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'The Big Bang Theory' is about to get Lego-d

The Big Bang Theory is getting the Lego treatment, joining the pop-culture likes of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park.

That’s right, Lego is releasing a set based on the massively popular CBS sitcom, which follows a group of scientists—Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Howard (Simon Helberg), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), and Amy (Mayim Bialik)— and their one non-scientist friend, Penny (Kaley Cuoco).

The set proposal was submitted to the Lego Ideas program by Alatariel and GlenBricker. (Check out the full proposal here.) Its description reads: “This LEGO set proposal is based on the popular American sitcom The Big Bang Theory created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The set represents the living room of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, which is the core location of the series. It’s filled with geeky details accurate to the show including Sheldon’s board, Green Lantern lantern, Rubik’s cube tissue box, DNA model, mini LEGO Death Star and more!”

Upon receiving 10,000 votes, Lego approved the proposal, though final details have not yet been announced. Most importantly, will you be running out to get a Lego Sheldon? Be honest…


'The Big Bang Theory' react: What did you think of Penny's [spoiler]?

“Words don’t always have to mean things.” — Leonard

Oh, but they do, Leonard. (Spoilers from here on out.)  READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones' retains crown as Most Pirated TV Show


It seems like everyone, with or without HBO, knew about the Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode — which could explain why the show once again tops TorrentFreak’s annual list of the most pirated TV shows. Per the site, GoT‘s season 3 finale bloodbath was downloaded an estimated 5.9 million times via BitTorrent. After the show topped the charts in illegal downloads in 2012, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told EW he considered it, “a compliment of sorts”: “The demand is there. And it certainly didn’t negatively impact the DVD sales. [Piracy is] something that comes along with having a wildly successful show on a subscription network.” READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'Scandal,' 'Glee,' and 'The Big Bang Theory' -- VIDEO

Did you miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows?

Find out what happened on Thursday night’s Scandal, Glee, and The Big Bang Theory in the newest edition of TV Recap below! READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory': Watch Howard perform his latest song for Bernadette -- VIDEO

On Thursday night’s Big Bang Theory, Howard (Simon Helberg) stole the evening with a song dedicated to his lovely wife, Bernadette. And though his plans to perform the song went south after she was quarantined — darn those infectious raccoon diseases! — he still found a way to make the moment unforgettable by singing it to her through the glass of her hospital room.

We’ll post video of the adorable moment, which he orchestrated to mark the anniversary of their first date, when it becomes available. But for now, check out the lyrics to the song below. And fun fact: It was co-written by Raising Hope actress Kate Micucci, who often sings quirky tunes on that show! READ FULL STORY

Chuck Lorre reveals his unused 'Big Bang Theory' Emmy speech

We’ve always wondered how many Emmy acceptance speeches go to waste each year. Most winners claim they were “unprepared” because they didn’t “expect to win,” but there are also the winners who take a piece of paper out of their pocket with their acceptance speech outlines. Better safe than sorry, right? READ FULL STORY

'The Big Bang Theory' season seven premiere react: Double the episode, double the 'Star Trek' references

Can you believe The Big Bang Theory has been on for seven seasons? Seven seasons is no walk in the park even for a traditional sitcom on CBS. But America loves Sheldon! And Jim Parsons delivers on his Emmy gold as he continues to play the brilliant but socially challenged Sheldon Cooper. READ FULL STORY

Emmys: 'Breaking Bad,' 'Big Bang Theory' will win big, according to Facebook buzz

Long, long ago, in a faraway, pre-social-media universe, the public would let their voices be heard using such unusual methods as storming capitals, setting things on fire, writing passive-aggressive letters, and, well, actually speaking. Nowadays, we have Facebook as our virtual voice box.

Which is convenient when talking (or, rather, typing) about awards-show odds. The Primetime Emmy Awards air this Sunday (Sept. 22, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS), and unless you’re a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, your vote as a mere fan doesn’t much matter.

But Facebook, numbers-savvy voice box it is, has been tracking all U.S. mentions of Emmy nominees since Sept. 1, and from your chatter, Facebook has determined the buzziest nominees so far.

Some results of their analysis are not at all surprising. Most mentioned for Best Comedy Series? The Big Bang Theory. (Girls is second; Veep is sixth and last). Most mentioned for Best Drama Series? Breaking Bad, followed by Homeland.

If Breaking Bad fans had it their way, the 2013 Emmys would be a Bad sweep, with Facebook users mentioning Aaron Paul the most for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (he won in 2012) and Bryan Cranston for Actor in a Drama Series.

According to Facebook’s stats, you are also a benevolent bunch, chattering the most about Sofia Vergara for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series; it’s her fourth nomination in the category for playing Modern Family‘s Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, and she has yet to win.

And you also seem fatigued of The Daily Show‘s decade-long winning streak for Variety Series. Most Mentions? Saturday Night Live, followed by the Colbert Report.

Check out the entire list of your top Emmy mentions here:

PopWatch Confessional: The popular thing you just don't get

Another fall, another TV season… another year of people telling me that I just have to start watching New Girl.

“It’s gotten so much better since the pilot!” they’ll say. “Everyone is funny now, not just Schmidt — and it handles the will they/won’t they romance better than any other sitcom — and Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe is adorable!

All that may be true. But every time I give New Girl another chance — and at this point, I’ve watched at least three or four episodes — I’m left totally cold by it.

Objectively, I should love this show: It’s a fast-paced, goofy comedy aimed squarely at my demographic. (I’m a 20-something female city dweller who enjoys wordplay and sleeveless A-line dresses.) It’s also one of the few comedies on TV created and run by a woman, which wins it automatic points in my book. Yet whenever I fire up an episode of New Girl, the show fails to resonate with me. I don’t laugh at its jokes; I don’t identify with its characters; I don’t swoon when Nick and Jess make goo-goo eyes at each other. It’s not that I think the series is bad, per se — I just think it’s not for me.

Which got me thinking: In the back of everyone’s mind, there must be some extremely popular, critically acclaimed TV show, movie, musical artist, etc. that they know they should like — but can’t seem to get into. EW’s staff has more examples:


EW.com's 4th Annual Season Finale Awards: Vote now!


Yes, there are a few season finales to go, but with the rush of surprise twists, cliffhangers, and exits behind us, it’s now time for EW.com’s fourth annual reader-voted Season Finale Awards. After taking your suggestions under advisement — and extending the cutoff date to March 31, because so many of you wanted to (dis)honor the passing of The Walking Dead‘s Andrea — here are this year’s nominees. UPDATE: Polls are now closed. Winners will be announced Friday. READ FULL STORY

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