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Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 4


It’s always great when I get to walk into the mansion and let the guys know that it’s time to pack their bags and hit the road. It’s also fun to see how excited they are when they learn where we’re headed. Our first stop on this trip around the world with Des is Atlantic City, New Jersey. We stayed at the beautiful new Revel hotel.

Brad got the first date this week and it didn’t exactly go well. You could quickly see that he and Des had no connection. Des is big on chemistry, and unfortunately they had none. When you add to all this the fact that he’s a caring dad, Des really felt compelled to let him go as soon as she knew there wasn’t anything serious between them. The only sad part was how many stairs Des made him climb to get to the top of that lighthouse just so she could dump him. In all seriousness, it was obviously the right thing to do, because at this point there are guys here that she does see a possible future with.

The group date this week was near and dear to my heart. The last time I was in Atlantic City was back in 2004 when I hosted the Miss America pageant for the first time. I’m extremely excited the pageant is coming back to where it all began when it airs on Sept. 15 on ABC — and I’ll be hosting again, now for the fifth time. I loved that the reigning Miss America, Mallory Hagen, was able to join us and help out with our first ever The Bachelorette‘s Mr. America pageant. Mallory has been a great ambassador for Miss America and she shared her personality and wicked sense of humor with everybody. I always enjoy when we get to do public dates, but to actually get to host an event like this for a live audience in an Atlantic City showroom was awesome. We had a packed house and the crowd was great.

As for the actual competition, well, let’s just say there are things that will never be erased from my brain. Chris walking out in high heels with hula-hoops around his arms was just one of many bad images. And don’t even get me started on the bathing suit competition. I have to admit I was a little surprised Kasey won the crown. I thought Zak W. might have won with his song; it played well with the crowd and it seemed to impress Des. At the after-party Ben continued to draw Des in while he manages to push the guys further away. Zak W. pulled the guitar out again, which is sometimes a sketchy move, but it worked and he got the rose.

James got the final one-on-one date this week. No, I’m not going to even get into the shots of him eating strawberries while in the bath. Like most of high school, let’s just pretend it didn’t happen and move on. This was easily one of my favorite dates this season. I was so happy that while in New Jersey we were able to shed some light on the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. I’m even more proud of the fact that we promote an organization like the Red Cross that does so much for victims of devastating events like Sandy or the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. I hope all of you will take a minute and go to www.redcross.org/thebachelorette to find out how you can help rebuild the Jersey Shore and Moore, Oklahoma.

It was very cool that not only did we show the destruction, but we also introduced you to an amazing couple, Jan and Manny. Des and James gave them their date and it was beautiful to see how grateful they were for this night. I went over to the Foundation Room at the House of Blues before the date and our art department was so happy to be setting up for a regular couple that would get such a treat out of a fancy night out. There is so much love between these two, and the book of restored pictures from the Red Cross was just priceless. I was also lucky enough to spend some time with the talented Darius Rucker that night. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Darius over the last few years and I can tell you as talented as he is, it doesn’t compare to what a generous, great guy he is. Manny and Jan’s date was such an emotional date, you almost forget about Des and James — but they had an interesting night, too. I’m curious to know what all of you thought about James admitting to Des that he cheated on his college girlfriend. Do you think honesty was really the best policy here? I know Des ended up giving him the rose, but do you think she’ll ever forget what he told her? It will be interesting to see how that affects their relationship in the weeks to come.

The cocktail party and rose ceremony were held in suites at the Revel Hotel. The view from the rose ceremony was stunning as you could see the entire Atlantic City boardwalk. Zack K. was sent home this week and you know what that means? There’s only one Zak now, so Zak W. can officially drop the W and just be good ol’ Zak. As you saw, Atlantic City was just a jumping off point as we now head over to Europe and Munich, Germany. We’ve talked for years about going to Germany and I’m glad we finally did. It’s a beautiful and historic city — but it turns out it’s also a very dramatic place to visit, too. Or maybe these guys just made it that way. Ben will continue to stir things up, but James is really the one who will step into the crosshairs next week with some ill-advised words. These guys are really falling for Des and are very protective of her, and this is going to lead to some explosive confrontations. We’ll see you next week in Munich, and in the meantime you can always reach me via Twitter and Instagram @chrisbharrison.

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'The Bachelorette' episode 4: 'The last thing I want to do is walk across the stage in nothing but a mankini'

I’m sorry, Drew, but you should have thought of that before you signed up to be bride bait on The Bachelorette. Some thoughts about tonight’s episode (mild spoiler alert if you haven’t yet watched): All of the guys look like death warmed over in the morning, Zak really should not pull out that guitar again if he wants to maintain momentum, and Juan Pablo twirls a mean baton. All of the Ben hatred is getting a bit tedious — though we did get a better glimpse of his a-hole attitude toward the guys tonight during the post-group date cocktail party, and it looks like next week Des will finally learn that all the guys want him dead. As for the eliminated bachelors? I can’t say I shed a tear for either one. What about you, rose lovers? Post your thoughts now, and stay tuned for my full recap later tonight. (P.S. — Can we start the Manny and Jan for Bachelor Pad 2014 campaign now?) (UPDATE: Click to read Kristen’s full Bachelorette episode 4 recap and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes Bachelorette blog.)

'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


It’s not turning out to be an easy journey for Desiree Hartsock on ABC’s The Bachelorette. Lucky for her, our EW Pop Culture Personality Test is pretty painless. Watch hers below, and find out which TV show the love of her life will have to enjoy. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 3


Lying, cheating, deceitful pig! Anytime that sentence is uttered you know there’s some drama. We will get to the slick used car salesman that is Brian in just a bit, but first let me say I’m glad this season has officially begun. As of this week, the gloves came off and it is on.

The week began with the group dodgeball date. The day started off innocently enough in a small private little gym where the guys got absolutely pummeled with balls from professional dodge ballers. (Who knew there was such a thing?) Let me tell you, I watched the practice portion of this date and those pros could bring it. The guys were so relieved when I came in and told them they’d be battling each other. That is until I happened to mention it would be a very public display. By the time the guys arrived at the open-air mall there was already a huge crowd gathered. I love these public dates where I get to walk around and visit with our fans. Des and I had a great time spending about a half hour walking around the arena talking and taking pictures with everybody before the guys arrived. The guys probably weren’t as excited about the crowd once they saw the very tight uniforms they had to wear.  READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' episode 3: 'I did throw rocks at you -- because you're a jerk!'

Okay, so maybe throwing rocks isn’t the healthiest way to express to your significant other that he/she has displeased you. But hey, can you blame the poor girl? Her boyfriend went on The Bachelorette without telling her! (Mild spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen tonight’s episode or the 7,381 promos ABC ran for it.) Say what you will about the lying, cheating, deceitful pig — at least his bad behavior added some much-needed drama to a dull season. Though no one expected Brian to make it to the end, it was kind of satisfying to see him escorted out by a burly production dude named Paulie. As for the rest of the evening’s events, Brooks broke a finger, Brandon broke the land-speed record for saying “I’m falling in love with you,” and Ben broke everyone’s trust (again) by stealing Des away from a group date. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click the link to read Kristen’s full Bachelorette episode 3 recap and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes blog), but in the meantime post your thoughts on week three of Des’ “journey” below. Did it convince you to spend 12 bucks to see The Lone Ranger? Maybe if the ticket came with a free Juan Pablo…

'Bachelorette': One viewer gets tweet revenge

Though it’s pretty much irrefutable that Desiree and the suitors’ horrific rap video was the most embarrassing part of last night’s Bachelorette, ABC’s decision to flash live tweets at the bottom of the televised broadcast didn’t sit very well with some fans either. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 2


I hope all of you are about to read this for the right reasons. I also hope that this week none of you decided to take a shot every time you heard that phrase, because if you did, you are not going to have a good Tuesday or probably Wednesday either.

Before I dive into this hip-hop episode I want to answer a couple questions I got from your comments. Somebody asked how the guys spend their days when they’re not with Des on dates. Well, they do what they want around the house — hang out by the pool, work out, sleep or all of the above. Another question was about whether the guys or the girls are cleaner as a group. This is tough because it really depends on the season, but overall it’s surprising to note that the men are cleaner. Maybe it’s not as much of a surprise because the women pack much more stuff, and don’t get me started on the state of the bathroom when the ladies are in the house. There are times when the guys aren’t much better, but ladies you win this battle — or lose it actually. READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' episode 2: 'I just adjusted -- I didn't touch anything!'

I don’t know, Brandon — if you have to say it, wethinks you doth protest too much. If you’ve watched tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette (and mild spoiler alert if you haven’t), you’ve also witnessed perhaps the franchise’s dumbest group date ever (a bunch of white guys — and Will — shoot a “rap video”), which prompted the aforementioned quote from the half-naked, banana-hammocked Brandon. Desiree showed some admirable gumption this week — first by insisting on driving her fancy car rather than letting the guys take the wheel, and later chiding a shy suitor: “Just kiss me already!” This week’s drama, such as it was, came courtesy of Ben — or, more accurately, from all of the other guys hating on Ben — but I can’t quite get behind him as a villain. I get the distinct sense that he’s just kind of smarmy, and Team Bachelorette is frantically editing around him to make him look worse than he is because the season needs a bad guy. (Previous Bachelorette villains were far more entertaining a-holes, like Wes, Bentley, and even Rated-R.) But enough about me; what did you think of week two? Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over for Kristen’s full Bachelorette episode 2 recap and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes blog), and let me know what measures you’re taking to get that God-awful “rap” song “Right Reasons” out of your head. Sheesh.

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' season premiere


Oh, how good it feels to be back. If we had to pick a theme for the first night we would have to have to steal a page from Jeopardy! and go with the category “Names That Begin With ‘M’ or ‘B’.” The season started off a little differently with Desiree; it’s important to know where she came from so you can fully appreciate and understand where this journey will take her. I enjoyed the more casual style of starting out by sitting down to talk with Des at her house. It definitely put her at ease and made her more emotionally available and open. I could tell she was genuinely excited to be the Bachelorette and truly ready to find love.

The arrivals are always just a bit awkward but it seems even more so when it’s the Bachelorette and it’s a bunch of guys piling out of the limos. Guys are just completely out of their comfort zone. Some of the highlights from my perspective that night were, of course, Zak who arrived shirtless and asked Des if she would accept his abs. Despite later stripping down and diving in the pool, Zak got a rose. (It’s worth noting that Des had a tough time figuring out where to put it.) READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' season premiere: 'You're making me feel very uncomfortable'

Well, that makes two of us, Des! But thank goodness someone brought the drama in tonight’s premiere, right rose lovers? I won’t get into too many details (still, spoilers ahead!), but things were a little mellow in Casa Bachelorette tonight. Sure, a guy stripped down to his boxers and another showed up in a full suit of armor, but we had to wait almost until the very end for someone to really bring the crazy — Jonathan, with his misguided Fantasy Suite fixation. That said, I have faith that the remaining guys will start acting more entertainingly ridiculous as the weeks go on. And honestly, I don’t care what Juan Pablo does, as long as he does it with that hot Venezuelan accent. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click to read Kristen’s Bachelorette season premiere recap and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes blog), but in the meantime, rose lovers, what did you think of tonight’s premiere? Who are the early favorites? Why did she give shirtless guy a rose? And is it too early to start the Brody for Bachelor in 2033 campaign? Post your thoughts now!

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