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Stephen Colbert uses 'Star Wars' to blast Mike Huckabee, puts him on notice

Stephen Colbert had harsh words for Friend of The Colbert Report Mike Huckabee on last night’s show. To begin with, he took offense to Huckabee using Oscar winner Natalie Portman as an example of someone glorifying having children out of wedlock. “Look, I’m no fan of single mothers either. But it’s Natalie Portman we’re talking about. That kid she’s pregnant with is Luke Skywalker,” Colbert said, mouthing think, think. “So logically, if you’re against her pregnancy that means you’ve aligned yourself politically with Emperor Palpatine. You’re alienating all of Tatooine. It’s a swing planet.” Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert calls out Rush Limbaugh for 'kung-pao jibberjabber'

Rush Limbaugh upset many listeners on Wednesday when he crudely imitated the Mandarin-speaking Chinese president Hu Jintao. Stephen Colbert took special issue with Limbaugh’s “kung-pao jibberjabber” on last night’s Colbert Report, but for very selfish reasons: “I don’t know about you folks, but I am deeply offended by Rush’s cheap, insensitive … rip-off of my character, Ching-Chong Ding-Dong,” j’accused Colbert, whose Ching-Chong speaks simple pidgin English. “C’mon, Rush. Don’t take my only character. You have a huge repertoire of [insensitive] impressions.”

While some media outlets piled on Limbaugh, Colbert actually took the time to translate the conservative radio host’s seemingly meaningless rant back in to English. Click on the link below to get the entire translation: READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert takes on Sarah Palin, pundits

Last night, Stephen Colbert addressed the media aftermath of the Arizona massacre — and Sarah Palin’s recent video addressing the same — by picking “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Angriness” as The Word. He even took on Palin’s spokeswoman’s assertion that the campaign map with the crosshairs had nothing to do with guns — that the crosshairs were not sights but rather “surveyors symbols.”

“Sarah Palin knows now is not the time to determine ground elevation,” he said, as “Might Lead to High Road” flashed on sidebar. READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert couch meets all your Colbert decor needs

Colbert couch? Colbert couch! Yep, this hand-painted couch can be yours for a mere $2,000, which is quite the upcycle for an Ikea couch.

I guess this is kinda fugs, but … I would totally love to take Sunday afternoon naps on Stephen Colbert’s cheeks. Wouldn’t you, PopWatchers?

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Photo: Matt Charlan

'Daily Show,' 'Colbert Report' might be heading back to Hulu

Stephen-ColbertAre The Daily Show and The Colbert Report heading back to Hulu? Maybe, according to the New York Times. (Hulu and Comedy Central both declined to comment.) So, good news, I guess?

Viacom pulled the shows from Hulu last March, but they’ve remained free and online on Comedy Central’s site. Weirdly, even though I watched the shows all the time on Hulu, I actually almost never watched them elsewhere. As more and more shows go online in various forms — on network sites, say — Hulu’s real strength isn’t that it has whatever specific show you’re looking for. It’s that Hulu is probably the first place you’d look, and once you watched one episode, you might stick around and watch more. Hulu enables a kind of post-cable channel surfing; seeking out TDS on its own is a different thing entirely.

Where do you do most of your online watching, PopWatchers: On Hulu? Individual network and show sites? Or someplace else altogether?

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Comedy Central logo threatens all mankind

Check it out, check it out: Comedy Central has a new logo. Goodbye globe-with-three-skyscrapers-dwarfed-by-huge-hilarious-words. Hello, simple hieroglyph that you’re sure you’ve seen before somewhere on your keyboard. Alas, it’s not there. It only seems like it should be, a distant cousin to @ and ©. But there’s much much more here, hiding behind their Christopher Nolan-inspired elegance. Clearly, Comedy Central intended to combine the logos of Carolco and Chanel, in an effort to trigger our subliminal craving for sweet-smelling killing machines from the future. Take a look at the new Comedy Central, if you dare!!!! READ FULL STORY

Elizabeth Edwards on 'The Colbert Report': Smart, charming, irreducible

With yesterday’s terrible news of Elizabeth Edwards’ passing, there’s been a lot of infuriating headlines about the woman’s life. No doubt, she got a bum rap when it came to husbands. Former vice-presidential candidate John Edwards did her wrong, and maybe never deserved her in the first place. But the sparkly-eyed mother of four, best-selling author, attorney, homemaker, public speaker and activist deserves a richer legacy than that of a disappointing man’s betrayed wife. She was better than his flaws and bigger than her disease. For an example of her articulate goodness and conviction, look no further than her calmly impassioned 2008 appearance on The Colbert Report, after the jump. (Colbert himself appears to fall in love with her at the 3:26 mark.) What a lady. READ FULL STORY

Cee-Lo Green swaps 'Fox News' for 'F-k You' on 'Colbert'

From lady killer to media killer: Cee-Lo Green appeared on The Colbert Report last night to tout his new album, The Lady Killer, and host Stephen Colbert found a way to make the musician’s infectious “F–k You” even more catchy for his Nation. Since the Report is “a family show” — why wouldn’t it be, what with its focus on incredibly petrifying cuddly bears? — Colbert recommended a replacement phrase for the song’s title: Fox News. (Sorry, little guy, Beef Stew was ultimately rejected for this more “positive” phrase.) Though Green did eventually sing the real lyrics to his hit later in the show, he appeased the host for one verse, singing: “Saw you driving ’round town with the girl I love on Fox News / Didn’t see one politician that wasn’t corrupt on the Fox News, and I get the blues / The poor get poorer, the rich get richer / Ain’t that some s— / I’m having pains in my chest because I’m so stressed over Fox News.” (See the video embedded after the jump.) Alright, Fox News interviewee/sometimes singer John Ashcroft — it’s high time for a song battle, no? READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart on Rally to Restore Sanity: 'I just wanted to speak a little bit from the heart.'

A crowd estimated at more than 250,000 turned up in Washington, D.C., today to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert host the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, but that doesn’t mean the hosts have developed big heads. During a press conference following the event at the National Press Building, Stewart insisted that though they inspired hundreds of thousands to travel to the nation’s capital to engage in rational dialogue, they hardly consider themselves significant political figures. “We’re not running for anything,” Stewart told reporters. “We do television shows for people that like them. And we hope people continue to like them so Comedy Central can continue to sell beer to young people.” Read on for the highlights from the press conference:

  • Stewart and Colbert have been planning the rally since March. Not that they expected it to actually happen. “The number of scripts we generated, the number of ideas, the number of people we talked to — to have it all coalesce and funnel through this three-hour window and for it to happen is just [an] incredible joy,” Colbert said.
  • Many watched the rally — at the Mall and at home. According to a rep from Comedy Central, 4 million streamed the rally on computers from home, while more than 250,000 people were in attendance. And a good chunk of those 250,000 people rode to the rally in one of Arianna Huffington’s free buses: At the press conference, she said she had 200 buses carrying 10,000 people.
  • Stewart wrote his keynote address one night before the rally. “I stayed up late last night until I was done…. I just wanted to speak a little bit from the heart,” Stewart said. Colbert, on the other hand, claimed he took even less time to write his own address: “I improvised everything I did.” READ FULL STORY

The McRib is back! And Stephen Colbert says its return is political.

The McRib, the only fast food sandwich I know with a cult following, is returning to McDonald’s starting Nov. 2. Even though the McRib Locator has already documented some McRib sightings this season, it will officially be everywhere on the 2nd, which, as Stephen Colbert pointed out to The Colbert Report viewers last night, also happens to be Election Day.

Considering Election Day will be the first time the McRib has been featured at every McDonald’s store nationwide in 16 years — and may be the last time — Colbert is quick to point out that this clearly is a political move. In a clip montage, the host shows how this innocent, limited edition sandwich has become such a political pawn in the “concerted effort from liberals to suppress Republican turnout” at the polls on Election Day. As Colbert accurately argues, “You can’t turn out to vote if you’re waiting in line for a McRib.” (The L.A. Times points out that President Obama has a “proclivity for participating in fast food snacks,” and notes that the President might appreciate the sandwich, but not for the reasons Colbert argued.) See clip embedded after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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