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Josh Brolin was in the running to play Batman

Acclaimed Oscar-nominated actor and human bar fight Josh Brolin was rumored to be one of the actors in contention to play an older Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Of course, that was back in August 2013, the long-ago era when every male actor between the ages of 25 and 67 was theoretically in the running to play the Caped Crusader. Now our culture has moved on to a brave new Affleck era. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still speculate about what might have been…especially since Brolin is at the Toronto Film Festival, which means he’s surrounded by reporters. Since journalism mainly exists nowadays as a delivery system for Batman casting rumors, Brolin has had a couple of opportunities to confirm that, yes, he was very briefly maybe possibly kinda sorta in talks to play Bruce Wayne. READ FULL STORY

After another expletive-filled rant, Alec Baldwin begs off Twitter -- again

While a crowd of hundreds mourned the late James Gandolfini at his Manhattan funeral yesterday morning, Hilaria Baldwin — who attended the service along with her husband Alec — was tweeting up a storm.

At least, that’s what the august Daily Mail claimed in an article posted Thursday afternoon. From timestamps on tweets in Hilaria’s feed, the paper deduced that the seven-months-pregnant yoga instructor had sent a message about her upcoming first wedding anniversary just as the funeral was about to start and two re-tweets while it was already underway.

Hilaria later denied the charges, tweeting that she doesn’t believe in bringing phones to a funeral — “I never did and I never would.” (A source tells EW that Hilaria left the service early because it was very warm inside the church.)

She also said that the Daily Mail had misinterpreted the timestamps on her messages: “When someone tweets something at a certain time, and you retweet it later, it posts the TIME the first person tweeted.”

And then Hilaria’s other half stepped into the fray.


Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: Leave gun owners alone! -- VIDEO

In Ted Nugentland, President Obama is “an evil, dangerous man who hates America and hates freedom” — and so is Piers Morgan, the CNN host who’s become an object of conservative ire since he began his gun control crusade in December. So when Morgan interviewed Nugent yesterday — at a gun store, naturally — sparks flew pretty much immediately.

Nugent accused the Brit of having an unreasonable vendetta against guns. When Morgan tried to say that he cares about “all deaths,” Nugent laid into him even more: “I don’t think you do. I think you’re obsessed with guns. Ninety-nine percent of the gun owners of America are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today, perfectly safe, perfectly harmless, wonderful, loving, giving, caring, generous people. Would you leave us the hell alone?!”


Conspiracy theorist goes off on epic gun rant, mocks Piers Morgan for being British -- VIDEO


Looks like “paleo-conservative” radio host Alex Jones has finally topped his raving, Charlie Sheen-defending 2011 appearance on The View.

The brains behind infowars.com — tagline: “BECAUSE THERE IS A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND” — visited Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday, ostensibly to have a sensible debate with Morgan about gun control. Morgan has called for stricter gun laws in the wake of last month’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary; Jones, who estimates that he owns more than 50 firearms, has responded to Morgan’s statements by writing a petition to get the CNN host deported. As of this morning, the petition has over 106,000 signatures.

The whole “sensible debate” thing basically went out the window as soon as Jones started talking — about the “megabanks that control the planet” and “brag that they’re going to take our guns as well,” about selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac (which he calls “suicide mass murder pills”), about the “criminal elements of the military industrial complex” that were also behind 9/11 and the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, and about, uh, great white sharks. (It made sense in context. No it didn’t.)


Diamond commercials that make you die inside


With a slew of extra-cheesy/gross jewelry commercials surely right around the corner, I thought it important to determine which have been 2012’s absolute worst — rough diamonds, if you will — so far. I’m ready to propose some. Are you ready to propose? WHY NOT? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, IT’S DECEMBER. Seriously what is wrong with you? READ FULL STORY

Should Electro be the villain in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'?

Along with the news that Shailene Woodley will likely be dying her hair red to play Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — and that she’ll be joined by an as yet unnamed hottie playing Peter Parker’s best friend Harry Osborn — we learned yesterday that director Marc Webb and his fellow collaborators are circling Electro as the sequel’s possible Big Bad.

This isn’t exactly shocking news (pun unfortunately intended). The after-credits sequence for The Amazing Spider-Man featured a man (played by character actor Michael Massee), clad in a black coat, sporting a black fedora, whose presence is presaged by flashes of lightning. In the Spidey comics, Electro, a.k.a. Maxwell “Max” Dillon, is an electrical engineer who becomes able to control electricity after he’s struck by, yup, lightning. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons' does Halloween: What was this year's best 'Treehouse of Horror' segment?

The Simpsons‘s “Treehouse of Horror” episodes stopped actually trying to be scary long ago. These days, the show’s annual Halloween installment is more of a vehicle for all-purpose movie parodies and icky visuals. (Though nothing can compare to the truly disgusting coda of “Nightmare Cafeteria” from “Treehouse of Horror V”; here’s a sped-up version.) That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Late-period Simpsons has a tendency to go broad and ridiculous, and that tone goes down a lot easier when presented in Treehouse’s anthology setting. Plus, hey — as long as you’re laughing, it doesn’t really matter if you’re not also creeped out.

This year’s special presented four quasi-spooky stories, each of which had its moments. But which was the funniest/most memorable/best of all? Here are the candidates:


Why I'm back on board with 'Dexter'...for now

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter
Credit: Randy Tepper

Being a Dexter fan hasn’t been easy lately. The last two seasons of the Showtime serial killer series have been lackluster at best, weighed down by uninspired villains, silly soap opera subplots, and the kind of slooooow pacing that could put Nyquil out of business. Actually, ever since Season 4’s Holy S—! Trinity Killer cliffhanger finale, where Julie Benz’s Rita was — do I even need to say “spoiler alert”? — discovered dead in a bloody bathtub with her infant son, Harrison, nearby, Dexter has been coasting on the awesomeness of that one scene.

'Tales From Beyond The Pale': Vincent D'Onofrio, and more join second season of audio plays

Halloween is creeping up on us like a zombie making its way towards the villain and/or hero’s funny best friend in the third act of a horror movie. And to help whet our appetites for the season of scares, indie film company Glass Eye Pix (The House of the Devil, Wendy And Lucy) has confirmed the details for a series of live events at which its second slate of ghoulish Tales From Beyond The Pale audio plays is set to be taped.


Lady Gaga's perfume ad is just as weird as you'd expect -- VIDEO

Only Lady Gaga could get away with releasing a 30-second “trailer” for an advertisement… followed, one month later, by the full ad, which clocks in at an astonishing five minutes and 30 seconds. That’s 22 seconds longer than her “Bad Romance” video, though not nearly as lengthy as her epic “Telephone” mini-movie.

Anyway: The commercial — er, short film — starts with a title card that simply reads “WARNING” in bright red letters. After that, screaming and Phantom of the Opera-style organ chords lead us into a shot of a giant, golden Gaga statue, which lays in repose before an army of mostly naked dudes.

After that, things sort of go off the rails.

But why read a description of Gaga’s latest foray into video when you could just watch the darn thing yourself? Have at it, little monsters:


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