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'The Daily Show' reports on 'DADT' repeal: 'This isn't an army of one, it's an army of fun!'

Last night, The Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones gave a live — well, lively, really — report from “Afghanistan” covering the news of the historic repeal of the military’s controversial policy Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Drinking a tangerini and dressed in garb that host Jon Stewart could only refer to as “quite a getup,” Jones joked, “The end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has turned our once proud armed forces into a camouflage-thong pansexual bacchanal.”

Actually, according to the report, not much, if anything, has changed — shower rape is still very much illegal, FYI — and Jones was the only one not wearing regulation ankle-length short shorts. As the correspondent explained, the announcement was being heralded in the armed forces as “No Duh, Tuesday.” As for the commanding officer who broke the news? It was Captain Obvious, of course.

Watch the full clip below and Cher… er, share your thoughts in the comments section! READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart blasts 'Newsweek' for Michele Bachmann cover

Oh, snap(shot)! Last night, Jon Stewart took Newsweek and its editor Tina Brown to task for the magazine’s… well, how should we put it?… uncomely photo of Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann (headline: “Queen of Rage”). After a package of clips of conservatives railing on the liberal news media’s built-in bias, Stewart pointed out just that via the Newsweek cover. “There is one thing that you can’t say about Michele Bachmann: That’s she’s not photogenic.” See Stewart describe Bachmann’s wide-eyed expression as looking like “the exact moment she sees the Amazing Robalto turn his hat into a dove” in the full clip after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Joel McHale to demonstrate the word 'prickly' on 'Sesame Street.' How perfect is that?

It’s season 42 of Sesame Street come Sept. 26 (check your local listings), and the guest list could not be hotter. Among those on tap: Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Robin Williams; up-and-coming actresses Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, and Amy Adams; Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Rico Rodriguez; Community’s Joel McHale and Ken Jeong; The Office’s John Krasinski; late night hosts Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O’Brien; musicians Elvis Costello and Bruno Mars; The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee and Jason Jones; The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki; funny guys Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg; Tony winner Sutton Foster; New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees; the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony; and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. How’s that for variety?

Which guest appearance are you most psyched for? McHale, according to the caption on this photo, at some point, “demonstrates the word ‘prickly’ with the help of his cactus, pineapple and porcupine pals.” Yes, they look very friendly in this picture. I cannot wait. Sadly, we have no idea what Ferguson is demonstrating in the shot below of him with three chickens, but we love it. We’ve also got a surprisingly dignified portrait of Jeong with Elmo for you as well.  READ FULL STORY

Steve Carell says he's game for a 'Daily Show' reunion. Let's make this happen immediately!

It was a touching homecoming on last night’s episode of The Daily Show when former correspondent Steve Carell stopped by to promote his latest flick, the wonderful Crazy, Stupid, Love (much to Jon Stewart’s mock disappointment that Carell’s co-star Ryan Gosling couldn’t come by instead.)

Not only did it reunite Carell with his Papa Bear (“I miss you so much,” the actor/nicest-guy-on-the-face-of-the-Earth told the host) but there was something of a mini-Daily Show get-together as fellow alums Vance DeGeneres, Nancy Walls (Carell’s wife) and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (who knew?) were also in tow. When Stewart told Carell — who likened visiting The Daily Show to “coming home” — they’ve been thinking of having a full-on Daily Show reunion to get the old gang back together, the star immediately replied, “I think that’s a great idea, I would love to.” In fact, Carell says he’d be up for doing anything, including a field piece. Check out Stewart’s intimate idea at the 4:10 mark of the full clip below, in which the two old pals also reminisce about Daily Show departure parties and Carell getting “fired” from The Office. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart nearly loses lunch over 'News of the World' hacking scandal... and Hugh Grant's role in it

When Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show last night, he was met with some news that disturbed even the veteran cynic. British correspondent John Oliver filled him in on the twisty series of sordid events that have come to light in the midst of the hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s now-shuttered News of the World. Having heard his fair share of corruption stories, Stewart entered the story in good humor. But the anchor’s stomach soon began to churn when he “learned” that NOTW had hacked into 13-year-old murder victim Milly Dowler’s phone. That ill feeling, however, soon shifted to “a schadenfreude-orgasm” when Oliver introduced our unlikely hero: Hugh Grant. As we reported, the acting Prime Minister in Love Actually, himself a victim of phone hacking, went undercover to expose the paper’s underhanded tactics. “That’s right,” declared Oliver, “the guy who got car head from an L.A. road prostitute is now the moral compass of my nation!” Clip after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart rips into Fox News (again) after suffering 'The Daily Show' treatment

In the world of politics and TV journalism, you haven’t truly arrived until Jon Stewart has parsed your public words to find the perfect nugget of hypocrisy or misinformation that can then be transformed into a comical critique. It is a public service, actually, a check on our leaders and the Fourth Estate that keeps press secretaries and television producers awake at night. Last night, Stewart himself got a small taste of The Daily Show treatment. He didn’t seem to like it. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart's hook keeps fans in stitches

One night after gashing his right hand on a martini-glass while skewering Anthony Weiner’s weiner mea culpa, Jon Stewart used the accident as the primary hook in his opening monologue. (Eh? Ehh?) After thanking the doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital who stitched him up — and presumably gave him that adorable monkey bandage — Stewart recognized an unknown hero. “I really want to thank the kid who was obviously waiting for facial reconstruction surgery, you know, to let me jump the line,” he joked. “Because obviously, I had a reservation at Nobu at 8:30.”

Watch the clip after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart faux-steps down as 'Daily Show' host due to Anthony Weiner coverage

Tuesday night, the question on everyone (including PopWatch‘s) mind was How will Jon Stewart cover that Weiner? Would the Daily Show host continue to go easy on his good friend Rep. Anthony Weiner, who admitted in a press conference Tuesday afternoon that he had posted a picture of a part of his own anatomy to Twitter and engaged in “inappropriate” online communications with at least six other women? After all, some outlets had criticized the host for his tame treatment of the scandal. After Monday’s Daily Show, EW’s own Ken Tucker thought Stewart’s loyalty to his friend was classy, but didn’t like that taking the bullet for his friend made him really unload on John Edwards. As Ken said, “Edwards became a way for Stewart to reassert his fearless-honesty cred while sidling around what he invariably referred to as ‘Anthony Weiner’s c—.'”

But! At the top of Tuesday’s Daily Show, Stewart staged his own press conference, apologized for wussing out, then “resigned” and stepped aside so that dirty Brit John Oliver could take over as host. But the genius in this is that Stewart cut his hand pretty badly while preparing a frozen margarita. Is that strawberry flavoring in there, or are you just bleeding out, man? UPDATE: He was bleeding out! A Comedy Central rep confirms that the host got six stitches in his hand following the taping. Video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

How will Rep. Anthony Weiner's good friend Jon Stewart cover his scandal?

The news broke late this afternoon that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-New York), admitted that he did, in fact, send inappropriate pictures of himself and engaged in lewd conversations with at least six women he conversed with via the Internet. In a tearful press conference, Weiner confessed that he’d covered up his initial story about his Twitter being hacked when the underwear photo had leaked, and told reporters on Monday, “I then continued with that story — to stick to that story — which was a hugely regrettable mistake.”

The admission, of course, set off a flurry of opinions and criticism from bloggers, website commenters, journalists, and politicians alike. But we’re especially curious what Jon Stewart’s musings on this revelation will be. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart grabs Weinergate by the... funnybone?

No one takes greater delight at a political scandal than Jon Stewart. But when Weinergate erupted over the weekend, he found himself in an unusual situation. For the uninformed, Weinergate refers to New York congressman Anthony Weiner, who allegedly tweeted a photo of the veiled contents of his underwear to a 21-year-old Seattle-area student. Weiner, the congressman, said his Twitter account had been hacked by an outside party and that he did not send that photo to anyone. Weiner also happens to be an old friend of Stewart’s — they shared a Delaware summer beach house 25 years ago — and a frequent guest on the show. READ FULL STORY

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