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Is Liam Neeson really an action star?

A movie about Liam Neeson punching wolves just made $20 million at the weekend box office. And The Grey is just the opening salvo. Neeson has four more films coming out in 2012, at a rate of roughly once every couple months, all of them films that seem likely to top the box office. He returns as Zeus in March’s Wrath of the Titans; he plays the only remotely authentic naval officer amidst a cast of underwear models in May’s Battleship; he will reportedly have a flashback cameo in July’s The Dark Knight Rises; and he’ll wind up the year in a sequel to Taken, revisiting the role that initiated his late-period left turn into action heroics. It’s a striking transformation for an actor who, just a few years ago, was better known for films like Kinsey and Rob Roy. But three years into his new career as an angry-man bruiser, how does Neeson’s track record compare to other action stars? READ FULL STORY

'Finding Bigfoot,' a real show, premieres Sunday Jan. 1

A new season (?!?!) of Finding Bigfoot premieres Sunday, Jan. 1, at 10 p.m. ET on Animal Planet, and I just might tune in to witness the stunning ineptitude of the “expert team of true believers” in person.

Frankly I cannot fathom why it’s taken them so long to find me, considering I moved to the West Coast SIX MONTHS AGO and have been dying to get discovered! Sometimes I even leave my giant sneakers outside the door in my Melrose Waste of Space apartment complex. How have the true believers not picked up on their stench and size? Yoo-hoo! Experts! I am RIGHT HERE.

Vote in the important poll below…. if you can find it.

That last one is coming soon to EW.com whether you like it or not!

R. Kelly is planning 32 new chapters of 'Trapped in the Closet'

Everything we know about the ancient world is derived from the very, very few works of literature that managed to survive through the centuries; the rest were burned at the Library of Alexandria in 48 B.C, or dissolved into dust centuries before the birth of Christ. Similarly, it’s possible that two or three millenia from now — when all the great art of our modern world has turned to ash and sun-damaged microchips and decayed celluloid — our illiterate caveman descendants will break into a vacuum-sealed fallout shelter made out of gold and discover the only existing remnant of 21st-century humanity: R. Kelly’s hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet, playing on an eternal loop on a nuclear-powered plasma-screen TV (with surround sound). READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: What did 'Home Alone' kid Kevin McCallister grow up to be?

One of my favorite holiday movies is the 1990 home security comedy Home Alone. Does anyone better embody the spirit of Christmas than Polka King of the Midwest John Candy as he offers Catherine O’Hara a ride in the back of a van from Scranton to Chicago? You gotta love the Kenosha Kickers! (I never appreciated them at the time; now I think they’re one of the most brilliant parts of the whole movie.) Also, sometimes when I see “Merry Christmas” emblazoned on something, I hear those words as spoken softly by Old Man Marley in the sad church scene. You’d think I’d imagine them as spoken by Santa, or my parents or something — but nope, it’s the scary snow-shoveling neighbor from Home Alone. Whatever works!

I’ve recently been wondering what Kevin McCallister might have made of himself. Crafty little freak, that one. He’d be a thriving, well-fed, hopefully non-vampiric 29-year-old today. On which of his many talents — interior design, trickery, sabotage, coupon-clipping — would Kevin choose to capitalize? Would he get his own OWN program following the cancellation of The Nate Berkus Show? Would he and his monogrammed backpack resurface on TLC’s Extreme Couponers? Would he become an all-grown-up spokesperson for aftershave? The founder of an institute for infectious “you’re such a” disease research? The possibilities are as endless as Kevin’s quest to reach Buzz’s tarantula on the stairs to the third floor.

I’ve listed some career options below — vote or suggest your own! READ FULL STORY

Worst of 2011: Worst hair in movies and TV?

Ugh, hair. Sometimes you have luscious, deep-conditioned, well-highlighted tresses like Sarah Braverman and the male and female stars of Twilight, and sometimes you look like Bradley Cooper at the beginning of Limitless. We all have our bad days, but sometimes actors must endure entire bad hair seasons. It’s hard out there for a star! Below, our scraggly shortlists for 2011’s Worst Movie and TV Hair. READ FULL STORY

'The Dark Knight Rises' prologue audience reaction: Frantic excitement, followed by the sound of silence


Hardcore Batman fans are legion. 2008’s The Dark Knight was a once-in-a-decade zeitgeist sensation — the rare movie that people actually wanted to see more than once — and expectations are sky-high for next year’s Dark Knight Rises. The prologue for Rises officially debuted ahead of Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol, thus guaranteeing that film an instantaneous Nolan Bump of cultural necessity and there was already a long line two hours before the midnight screening at the Lincoln Square AMC last night. I was secretly hoping that the line would be composed of hardcore Mission: Impossible fans — you know, the kind of people who wear Jon Voight masks and carry cigar cutters autographed by Dougray Scott and engage in the neverending “Short-haired Ethan vs. Long-haired Ethan” debate. But people like that don’t actually exist.


Gary Busey endorses Newt Gingrich: Which politically minded stars would you actually listen to?

The GOP presidential candidates just got another pair of crazy eyes on their side: Gary Busey appears to be endorsing Newt Gingrich. The Celebrity Apprentice star told TheWashingtonScene.com, “I’ve never met Newt but I know what he stands for.”

Still, Busey — who noted that he’s a Texan who won’t be giving his support to Rick Perry (“He’s a good guy, he just doesn’t belong in the race”) — noted he’d rather see his old Celebrity Apprentice boss Donald Trump throw his hair hat back in the ring. (“Donald would be great. He’s a good friend.”)


Parodies of Rick Perry's controversial campaign ad are going strong

You’ve almost made it too easy, Rick Perry.

In a controversial new campaign ad, the Texas governor, clad in a tan coat — which George Takei wonderfully pointed out on Twitter was almost the same one Heath Ledger wore in Brokeback Mountain (oops!) — complains that “there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.” The “not ashamed” Christian then promises that he’ll “end Obama’s war on religion.”  READ FULL STORY

Darth Vader is the Grinch in 'The Sith Who Stole Christmas' -- VIDEO

Darth Vader is one of the great movie villains, but something about the character just seems built for parody. Maybe it’s because — with his jet-black evil-samurai-robot suit and his stentorian speech patterns — he’s the definition of evil incarnate. Or maybe it’s because he’s wearing a mask, so it’s easy to dub in hilarious new dialogue. There’s a whole parade of great Vader spoof videos: “Vader Sessions,” which brilliantly mixed in dialogue from other James Earl Jones movies; the beloved “Chad Vader” series; “Darth Vader Being a Smartass,” possibly the best use of Final Cut’s “reverse clip” function ever; and of course, those hilarious three Star Wars spoofs which pretended that Darth Vader was a doofy crybaby with a rat-tail haircut. (That George Lucas: What a kidder!) To that canon we can now add “The Sith Who Stole Christmas,” where Darth Vader essays the role of the Grinch. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

A woman afraid of cats, and other reasons I love phobia shows

It began years ago, when I was sitting at home in the early afternoon with the flu. I had to devour something other than Jell-O, and I had already checked in with the residents of Salem on Days of Our Lives. As someone without cable at the time, I had very few options: Infomercials, Matlock, or Maury. Despite my age, Matlock, strangely, typically won, but one day — after realizing I had already seen that particular episode of the Andy Griffith series — I switched to Maury. The subject of the episode? Irrational fears.

Now, I’m afraid of plenty of things, some rational (failure) and some not (the Ebola virus). So let me preface this by saying I do actually take pity on many people who suffer from an aversion to things both practical and unpractical. Still, there is nothing funnier than a man wearing a full body suit made of cotton balls chasing a woman afraid of cotton balls. READ FULL STORY

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