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'Bachelorette': Will Emily's decision change the way future Bachelors play the game?

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the end of Emily Maynard’s “journey” on The Bachelorette and intend to, stop reading now. If you have, let’s talk about the way she handled the final dates… READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' finale: And Ricki's new step-dad is...

I suppose I should say potential step-dad, right? I mean let’s be honest, Emily and her chosen guy could be breaking up as we speak on the live After the Final Rose, which is airing right now. But for those of you who’ve watched the first two hours of the finale — and SPOILER ALERT, SERIOUSLY DO NOT CLICK THROUGH IF YOU HAVEN’T YET WATCHED — then you know that little Ricki could wind up being driven to her soccer practice by… READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'The Bachelorette' finale, the Olympics begin and more

It’s a big week for Bachelorette and Bachelor fans — with Emily’s final rose ceremony on Sunday and the beginning of the newest season of Bachelor Pad on Monday. And of course, the Olympics kick off this Friday. So what’s on the schedule? Take a look.

Sunday, July 22

The Bachelorette, ABC, 8 p.m.

Will Emily pick Arie or Jef? Tune in to find out.


Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All'


Welcome to my tell-all about the Men Tell All. We are less than one week away from the incredible finale of Emily’s season. If you didn’t catch it the few times I mentioned it during the special, Emily’s finale is this Sunday, July 22! If you just missed that mention then it is my hope that you will see it when I mention it again at the end of this blog. The MTA is always an interesting show but for some reason this season I really wasn’t sure what I was going to get. It didn’t take long to realize it was going to be a good show.

The first thing that became very evident was the crowd’s response to Sean. They went nuts every time I mentioned his name. We started talking a little bit about Kalon and then I brought him down to the hot seat. Either Kalon is just too proud to admit that he was wrong and was incredibly rude and disrespectful, or he really just doesn’t have a clue. I might be leaning towards the latter, unfortunately. The more he talked the more he really didn’t seem to see anything wrong with how he acted towards Emily or the other guys. The best part about Kalon is the more he talked, the deeper he dug his own grave. He just can’t help himself. The guys were more than willing to remind him how he acted and didn’t let him off the hook. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Kalon starting next week as he moves into Bachelor Pad. READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All': 'How many do you think you'll actually sleep with during this whole thing?'

As always, rose lovers, the best part of the Men Tell All special tonight (semi-spoiler alert, if you haven’t yet watched) was the bloopers — including the deadpan brilliance of Mr. Chris Harrison, quoted above. (Emily’s answer was pretty fantastic, too.) As for everything else, we pretty much didn’t learn anything new — Kalon’s still a d-bag, Ryan is still an arrogant a-hole who insists he’s not arrogant (though he did have a pretty good zinger aimed at whiny Chris B.; click here to watch), and they’re still using night-vision sex cameras in the Bachelor Pad “fantasy suite.” We didn’t even get much of a preview for the finale… perhaps because ABC and Team Bachelorette are desperately trying to keep us guessing about whether a proposal even happens. (Give it up, guys. We know what’s what.) Still, it’s nice to see all the guys again, even the ones who didn’t talk on the show and didn’t get a chance to talk tonight (I’m looking at you, Tarzan hair). What about you, rose lovers? Did the MTA answer all of your burning questions about Emily’s “journey”? Will you be tuning in to Bachelor Pad 3 based on the tear-tastic promo? And what did you think of Emily’s straightened hair? (I’m on the fence.) Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over to read Kristen’s full Bachelorette: Men Tell All recap and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes blog), but in the meantime, post your thoughts below!

'I'm not here to make friends': Why reality TV's smartest stars love to be hated

With the news that Willie Hantz, the younger brother of Survivor villain Russell Hantz, will join the cast of Big Brother this season, the birth of a new reality villain dynasty is upon us. Not only is Willie (pictured, right) the spitting image of his brother, but he is shaping his persona within his brother’s mold. He told Zap2It, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win half a million dollars. Whatever it takes. If my mama was on the island with me, or on the show with me, I would vote her out first because she would get sympathy votes.” It’s safe to say that doing “whatever it takes” won’t involve making friends.

Though the Hantz brothers’ penchant for ignominy seems counterintuitive — why would someone would go on a show predicated upon alliances only to alienate everyone around him? — it has become a tried-and-true strategy as reality TV has evolved these past 20 years. EW talked to experts and insiders, from reality-obsessed academics to some of the genre’s most notorious villains to find out why being mean is often the best plan.


Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 9


The last few weeks I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember if we’ve ever had a season with such a tight horse race coming down the stretch. In my opinion we’ve never had a Bachelor or Bachelorette feel so deeply for the final three. This goes a long way in saying what a great job Emily has done in narrowing it down to three great guys and just how solid Sean, Jef and Arie really are.

We headed off to the beautiful little island of Curacao for the final two weeks of the show. One of the great things about this show is that it takes us to places I never would have thought to go myself. Curacao is exactly that kind of place. It’s a beautiful island off the coast of Venezuela with great people and we all truly enjoyed our time there. READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' episode 9: 'I plan on spending every night with you in our own little Fantasy Suite'

I’m sorry, did hell just freeze over? Because if what we just witnessed on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette — SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t yet watched — really happened, I think a bachelor just turned down the Bachelorette’s invitation to the Fantasy Suite. While I’ll admit I haven’t watched every season of The Bachelorette religiously, I’m fairly certain this  is the first time it’s ever happened in eight seasons. (If I’m wrong, I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments.) I gotta say, I was hoping the Fantasy Suite issue wouldn’t even come up tonight — foolish, I know — but I think Emily managed to navigate the unholy Bachelor/Bachelorette tradition and still keep the majority of her dignity intact. Do you agree, rose lovers? Of course, she also had to deliver an emotional gut punch to one guy tonight, and while I’m fine with who went home, I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him. That goodbye was pretty brutal. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over to read Kristen’s full Bachelorette episode 9 recap and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes Bachelorette blog), but in the meantime let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode. How much did you love Arie’s blooper reel? Why do you think Team Bachelorette is trying so hard to make us think Emily doesn’t choose either guy in the finale? And are ponytails ever acceptable in a formal setting? (Speaking of which, if you have style-related questions for Emily, InStyle.com wants to hear them — they’ll be doing a Twitter interview with Miss Maynard next Monday.) Post your thoughts now!

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 8


I hope by now you’ve heard the great news that the finale for this season will be a three-hour event — including the live After the Final Rose special — airing Sunday, July 22nd. The next day, Monday July 23rd will be the premiere of Bachelor Pad 3. We’re in production on Pad right now and it’s amazing. But before we jump too far forward let’s talk about the hometown dates and how Emily is holding up as we head down the home stretch here. After some incredible travel around the world we were all happy to be back in the good ol’ USA. The first stop on the hometown dates was with Chris in Chicago. The minute you saw Chris and Emily together you could tell there was just something a little off about them and their usual chemistry. Is it just me or did Chris’ dad kind of accidentally set his son up for the fall by telling him Emily said she was falling in love with Chris, when it turns out she never really said anything close to that? Chris is twenty-five years young. Now, that’s only a year younger than Emily but they are really in different places in their life. It didn’t really seem in the end that Chris is ready to provide what Emily is looking for, especially when you stack him up against the three other men remaining. READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' episode 8: 'How much faster could it possibly move? I told you I loved you!'

I love it when the guys don’t go quietly, don’t you rose lovers? If you’ve just finished watching tonight’s hometown dates episode — and SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen it yet — you know exactly what I’m talking about. It didn’t come as too much of a surprise to me… what about you? I think my favorite of the hometown dates was Jef’s (guns, toddlers, a log cabin — what’s not to like?), though Arie’s mom (a.k.a. Emily in 30 years) was pretty fantastic, too. One thing that piqued my interest tonight as well were the previews for next week… no mention of the fantasy suite! Do you think Emily might be choosing to forgo this most sordid of Bachelorette traditions? Call me a fool, but I’m daring to dream that she does. Stay tuned for my full TV recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over to Kristen’s full Bachelorette recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive behind the scenes Bachelorette blog), but in the meantime, let me know what you thought of Emily’s hometown adventures. Were you surprised by her final three? One a scale of 1 to 10, how rude was the whole breaking-into-Dutch thing during Arie’s visit? And which do you think is more fun to ride in, a dune buggy or an IndyCar? Post your thoughts now!

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