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'The Daily Show' goes 'Inside the Political Curtain' with Herman Cain -- VIDEO

James Lipton, eat your heart out. John Oliver took his new assignment to host The Daily Show‘s “Inside the Political Curtain” segment very seriously. Perhaps more seriously than first guest Herman Cain took his own announcement to run for President of the United States in February 2011. Or, indeed, his entire campaign. For the record, Cain still doesn’t know the president of Beki-Beki-Bekistan’s name. Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

We're ape for Jane Goodall's latest 'Daily Show' appearance -- VIDEO

Primatologist, conservation advocate, and all-around role model Dr. Jane Goodall stopped by The Daily Show last night to talk about her latest project: Chimpanzee, an adorable new documentary from Disneynature. Though the 78-year-old ape expert didn’t work on the film, she’s acting as its spokesperson — her duties apparently include giving late night talk show hosts a “proper chimpanzee greeting,” complete with goofy ape noises. We’re not complaining!

Goodall explains that the film, which follows an orphaned chimp named Oscar, found its plot by accident; a film crew had been shooting on the Ivory Coast for a year before their main character’s mother was tragically killed by a leopard. (“It was luck!” joked Jon Stewart.) After losing his mother, Oscar was “adopted” by Freddy, the male leader of his troop. According to Goodall, “it brings tears to your eyes” to see the tender way Freddy treats his young ward.

Well, provided excessive cuteness makes you weepy. The Chimpanzee footage that accompanied Goodall’s appearance is almost unbearably adorable — who even needs a plot when you can watch chimps bumble around to the sounds of bouncy jazz for 78 minutes? Check out the interview below, then mark your calendar: the doc premieres on Earth Day, April 20. Plus, if you see it in its first week, a portion of your ticket price will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. That’s monkey business we can get behind.


'Daily Show' lambasts Sarah Palin's 'infiltration' of 'Today' show

Jon Stewart admitted that Sarah Palin was “quite good and likeable” during yesterday’s stint cohosting the Today show. He took issue, however, “not with how I viewed Governor Palin as cohost of the Today show, it was mostly with how Governor Palin seemed to view it.”

Stewart then set about deconstructing Palin’s claim she was “infiltrating” the mainstream media when she was, in fact, benefiting from it. He snarked, “Do you really believe cohosting the Today show is entering the lion’s den armed only with some Jesus fish earrings and an Iwo Jima-sized flag pin?”

Throughout the segment, Stewart knocked, among other things, the passive-aggressive subtext roiling beneath Palin and cohost Matt Lauer’s “witty” banter, Palin’s contradictory politics, and how she managed to shoehorn her divisive worldview into a conversation about Oprah Winfrey’s failing OWN Network. Stewart also sent correspondent John Oliver to “NBC’s liberal hornet’s nest” to check in with Palin’s supporters and salute the fearless ex-governor — just like the ghost of Ronald Reagan did in one devoted follower’s homemade Palin sign. You can see that in the videos below.


'Daily Show' investigates Park Slope Food Coop holy war

“Food shopping. Kind of a pain in the a–. Did you know there’s a way to make it much, much worse?” Jon Stewart asked.  Last night, The Daily Show weighed in on the Park Slope Food Coop’s holy war over whether to boycott Israeli-made products, including hummus, in protest of the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

Reporter Samantha Bee trekked to Brooklyn, “home to so many different kinds of NPR listeners,” to capture the spectacle. She sat down with both sides, Barbara Mazor of More Hummus, Please (no, that’s not a joke) and Liz Roberts of Members for Boycott Divestments Sanctions. The resulting interviews gifted us with gems like this from Mazor: “Everyone boycotted South Africa. Israel is different.” Watch Bee keep a straight face through it all. READ FULL STORY

Will Ferrell wears his 'comedy helmet' during visit to 'The Daily Show' -- VIDEO

Will Ferrell, or Johnny Softskull if you’re visiting your favorite local tavern, stopped by The Daily Show on Tuesday night to support his new Spanish-language comedy Casa de mi Padre. (At long last he’ll be able to communicate properly with Baxter!)

Well, to be fair, he sort of promoted the new movie. The actor spent the better part of his visit proving host Jon Stewart’s theory that comedy is “not a helmeted art form” wrong. Previously in the broadcast Stewart verbally shellacked Fox News for sticking up for “entertainers” like Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent, while comedians like Bill Maher and himself, for that matter, hide under a comedy “helmet” to defend what they say in the context of satire.

But, leave it to Ferrell to prove that comedians actually do hide under helmets. Literal helmets, possibly used for The Daily Show softball league. Watch the entire hilarious interaction below, in which Stewart hurls comedy fastballs (“If you’re gonna start pitching your movie, I should put the helmet on”) and challenges his guest to wear the headgear for 24 hours, to which he gladly obliges. READ FULL STORY

Super Tuesday: 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report' react to Mitt Romney's close call

Don’t put on that Victory Face just yet, Mitt Romney. As The Daily Show and The Colbert Report pointed out on Wednesday, his all-too-close win on Super Tuesday in Ohio means this thing is far from over. While that news was joyous to Colbert, who got to hit the snooze button on his Loving Mitt Romney Countdown Clock, Stewart and The Daily Show gang, who have deemed the GOP race “Endless Suffrage,” wonder if “the Republican nominee for president is being selected, at this point, by erosion.”

If you’re already as worn out by election coverage as Stewart, there’s a Leeroy Jenkins cameo that’s going to make it all worthwhile. Watch this clip and see why you’ll be PALS FOR LIFE —  not just during the presidential race–  with Stewart:

'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' 'Bridesmaids,' 'Modern Family,' '30 Rock,' lead Comedy Awards nominations

The nominations for the second annual Comedy Awards were announced today. Television series Modern Family and 30 Rock and films Bridesmaids and Crazy, Stupid, Love all lead the pack with five nominations apiece, while Louis C.K. also picked up five nods, three of which come from his FX series Louie.

Nominees for the awards were selected by the Comedy Awards Board of Directors, which include high-profile comedians like Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, Carol Burnett, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart, and Lily Tomlin, according to Deadline. The Comedy Awards will be presented on April 28 in New York City and will air May 6 on Comedy Central. Choice nominees are below. The full list is available on the Awards’ official site. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart slams Rush Limbaugh, Fox News over birth control issue

On last night’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart gave a thorough dose of smackdown to hot-headed radio personality Rush Limbaugh, who as you may have heard is facing heat for calling a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” after she testified before a Congressional committee supporting the government mandate for health insurance to include contraception.

Limbaugh has since apologized, but that didn’t stop Stewart from going into full attack-dog mode against the conservative pundit, whom he thoughtfully labeled “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross.” READ FULL STORY

Lewis Black slams media for handling of Whitney Houston's death on 'The Daily Show' -- VIDEO

Comedian Lewis Black stopped by The Daily Show last night to take aim at the media’s insensitive handling of Whitney Houston’s death. He addressed the ham-handed puns, reckless speculation from “CNN’s resident hearse-chaser Nancy Grace,” and Fox News pundit Eric Bolling’s opportunistic use of the tragedy to launch off-color criticism against California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Black’s point was a simple one: “Hey, a–holes, somebody died!” Watch the full rant below. READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart continue to put the 'super' in the Definitely Not Coordinating Super PAC

While Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are definitely not coordinating with each other (hence the Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC) regarding Colbert’s presidential bid, the duo paired up during last night’s Daily Show to make sure that their continued efforts, which includes that ad accusing GOP front-runner Mitt Romney of being a serial killer, was all perfectly legal.

After a call to their lawyer, Trevor Potter, Colbert, and Stewart non-coordinated together to find out that not only are they in the clear, but if they do get fined for their actions, they can just use some of their Super PAC money. Watch them figure out some clever loopholes — all while non-coordinating, of course — here: READ FULL STORY

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