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Batman. Bane. Catwoman. That ending! Time to talk about 'The Dark Knight Rises' -- but only if you've seen it.


“Don’t be afraid.” Those were the dying words of Thomas Wayne, said to his traumatized young son after being shot behind a theater by a thug named Joe Chill. The scene in Batman Begins resonates anew with eerie irony — and hopefully, a little inspiration — one day after the opening of The Dark Knight Rises and the tragedy in Aurora. Despite the terror felt nationwide following the violence in Colorado, and even in spite of it, moviegoers packed into multiplexes yesterday to watch the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies. And now, you have questions, opinions, quibbles, praises, and many other things to say about this heavy superhero spectacular – particularly the way it ended.

So let’s talk about it. Fearlessly.

And with a massive amount of detail… which is to say, SPOILER ALERT!

Seriously: If you have not yet seen Rises, STOP READING NOW. Because we’re not holding back on anything, beginning with…  READ FULL STORY

Defy the theater shooter: Go out to see a film, and DON'T be afraid -- ANALYSIS

Words fail at times like these. It feels like only screaming will do.

A gunman breaks into a crowded theater, opens a canister of gas, and starts shooting.

What can you say to that? How can you hope to process such a cruel and pointless act with any type of logic? Investigators will now try to discern a motive, but what could possibly be gained from opening fire on an unarmed crowd of strangers in the dark?

I don’t accept the “Obviously, he’s crazy” explanation. This was calculated. This was done to cause pain.

So if you want to defy the theater-shooter and the terror he has created — go out this weekend to see a film and enjoy being with your fellow moviegoers.

Don’t be afraid. READ FULL STORY

Entertainment Geekly: The movies of Comic-Con, plus our 'Dark Knight Rises' likes (and dislikes)


This year’s San Diego Comic-Con was filled to the brim with buzzy projects from big-name filmmakers. Neill Blomkamp showed off footage from his Matt Damon-headlined futuristic romp Elysium, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim paired off giant robots against giant monsters, and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel demonstrated an impressive lack of slow-mo action scenes. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios announced the next phase of their great shared-universe experiment…emphasis on universe, with the space-faring Guardians of the Galaxy film currently slated for 2014. On this week’s episode of Entertainment Geekly, we talk to EW movie reporter Adam B. Vary about the vibe in Hall H: what looked good, what got a muted response, and just what the heck we should think about The Hobbit. READ FULL STORY

Style and Design: Madonna's thong incident, Bane's leather jacket, and more

Guns, thongs and crosses — see Madonna’s most controversial concert accessories. [Huffington Post]

The Dark Knight Rises baddie Bane has got good taste in leather jackets. [GQ]

Not sure how to get from Jurassic Park to the Valley of the Dolls? Consult this street map made up of more than 900 classic movie titles. [Flavorwire]

Louis Vuitton has filed an appeal following the dismissal of its case against Warner Bros. for using a fake LV bag in The Hangover II. [Vogue UK]

Heidi Klum confirms that two contestants dropped out of the 10th season of Project Runway before she even had a chance to say “Auf wiedersehen.” [Styleite]

Watch the creative geniuses behind Paranorman bring stop-motion zombies to life. [io9]

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Style and Design: Lana Del Rey fronts H&M, crafty ‘Breaking Bad’ tributes and more
‘Dark Knight Rises’ Style: Batman’s bespoke Armani suits
Style and Design: Robert Pattinson’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ toupee, the $200,000 ‘Spider-Man’ cover and more

It's all part of the (city) plan -- See Gotham mapped out


Within the Batman universe and especially in Christopher Nolan’s interpretation, Gotham City is a character all of its own. Nolan’s trilogy was shot in a variety of locations, with Chicago, Pittsburgh, L.A. and New York, among others, combining to create the ultimate comic book locale, but what exactly does that look like?

The Dark Knight Manual (Insight Editions) illustrates a comprehensive view of the city’s exact layout and while various versions of the map have been online since 2008, this one is the clearest. But where is Wayne Manor or the theater and Crime Alley where Bruce Wayne’s parents met their untimely demise? Take a look at a bigger version of the map below.


Does Batman's Bane = Mitt Romney's Bain? Rush Limbaugh, Democratic strategists sure think so

This week, Bane, the masked supervillain from The Dark Knight Rises, and Bain Capital, the financial firm co-founded by G.O.P. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, are both very much in the news. It’s one of those great quirks of fate that make life feel like it’s one unbroken Abbott and Costello routine, and in a perfect world, the only fallout from the homonymic coincidence would be conversations like this: “Did you hear about Bain?” “Bane? Sure! Evil, right?” “Well, it probably leans to the right, but evil’s a strong word.” “Well, Bane does hate millionaires.” “You mean Bain makes millionaires?” Annnd so forth.

Alas, it’s also the summer months of a presidential election year, a.k.a. The Silly Season in Politics. So in the run-up to the opening weekend for The Dark Knight Rises, commentators from across the political spectrum have decided it would be great fun to link Tom Hardy’s garbley-voiced performance in Christopher Nolan’s sure-to-be-a-blockbuster with the alleged corporate shenanigans of Romney’s former firm.

On the right, Rush Limbaugh had this to say today on his radio show (via MediaMatters):  READ FULL STORY

'Dark Knight Rises' style: Batman's bespoke Armani suits

Batman isn’t the only one who got a wardrobe upgrade when director Christopher Nolan took the helm of the superhero franchise. After overseeing the redesign of the batsuit, costumer Lindy Hemming enlisted Giorgio Armani to add some bespoke style to Bruce Wayne’s look for The Dark Knight. In The Dark Knight Rises, Wayne’s closet is once again filled with elegant suits — including this two-button charcoal number complete with custom label. The Italian designer also outfitted Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and provided Anne Hathaway with accessories from his collections. I’m guessing Hathaway’s Armani accoutrements were used in scenes where she appears as Selena Kyle — Catwoman’s night vision goggles aren’t exactly hot off the runway.

Did David Letterman spoil ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ending?
This Week’s Cover: Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan discuss the making and meaning of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

PopWatch Planner: 'The Dark Knight Rises' is almost here

It’s a big week for pop culture fans — from the beginning of the end of Breaking Bad, to the end of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, with a Justin Bieber performance thrown in for good measure. Check out what is happening this week in the PopWatch planner.

Sunday, July 15

Breaking Bad, AMC, 10 p.m.

We talked about it in last week’s planner, but we’re just so excited, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the season five premiere off the list this time. So tune in tonight and see what all the fuss is about.


Check out EW's new Batman collectible figure

No surprise: With the release of Dark Knight Rises just one week away, everyone at EW is pretty pumped (Have you seen our current cover?). Keeping our excitement high: This brand-new Batman figurine, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Check it out after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Did David Letterman spoil 'The Dark Knight Rises' ending?

While interviewing Anne Hathaway on the Late Show, David Letterman may have inadvertently revealed the ending of The Dark Knight Rises.

Watch the video at your own peril. Possible spoiler alert below!


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