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'Hunger Games': Katniss to get her own Barbie doll

EW has confirmed that Mattel will manufacture and release a collectible doll inspired by Katniss Everdeen, the lead character from The Hunger Games.

The doll is being “created specifically for the adult collector,” says a rep for Mattel, who explains that the Katniss-inspired Barbie will be available later this year through BarbieCollector.com and other retail outlets. Currently, no images of the doll are available. (Here’s an example of Barbie Collector’s Twilight Bella doll, though.) READ FULL STORY

'Entertainment Geekly': A fan and a newbie talk about 'The Hunger Games' on EW's new podcast

The Hunger Games is indisputably the first big movie of 2012. Based on the beloved, bleak YA novel by Suzanne Collins — which led into even bleaker, somewhat less beloved sequels — the film has already earned $19.2 million at the midnight box office, a record for a non-sequel. But what, exactly, does the film’s success mean? What is it about Collins’ book that is so captivating in our modern age — and does the movie have the same power?

That’s the main subject of the first episode of our new weekly podcast, Entertainment Geekly, local geek guru Jeff “Doc” Jensen and I will be chatting obsessively about all things geek. Other topics today include tonight’s thrilling episode of Fringe, the much-loathed conclusion to the Mass Effect videogame franchise, and the teaser for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. We hope you enjoy listening! READ FULL STORY

Ten audience reactions at a 'Hunger Games' midnight premiere in NYC (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

by Marc Snetiker and Michelle Profis

Happy Hunger Games! If you were one of the devoted few (or apparently, the not-so-few) to attend the first midnight screenings of the film, chances are your moviegoing experience was something similar to the experiences we had in two separate screening rooms in a Times Square theater last night.

On the costume front, filled with Effies and Senecas and Katnisses (Katni?), overflowing with side-braids and Mockingjay pins. Lines snaking throughout the entire cineplex, with at least one bathroom queue overflowing down the aisle of an actual theater. Fans re-reading the books while patiently waiting, chanting the words “Hunger Games” and chattering about tributes, sponsors, and something called a Peeta.

Above all, you probably got to experience the single best part of going to a midnight screening (depending on what kind of franchise fan you are): the ridiculously unrestrained audience reactions. And if you hate it, then tough luck, because in buying a ticket, you know exactly what you’re getting into. There may be something in the phrase “midnight showing” that’s synonymous with heckling, hollering, and altogether audible audiences. Peppered in throughout The Hunger Games, there were dozens of spontaneous bursts of vocalism; here are just a few we experienced (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU CANNOT GET MORE SPOILED THAN THIS!):  READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Lawrence schools Jimmy Fallon in three-point shootout

We already know The Hunger Game’s Jennifer Lawrence can shoot a mean arrow, but what about a three-pointer? The odds are in her favor.

The 21-year-old star stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to promote the movie and ended up schooling Fallon in a three-point shootout with random objects. The ammo: a mannequin head, slinky, a bucket of KFC, a McDonalds Shamrock Shake, and a bow. Watch the clip… from way downtown!

'The Hunger Games': If you were a tribute, what would you want parachuted to you? -- VIDEO

In the Hunger Games, the tributes are all supported by sponsors, who can send them supplies as needed — provided they have the cash to back it up. We thought it would be fun to ask the cast what would be on their wishlist if they ever found themselves in the arena. Check out their answers in the video below — some of their answers might surprise you! READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' goes Disney: How Jasmine and John Smith would fare in the arena — VIDEO

Picture this iconic Hunger Games scene: an arena filled with tributes, the audience waiting with bated breath, the countdown ending…and Jasmine, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland all racing towards the cornucopia. Thanks to the brilliance of YouTube user xPhiloSophieX, this baffling scene has become a reality. Well, sort of. In the re-imagined YouTube trailer, the Hunger Games characters are replaced by iconic Disney ones, from Jasmine as Katniss, to Cinderella as Effie, to John Smith as a tribute. It’s epic, it’s mesmerizing, it’s pure genius. Watch the video after the jump: READ FULL STORY

'Survivor' finalist Stephen Fishbach on the ties between reality TV and 'The Hunger Games'


Stephen Fishbach (left) was a contestant on Survivor: Tocantins and finished in second place. He’s written about Survivor and his experience for People as well as hosted our Viewer chat for the current season of the show. You can join his live chat for this week’s episode on Wednesday night here. Below, he discusses how The Hunger Games and Survivor are close cousins.

Nobody is trying to kill you when you play Survivor. Producers aren’t launching exploding fireballs at your head. Poison-tipped tridents are strictly forbidden by the CBS legal department.

But apart from these minor differences, playing Survivor is so much like being a contestant on the Hunger Games, at times I find it hard to believe that author Suzanne Collins hasn’t been a Survivor contestant herself. You’re stranded in an extreme environment — blistering-hot days, bitterly cold nights. The torrential rainstorms seem to never end. You forage for food. You cobble together shelter from sticks and moxie.

To survive, you must rely on the people around you — a multicultural mix from across the country. Only one thing unites them: they are hell-bent on your destruction. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch planner: Zombies, Muppets, Dancing, 'Hunger Games'…. and ‘Mad Men’!

Time flies, but it seems to take waaaay longer when you’re waiting for the most anticipated movie of the year to open or a favorite TV show to come back from an extended hiatus. This Friday, Hunger Games fans will finally get their wish when Katniss, Peeta, and the rest of the crew come to the silver screen. But that’s not all that’s on the docket this week. The planner is bookended with AMC favorites, starting with tonight’s Walking Dead season finale and moving on to next Sunday’s Mad Men season 5 premiere – it’s only been 17 months in the making!

In between, there’s the Dancing with the Stars season opener, a couple new TV shows (Touch and Bent) to check out, and of course, NCAA March Madness. Have a great week!

The Walking Dead season finale, 9 p.m. AMC

The Walking Dead season finale tonight should have enough blood, gore, drastic turns of events, and gun-wielding zombies to hold you over until next season. If not, perhaps you should seek outside help… or just watch the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer a few more times.  After the show, check out our interview with showrunner Robert Kirkman and the full recap of the episode on insidetv.ew.com.

Dancing with the Stars season premiere, 8 p.m., ABC

If you ever wanted to see Urkel dance, this season of Dancing With the Stars is your chance. Former Family Matters star Jaleel White joins tennis great Martina Navratilova, Extra host Maria Menounos, singer Gavin DeGraw, and more under the glitter ball.

The Muppets out on DVD/Blu-ray

I have had “Man or Muppet” in my head since The Muppets came out over Thanksgiving, but that won’t stop me from watching it again. Relive all the Muppety magic as the Jason Segel/Amy Adams – and don’t forget Kermit and Miss Piggy — film makes its way to DVD and Blu-ray.

Bent premieres, 9 p.m., NBC

Amanda Peet (where’s she been?) stars in NBC’s new sitcom Bent. She plays a recently divorced lawyer who hires a contractor with a reputation for womanizing to renovate her kitchen. What I’m looking forward to most? The always hilarious Jeffrey Tambor playing an aspiring musician (and the contractor’s father).

Touch premieres, 9 p.m., FOX

A sneak peek of the new Kiefer Sutherland drama was well-received earlier this year, but will fans remember and be ready come back for the full season? A step away from Jack Bauer on 24, but back in the same time slot, Sutherland stars as a New Yorker whose wife died on 9/11, and who’s now raising his 11-year-old son.

Bonus if you’re reading this on Sunday: There’s an online Q&A at 6:30pm.

The Hunger Games opens in theaters

The hottest movie of the year comes out today, but may the odds be ever in your favor in buying a ticket – advance sales on Fandango list over 1,000 showtimes already sold out, and more are going fast. Our Hunger Games special coverage has the lowdown from the cast and crew of the film, plus you can check out clips from the movie, and share your thoughts on opening day!

March Madness basketball, CBS

Regional finals continue this weekend, so keep an eye on your bracket and settle in for some serious college basketball.

Mad Men returns, 9 p.m., AMC

A season premiere just 17 months in the making, Mad Men returns Sunday night with a special two-hour episode. Are Don and Megan for real? How’s Joan doing with the baby? What pitch is Peggy working on this week? It’s been a loooong time for us to go without a scotch, so get your decanter and highball glass ready.

Read more:
Special coverage: ‘The Hunger Games’
The Women of Mad Men
‘Dancing With the Stars': And the new cast is……

Vote for your favorite 'Hunger Games' fan-made film!


We’re just 11 days away from the hotly anticipated release of the kiddie-homicide blockbuster The Hunger Games. Lionsgate has done a surprisingly good job of keeping most of the film under wraps — the various trailers have focused mainly on the early part of the story, with only a few sneak peeks of the hunt-to-the-death action inside the Arena.

To fill that gap, a whole series of fan-made Hunger Games films have popped up online — and unlike, say, the upper-level production requirements of a Star Wars fan film, making your own Hunger Games movie just requires a forest and gallons of fake blood. We’ve rounded up the best of the best. Check them out, then make sure to click through to the end to vote for your favorite Hunger Games fan film in our poll. (Spoilers, natch.) READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Remembering the Japan tsunami, counting down to 'The Hunger Games,' and 'Idol' heats up

The Hunger Games film release is less than two weeks away – are you ready for the reaping? Join us on EW.com for the livestream of the premiere on Monday! But that’s hardly all that’s going on this week – there’s a bunch of Oscar-nominated films coming out on DVD so you can catch up on what you may have missed, plus Discovery Channel investigates life on ice and Idol is already down to the Top 12. Have a great week!

YouTube: Japan in a Day 

Today marks one year since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. In commemoration of the disaster and to focus on the resilience of Japan, filmmaker Ridley Scott is using today to kick off work on his new project, Japan in a Day, which asks people around the world to film whatever they are doing today, March 11, and submit it for inclusion in a crowd-sourced documentary. Scott previously collaborated with YouTube on Life in a Day, which gathered footage from around the world and told a story of humanity. You can watch the trailer on YouTube now, and submit a video from anywhere in the world up until midnight tonight.

The Hunger Games premiere, live on EW.com

The big day is almost here. You can officially start planning your Katniss/Effie/Peeta costume –The Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles is Monday night and we’ll be streaming it live on EW.com! The movie officially opens around the country on March 23, but catch Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and co. on the red carpet here first. And if you’re in LA, you’d better already be downtown at the Nokia Theater where they are allowing fans to camp out overnight for a chance to attend the big event.

Major DVD releases: Melancholia, The Descendants, My Week With Marilyn, Young Adult, The Adventures of Tintin

It’s a big day for home viewing – catch (nearly) everything you didn’t get a chance to see in the theaters before Oscar week as some major films come out on DVD. One of our favorite ‘Nominated for Nothing’ flicks, Melacholia with Kirsten Dunst, is in the mix, along with The Descendants, Michelle Williams’ nominated turn in My Week With Marilyn, animated film The Adventures of TinTin, and the edgy Jason Reitman-helmed Young Adult.

American Idol : The Top 12 perform, Fox, 8p.m.

We’re getting there – American Idol is already down to its Top 12 contestants and tonight they take the stage for the judges. The theme hasn’t been announced yet, but rocker Daughtry will perform on the follow up results show Thursday, so maybe there will be a harder edge to the songs this week?


Community, NBC, 8 p.m.
Bonus: DVD rental The Ides of March

As one astute commenter pointed out, Community makes its valiant return tonight on NBC. Will the fan favorite hold its own being scheduled up against ratings winner Big Bang Theory?

Also, just for fun – it’s the Ides of March– March 15, like the real ides of March — but this year there’s a film out on DVD to go along with the ever-ominous date. So grab a copy of the George Clooney/Ryan Gosling political thriller The Ides of March and do your best Caesar impression at home.

Film releases: 21 Jump Street, Casa de Mi Padre

March is notoriously slow for movie releases, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun (although perhaps a bit mindless) comedies hitting the multiplex. 21 Jump Street is a fun ride down memory lane (where’s Johnny Depp?), with Channing Tatum and Oscar-nominated Jonah Hill as a pair of ne’er do well cops sent to break up a school drug ring. Also out this weekend: hear Will Ferrell’s reportedly impressive Spanish in Casa di mi Padre.

Chasing Leprechauns, Hallmark Channel, 8 p.m.

Don your favorite green outfit and check out Hallmark’s latest cutesy holiday-themed endeavor – the story of a corporate hack (Adrian Pasdar) sent to Ireland to close a deal on a construction site that – get this – is rumored to be inhabited by leprechauns. I kid you not, this is really on TV. Or there’s always the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day-themed horror flick, Leprechaun (1993), starring Jennifer Aniston in her film debut.

Frozen Planet, Discovery Channel, 8p.m.

Penguins, and polar bears, and sea lions, oh my! In this new co-production with the BBC, Discovery Channel explores life in the polar areas of the world, giving a new view of these vast, frozen landscapes. Alec Baldwin narrates the seven-episode series.

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