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Anne Hathaway hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live': Talk about it here!

Hate on Anne Hathaway all you want, but Lorne Michaels must see something in her. After all, she’s been asked to host SNL three times in the past four years — and in each of her previous outings, she’s proven herself to be a solid supporting player who’s got a special knack for impressions. (Check out her spot-on Julie Andrews and Judy Garland imitations for proof.)

Personally, I don’t get why so many people seem to despise Hathaway. She’s got good comic timing, she always sounds pretty smart in interviews, and while her Oscars hosting stint was sort of a disaster, I blame smug, too-cool-for-school James Franco much more than I blame eager theater kid Hathaway. Honestly, the only thing that might drag down tonight’s episode is an abundance of musical sketches; between Seth MacFarlane, Christina Applegate, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Bruno Mars, this season has been  a little too heavy on the song and dance. A full-scale Les Mis parody could be amazing, but I’m hoping that we don’t see any more sketches stuffed with snippets of popular tunes. Especially since rights issues always prevent those sketches from being posted online.


What should happen to Aurora's movie theater?

Aurora, Colorado’s Cinemark multiplex has been closed since July 20, when a masked man opened fire during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. 12 people were killed; 58 more were injured. A month later, the town is doing its best to move forward — but officials there still aren’t sure what should be done with the building where a dozen moviegoers lost their lives.

That’s where Aurora’s residents come in. The AP writes that the town is now directing citizens to an online survey, where they can express what they think should happen to the theater. “It is our hope that the entire community will participate and benefit from the citywide healing process,”  the survey’s first and only question reads. “Many people have asked about the future of Aurora’s Century 16 theater. We want to know your thoughts. Please take a few minutes to tell us your thoughts. These comments will be shared with Cinemark for consideration in their decision making process.”

Although the survey’s responses aren’t visible, they presumably include a few variations on these main options:


David Cronenberg doesn't like 'Dark Knight Rises': 'It's still Batman running around in a stupid cape.'

In the last decade, it’s become very common for studios to snag a hotshot indie director — Bryan Singer, Christopher Nolan, Marc Webb — and hand them the reins of a big-budget superhero movie. But there’s one independent director who decidedly would not like to make the leap into comic book filmmaking. In an interview with Next Movie, director David Cronenberg — sitting alongside his Cosmopolis star Robert Pattinson — openly disagrees with the notion that good directors have brought a new maturity to the superhero genre. “I don’t think they are making them an elevated art form,” he says. “I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape.” Cronenberg presses his point by specifically addressing Dark Knight Rises: READ FULL STORY

Joseph Gordon-Levitt hates cable news, loves musicals and Christian Bale

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s recent Playboy interview reads like it was partially scripted by an Aaron Sorkin who doesn’t hate the Internet. During a wide-ranging conversation, the Premium Rush star revealed his biggest disappointment as a child actor (he wasn’t allowed to pet the dog in Beethoven), his love of musicals (“A song-and-dance role is closer to me personally than other characters I play”), and his disdain for the national news media. Here’s his Will McAvoy-esque rant:

My parents are political in that they’re well read and as up on the news as anybody I know. To me that is political activism, choosing to stay informed and not just watching CNN or some bulls– entertainment show. Every time I sit down and watch television news, I think, This is show business. That’s what I do. I say, go on the internet and find news from all over the world through the BBC, the Pacifica stations, newspapers, people’s blogs and tweets. It’s so funny when people say Fox is bad. Sure Fox is bad, but I don’t think CNN and MSNBC are really any better.

One question later, Gordon-Levitt slammed the media again, adding in a dig at a few major corporations for good measure:


After 'The Dark Knight Rises': Where does the Batman franchise go from here?

The Dark Knight Rises marks the end of a cinematic era, but not the end of films about Batman. Now that Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is complete, it’s natural to wonder what comes next for the Caped Crusader. After an appropriate hiatus, Warner Brothers will return to the Batman franchise, but as Darren Franich’s cover gallery illustrates, Nolan’s approach to the final film has made following him increasingly difficult. Let’s put aside the iconic status of the Dark Knight trilogy for a moment and consider how Nolan used the source material to compose these three films.

Entertainment Geekly: The epic 'Dark Knight Rises' podcast


At two hours and 45 minutes, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is officially the longest superhero movie ever.* Appropriately, Rises has inspired our longest podcast yet. This week, Jeff Jensen and I do a deep, deep dive into the Bat-threequel. There are things we admire about it. There are things we don’t admire about it. There are some outright silly plots twists. There are themes…or should I say, THEMES! In short, it’s the most ambitious blockbuster movie of the summer, and it deserves careful consideration. A word of warning: There’s no way of talking about the meaning of Rises without talking about the film’s conclusion, so for god’s sake, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!!

Listen to the complete podcast below, or check us out in the iTunes store.

Listeners, we want to hear from you. If you have big ideas about Dark Knight Rises, or Christopher Nolan’s whole Bat-trilogy, or you just want to get into an argument about whether “No Man’s Land” was a better ongoing story arc than “Knightfall,” tweet at us at @EWDocJensen and @EWDarrenFranich.

*Unless you count Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Watchmen. But let’s not.

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Dane Cook uses Aurora tragedy as comic fodder

Comedian Dane Cook brashly dove into last week’s theater shooting that occurred during The Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colo., incorporating the still-raw tragedy into his stand-up routine at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles on Thursday night. The Daily Caller website posted a video that featured the following bit:

“So I heard that the guy came into the theater about 25 minutes into the movie. And I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, but the movie is pretty much a piece of crap… Yeah, spoiler alert. And I know that if none of that would have happened, I’m pretty sure that somebody in that theater, about 25 minutes in, realizing it was a piece of crap, probably was like, ‘Ugh f—king shoot me.'” READ FULL STORY

The Aurora tragedy raises the haunting question: Why does pop culture inspire people to kill?

When a deranged killer sits in a courtroom, arraigned on the charges that have made him an overnight media icon of evil, all the clichés about his previous non-behavior — he was “quiet,” he was “a loner,” there was “nothing remarkable” about him — tend to be incarnated in the disaffected blankness of his stare. Looking at the newspaper, or the TV or computer screen, we scrutinize his weirdly bland, impassive image, searching for a clue to the disorder of his mind, and almost inevitably (even in the case of, say, Jeffrey Dahmer) we see nothing. But when James Holmes, the 24-year-old lone gunman of the Dark Knight massacre, sat down in court on Monday, he didn’t recede into “anonymous” blankness — and that, of course, is because he was still wearing the chilling emblem of his madness: the hair that he had dyed bright orange, in a Day-Glo simulation of the Joker’s loony-tunes coif. Seeing that hair was more than just creepy and disturbing as hell. It made me angry, as if Holmes was mocking his victims, saying, in essence: I’m still the Joker — and you’d better believe I’d do it again. READ FULL STORY

'The Dark Knight Rises': Its homage to... 'Good Will Hunting'?

From its comic book inspirations to a prominent excerpt from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, Christopher Nolan’s saga-ending The Dark Knight Rises was chockablock with pop-culture references. While there were plenty of unexpected moments in the film’s 164 minutes, some of the biggest surprises weren’t plot developments but Nolan’s loving homages to (and occasionally strange riffs on) other films, books, and more. Below, we look into some of the influences of Rises, including one very unexpected shout-out to the speech that won Matt Damon and Ben Affleck an Oscar. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!) READ FULL STORY

Kevin Smith hosts poignant discussion of Aurora shooting on Hulu's 'Spoilers' -- VIDEO

On his Hulu’s summer movie appreciation show Spoilers, Kevin Smith usually hosts a lively, free-wheeling discussion about that weekend’s big movie with a live studio audience that had just seen the film. This week’s episode was supposed to be about The Dark Knight Rises; instead, Smith chose to spend the entire half hour talking with his audience about the deadly shooting at a midnight screening of the film in Aurora, Colo.

“This is a show about loving movies,” says Smith in the introduction. “Movies mean the world to us. This thing that happened, this shooting, it’s not only offensive to us as human beings, it’s offensive to us as movie fans.” The thoughtful, somber discussion, held on Friday night, provides a poignant snapshot of the thoughts running through many moviegoers’ heads this weekend. Check it out in its entirety below: READ FULL STORY

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