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Has Hollywood turned its back on LeBron James?

It’s hard to recall now that at this time last year, LeBron James had the world eating out of his hand. Yes, his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, had flamed out of the playoffs in rather embarrassing fashion, but free-agent King James was wanted by everyone. Chicago. New York. Miami. Los Angeles. They all bowed at his feet. What a difference a year makes.

Since losing to Dallas in the NBA Finals on Sunday, James has been scapegoated for choking in the games’ big moments and vilified for his petulant post-game behavior, which included telling reporters that “all the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today.” Classy.

The criticism and the jokes have been ruthless. (Why can’t LeBron make change for $1? He can never come up with that final quarter.) Even Betty White threw a jab. READ FULL STORY

Rob Lowe to play alleged killer Drew Peterson in Lifetime movie. Can this work?

Rob Lowe will star as accused wife-killer Drew Peterson in the tentatively titled Drew Peterson Story, Lifetime confirms. As initially reported by Deadline, The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco will costar as former Illinois police sergeant Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy, who disappeared in 2007 when she was 23 and Peterson was 53. While Peterson enjoyed the media attention while professing his innocence (her body has never been found), authorities did arrest him in 2009 — for allegedly murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, whose 2004 death had initially been ruled an accidental drowning.

Forget for a moment that Lowe is way more attractive than the Peterson, who is 10 years his senior, with gray hair and a mustache. (Please let Rob Lowe have gray hair and a mustache!) I think this will be an interesting role for him on his Parks and Recreation hiatus.  READ FULL STORY

'Duke Nukem Forever': The first ten minutes with the long-awaited sequel

Duke Nukem 3D might not look like much now — the 1996 game wasn’t much more than a Doom clone with attitude. (“Attitude” = dialogue borrowed from Army of Darkness.) But it’s hard to express just how refreshing Duke‘s sense of humor was. Sure, it was basically a fratboy fantasy — with strippers galore! — but the game had all sorts of funny little touches, and the overall tone of parodically steroidal beefcake action felt genuinely vivid and exciting. (Even better was the added level where you went to the White House to rescue President Clinton; it’s basically the “JFK vs. Zombies” mini-game of Call of Duty: Black Ops a decade and a half ahead of schedule.) Now, after a long, long, long, long development phase that essentially shut down Duke developer 3-D realms, the long-awaited sequel Duke Nukem Forever is set to hit stores. READ FULL STORY

Leonardo DiCaprio to try on black hat in 'Django Unchained'?

Any actor will tell you: It’s good to be bad. Playing bad is a hoot, and many actors, like Gary Oldman, built their career on portraying crazy-eyed villains capable of the most vile deeds. Superstar actors, on the other hand, can become handcuffed — if only temporarily — by a certain level of fame after audiences demand a certain heroic or darling character each and every time. Ask Will Smith or Julia Roberts or Clint Eastwood. So it’s admirable and refreshing to hear from Deadline that Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly in talks to play the villain in Quentin Tarantino’s next film, Django Unchained, the story of an escaped American slave who seeks vengeance on his cruel master. (Both DiCaprio and Tarantino’s reps have yet to respond to EW’s request for comment.) READ FULL STORY

The 100 Greatest Movie Threats, in video form: 'Full Metal Jacket,' Joe Pesci, Quentin Tarantino, and more!

Harry Hanrahan — the man who brought you the 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time — has just released a new video on YouTube which will be pure candy for fans of cinematic badassery: The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time. Some of the threats are said with a smile: Witness Schwarzenegger in Commando, telling an evil henchman, “You’re a funny guy, Sully. I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last.” Some of them are hilariously ornate, like J.T. Walsh in Good Morning Vietnam saying, “I’ll burn you so bad, you’ll wish you died as a child.” Unsurprisingly, R. Lee Ermey’s opening monologue in Full Metal Jacket earns a couple of slots, and you’ll enjoy repeat visits by Clint Eastwood, Samuel L. Jackson, and Joe Pesci. But there are also some surprises, including three clips from the 2000 gem The Way of the Gun. Watch the NSFW video after the jump. (I’ll watch the video after you jump…to hell!) READ FULL STORY

'The Celebrity Apprentice' finale makes for all-time series-low ratings: What made you not tune in?

Nothing to smile about here, Trump. The ratings for the season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice were anything but YOUGE.

Pulling in a rather paltry 2.9/7 share in the coveted 18-49 demo, the episode proved to be the lowest spring finale ever for The Apprentice, Celebrity or otherwise. While the EW.com comments section have all but been ablaze today with chatter from those of you who actually did tune in for last night’s finale (“Marlee Matlin was robbed!” “Who is John Rich again?” “Where are my pants?!”), we’re curious as to why so many folks didn’t.  READ FULL STORY

UPDATED: First look at Bane from 'The Dark Knight Rises': Those back muscles are freaking me out

Warner Bros.

The Internet was all aflame today, thanks the inaugural “happening” in the viral web campaign for The Dark Knight Rises. It involved decoding an ominous audio track playing on thedarkknightrises.com, which apparently led you to the Twitter hashtag #thefirerises, which then led you to a photo-mosaic of Tom Hardy as the masked villain Bane, which finally led to the full image you can see above. Did I mention this film started shooting yesterdayREAD FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Fear the chalk children

Much like the beginning of last week’s episode of We Should Have Live Cougars On Cougar Town, Travis was still hanging out in the dark mourning the loss of Kirsten. He hadn’t even been going to college. It was a Travisty. (See what I did there?) But breakups are hard. It took Jules a year to bounce back after she and Bobby split up, and it was the worst weekend of Bobby’s life.

Travis finally admitted that college might not be right for him after he was caught lying about being on spring break. So Jules gave him an ultimatum: Go back to college or move out and get a job. Travis knew his mom’s new tough love attitude wasn’t really her, despite her claim that she “tosses asses.” But who was she kidding? She couldn’t even let her son eat stale chips. Sure enough, Jules’ tough-love act didn’t last for long. Instead, she and Travis had a kite-flying, sandcastle-building day at the beach. READ FULL STORY

Why are we all so scared of Ronald McDonald?

Ronald McDonald is the most terrifying inhuman creature on the face of the earth. A tall clown with hellfire-red hair who enjoys hanging out with children when their parents aren’t looking, Ronald has terrorized young people across the world for nearly five decades. Apparently, there was a time when Ronald’s shenanigans were actually somewhat amusing. Perhaps that was before he started wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit, which makes him look like a psychotic hermit on his way to mopping up a bloody crime scene. God, just look at the above picture! It’s like you can read his thoughts, and his thoughts are “I’m going to enjoy eating your brains, sonny! Yuk Yuk Yuk!” READ FULL STORY

ESPN tell-all: Keith Olbermann = Chevy Chase

With just a week before Little Brown’s release of James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales’ warts-and-all oral history of ESPN, it’s becoming clear that former SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann is this story’s Chevy Chase. Recall that Miller and Shales collaborated on Live From New York, a most-excellent uncensored history of SNL that described the clash of egos when Chase, the show’s first star, went on to bigger, if not necessarily better, things. In Olbermann’s case, he wasn’t the network’s first breakout star — that would be Chris Berman — but his on-air brilliance was unrivaled, according to the first excerpts of Those Guys Have All the Fun in GQ. “The guy who made ESPN a household word, the guy who made ESPN mean something in the market to everyone, was Keith Olbermann,” said ESPN producer, Bill Wolff. READ FULL STORY

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