspect of the original novel that is almost entirely absent from the movie: The darkly funny way in which Collins directly accuses the audience. As in, us. Weirdly, by turning the book into such a fan-baiting crowdpleaser, the movie version of Hunger Games seems to oddly miss the point of its own source material. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Debate: Is Jennifer Lawrence too sexy to play Katniss?

There’s no way around this: Jennifer Lawrence is sexy. As she’s made her way down many a red carpet since being nominated for an Oscar for her role in Winter’s Bone, she’s churned out look, after look, after look, proving that she has the bod of a certified Hollywood babe. But as fans flock to theaters this weekend to see Lawrence kick arena ass in The Hunger Games, there is a conversation going about the fact that she isn’t exactly sporting the body of a 16-year-old who supposedly spends her days hunting squirrels for food. The New York Times noted, “A few years ago Ms. Lawrence might have looked hungry enough to play Katniss, but now, at 21, her seductive, womanly figure makes a bad fit for a dystopian fantasy about a people starved into submission.” In other words, is Lawrence too sexy to play the starving Katniss?

'The Hunger Games' too tame for you? Check out 'Battle Royale'

As this weekend’s early box-office receipts start to pour in, it’s quickly becoming clear that The Hunger Games is about to be a huge hit. And I have no reason to doubt that hardcore fans of Suzanne Collins’ bestsellers will get their minds blown by all the teen-on-teen mayhem and melodrama. Still, I can’t help thinking how much more pumped I would be to see the film if it was rated R instead of PG-13. I mean, how do you even make a PG-13 movie that stays true to the novel’s bloody bodycount plot?! I guess I’ll just have to buy a ticket and find out….

In the meantime, allow me to recommend another film with a strikingly similar story that was made with such giddy, gory gusto that there’s no way in hell it would ever earn a PG-13  — the 2000 Japanese cult classic Battle Royale. READ FULL STORY

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