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Today in 'Seriously?!': Kate Gosselin hosts a cruise

Would you want to be trapped on a boat with this woman? Royal Caribbean has tapped former TLC reality star Kate Gosselin to host a cruise on its brand new ship, Allure of the Seas. According to Royal Caribbean’s Web site for the Aug. 12-19 cruise, fans will take home a a commemorative personalized gift and have plenty of one-on-one time with Gosselin during a games day, Q&A session, craft class, shore excursion, and several meals including a private farewell dinner. Here’s the thing: Gosselin is not exactly known for her ability to travel well. READ FULL STORY

Poll: Is it quite time to give thanks for awkward 'X Factor' host Steve Jones? [Pause.] Thanksgiving.

A lot of people seem to dislike this uncomfortable-looking attractive man — whom I’ve been calling Stevecrest — because he’s exceedingly abrupt as he tries and fails to ring around the circus that is the U.S. version of The X Factor. But you guys! I can’t help it. I am beginning to love Steve Jones.

This is a man so endearingly bumbling that he has called 15-year-old Astro “a nice man,” (without sarcasm, but it was a few weeks ago) and Howie Mandel a “top man,” (with just a bit of sarcasm, I believe). One time, after musical guest Rihanna had succeeded in slowly backing away from Steve and finally escaping, he called after her, “You glorious, glorious lady!”

I love that everything he has to come up with on the fly is just so…off. On Tuesday night, faced with the task of getting the judges to stop bickering about Drew, he bellowed, “THIS HAS TO STOP RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.” [Pause.] “THANKSGIVING.” And he bellows EVERYTHING.

As EW.com reader Josh put it, “He’s like a male, Welsh Samantha Harris.” Admittedly, this isn’t the most ringing endorsement I’ve ever read, but I look at it like this: Steve Jones is the only person on The X Factor who consistently makes me giggle. That’s definitely something. (Try harder, Simon Cowell! P.S. I don’t believe anything you ever say.)

If you need a much more convincing reason to give thanks for Steve Jones that might really nail it on the head…. READ FULL STORY

'Whitney' series premiere: The jokes feel not-so-fresh, but is there hope for this show?

My favorite part of tonight’s Whitney debut from title star Whitney Cummings came really early on when she says in voice over, “Whitney is taped in front of a live studio audience. You heard me.” It made me think of Reginald Veljohnson making a similar announcement over the sax-heavy end credits of Family Matters, only with a twist. That little wink gave me hope that this might be the type of savvy, self-aware sitcom that’s able to lightly mock the laugh-tracked, multi-camera format that NBC seems to have mostly abandoned.

But that wasn’t the only throwback. I’m sure this show wants to entertain while cleverly shining a light on the modern relationship and the evolving differences between men and women. The most important thing for Whitney is to feel current, relevant. Unfortunately, the humor here felt tired, very Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. The whole time, I kept expecting a joke about a toilet seat, and whether it had been left up. READ FULL STORY

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt chugging toward the final stop on the celebreality train

My how the Heidi have fallen. Former Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt came out today to bemoan their downtrodden situation, claiming they’re broke and fundamentally unemployable after their stint as villains on the hit MTV show. The couple gave The Daily Beast an interview during which they spilled behind-the-scenes secrets, put to bed the were-they-or-weren’t-they questions about their 2010 divorce drama, and generally demonstrated how sad the life of a washed-up reality star can be.  READ FULL STORY

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt the worst actress of the last 25 years? Hewitt responds: 'Clearly, I need to learn French and go to Paris.'

It’s impossible to convert the subjective experience of artistry into an objective number-crunching ranking system. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying. Slate.com recently sifted through Rotten Tomatoes, the popular website that aggregates all the reviews of a film and grades them on a binary “fresh”/”rotten” critical scale, in an attempt to come up with the actors and actresses with the best track records in onscreen greatness. Get this: According to the study, Jennifer Love Hewitt has the worst track record of any movie actress in Hollywood. The conclusion derives from the fact that Hewitt has never starred in a film to earn a “fresh” rating.

When asked to comment, Hewitt released a statement to EW: “Clearly, I need to learn French and go to Paris to make some French films, since those seem to be the favorites of critics. And do they give trophies for this?” READ FULL STORY

'One Tree Hill' renewed for ninth season? More like 'Old Tree Hill.' Yeah, I said it.

My word-for-word reaction when I heard One Tree Hill was renewed for a ninth season — presumably to be its last – was “Wait, no way that show is still on.” But it is.

I, like many of my high school ilk (or was that middle school? I’m too young to feel this old), used to worship the ground that Chad Michael Murray walked on. I used to live for the nights new episodes would air. (Tuesdays?) But of course this was back when it was on the nearly fully decomposed WB — or “the Dubs B,” as we in the suburban hood used to call it.

Over the years I lost touch with the One Tree Hill gang. Chad Michael Murray left, somebody apparently became a famous singer (it wasn’t Gavin DeGraw), and a whole lot of cross-pollination happened. OTH‘s rating are low but its fan base is high, and intense. Did I say intense? I meant crazy intense.  READ FULL STORY

'Skins' season finale: When controversy's not enough to carry a show


Many moons ago, it seemed like everyone on the Internet was clucking about Skins, MTV’s adaptation of a beloved British show that dramatizes the lives of teenagers gone wild. There was drug use! There was cursing! There was child porn, maybe-okay-not-really! As word of the series’s scandalous content spread far and wide, advertisers began to pull out of the show faster than you can say “She’s Too Young” — which only stoked the virtual fire.

But then a curious thing happened: Ratings for the teen drama’s second episode, which aired January 24, dropped sharply from 3.3 million viewers to 1.6 million viewers. In later weeks, that number got lower still… and subsequently, people stopped talking about Skins. Chances are that you had no idea the show’s season — and possibly series — finale aired last night.

So why did Skins start with a bang and end with a whimper? READ FULL STORY

'Kate Plus 8' returns April 4... but do you care anymore?

Like that pimple on your chin you so desperately tried to extinguish before meeting your boyfriend’s mother for the first time, Kate Gosselin is baaaaaack! TLC has confirmed with EW that the much-maligned reality star is set to return with new episodes of Kate Plus 8 on April 4 — but, honestly, are you really interested in watching anymore?

We first tuned into Jon & Kate Plus 8 for the adorable factor: Eight huggable wee ones making mischief — how could we resist? Then there was the scandal factor: The divorce! The Ed Hardy! Holy midlife crisis! Then we watched Gosselin shimmy her way into disaster status, courtesy of Dancing With the Stars. But now, after drinking Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood and watching Lindsay Lohan defend her alleged sticky fingers, Gosselin feels like a scandal-prone reality star from a distant — and, somehow, much more innocent — time. (Sheen sees your divorce, Kate, and raises you a machete.) In other words: Hey, Kate Gosselin: 2010 wants its trainwreck back!

So, yes, Kate Plus 8 is returning this April, when TLC will air footage of Gosselin and the children traveling through Australia. But is there any way we’d still laugh at shots of her swimming with sharks, unless we portal back in time a year and a half? In this day and age, is her trainwreck simply not gruesome enough? PopWatchers: Will you watch Kate Plus 8?

What is Melissa Leo asking us to 'Consider...'?

We may never know. Some guesses:

…how much makeup I am wearing
…the power of faux-fur
…me for a leading role in the Dynasty movie, or as a doll model. “If you want a rematch, just whistle! If you can!”
….gilded swimming pools and indoor columns: hot for 2011
…mah humps mah humps mah humps
…the benefits of a healthy diet. (Why else would she be doubled over in gastrointestinal pain like that?)
…my Oscar chances now a liiiiiiittle shaky

Melissa Leo, who’s already won the Critics Choice, Golden Globe, and SAG awards for her role as the decidedly un-glam Alice Ward in The Fighter, offered herself up for consideration in a bizarre, personally funded Oscar campaign that was surprisingly not a joke! [Deadline]

Any better guesses, PopWatchers? (Larger images after the break.) READ FULL STORY

'Dating in the Dark' photo recap: Coming together

Even if you stuck it out for two more hours of ABC’s Bachelor Pad, chances are you immediately changed the channel during the promo for 10 p.m.’s dazzler, Dating in the Dark. It’s okay! I would have done the same thing in an alternate life in which I was not self-punishing and insane. You know the drill. New cast each episode; three guys and three girls feel around in the darkness and occasionally converse to see if they like each other’s “personalities.” Dating in the Dark is a total crapfest that can best be recapped via pictures. Ironic, don’t you think? Because they’re in the dark.

01.jpgKarolina, 28, wins this week’s Best Euphemism for ‘Unemployed’ award. Olé! READ FULL STORY

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