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'Biggest Loser' winner: 'I am very, very healthy'

Rachel Frederickson has cracked the code for how to have a buzzworthy Biggest Loser finale: reveal a new, size 0-2 figure and a body that apparently now weighs in at 105 lbs (she started the show at 260 lbs).

While the goal of the show has always been to  help contestants lose weight and have dramatic transformations, 24-year-old Frederickson’s extreme drop off got people talking after the Feb. 4 television show finale, with many viewers very concerned about Frederickson’s health.

Now the voice actress has spoken with People for their cover story this week and assured readers that despite what they’re seeing, she’s healthy and there’s no reason to be concerned. “Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training to get to the finale,” she told the magazine by way of explanation about her six-hour daily exercise regiments. People notes that when asked point-blank if she has an eating disorder, she replied, “I am very, very healthy.”

Obviously, no one wants to get into a game of calling celebrities out on their weight (and the general obsession with other people’s bodies isn’t helping anyone), but it’s nice to know Frederickson is addressing her critics head-on, and hopefully continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, post-reality show, drama and cameras.

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'The Biggest Loser: Second Chances' winner is...

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Bob Harper reveals he's gay on 'The Biggest Loser' -- VIDEO

Bob Harper opened up on Tuesday’s episode of The Biggest Loser, stating for the first time on national television that he is gay. Though Harper, 48, came out to his family when he was 17, he has never publicly addressed his sexuality on the show that made him famous and changed hundreds (some might say thousands; ratings might say millions) of people’s lives.

Harper said he knew it was time to talk about being gay on The Biggest Loser when he met Bobby, a contestant on the show’s 15th season: “I really do believe that this is the right time. I want to show Bobby that he doesn’t have to live in shame.” Bobby, who comes from a strict Catholic family, has been struggling with the decision to come out to his parents, particularly his father, and it was obvious to Harper how that was weighing on him when the parents visited the Biggest Loser ranch.

In a powerful moment, Harper shared with Bobby his similar struggle and resulting decision to come out to his father 31 years ago, saying, “Being gay doesn’t mean being weak and being gay doesn’t mean you’re less than anybody else. It’s just who you are.”

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'The Voice' and sob stories: Struggling with reality competitions and grief

Last night, R&B singer Vedo took the stage during The Voice’s knockout rounds. He sang Bryan Adams “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” and impressed Usher enough to advance to next week’s live rounds. He also talked a lot about his mother, who recently died — something Usher acknowledged in his comments after the performance; and something that’s been mentioned on the show every single time Vedo appears. I wrote about how this makes me feel in last night’s recap: a combination of annoyed, deeply moved, and deeply apathetic. But many commenters disagreed. I still feel that way, and I’m assuming a lot of you still disagree with me.

So what are we really talking about when we talk about someone’s dead mom?


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