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'The Bachelorette' premiere: 'I'm going to call my parents tomorrow and be like, Yeah, that sucked.'

Don’t worry, rose lovers — it wasn’t Andi calling her parents in tears. Though who could blame her if she had, given that not one of the men thought to emerge from the limo in handcuffs and declare himself a “prisoner of love.” The Bachelorette is an Assistant District Attorney, for Pete’s sake! The possibilities are endless! Instead, though, we got a dude dragging a lamp from the hotel, and another guy who gave Andi a pair of pants so ugly they made Ames’ Nantucket reds look downright fashion-forward. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over to read Kristen’s full Bachelorette season premiere recap and Chris Harrison’s Bachelorette blog), but if you’ve seen the first leg of Andi’s “journey” and simply must discuss the night’s burning questions (Why are there two guys with Tarzan hair? When will Casa Bachelor’s awesome security guard get his own reality show?) post your thoughts now!

'The Bachelorette': What we can expect from Andi Dorfman

Juan Pablo’s time as The Bachelor has finally come to a close, and despite the season’s weird and fairly unsatisfactory ending, it actually provided us with a few solid Bachelorette options. If I’m being honest, my first choice for the next Bachelorette was single mother Renee, aka the most refreshingly normal Bachelor contestant in the show’s history. But after she revealed her current “situation” of happiness during the Women Tell All special, I jumped to my second choice: Andi. That being said, I also would’ve watched a season that followed the adventures of Kelly and Molly, and after last night’s finale, I actually wouldn’t mind watching Clare search for love. (Yes, I said it.) And lastly, Sharleen is just so weird that I’d watch her season as well.

But as we all learned last night, Andi Dorfman is the lucky lady about to embark on her own adventure to find love (and a worthwhile visit to the fantasy suite). Some people love the choice — me — and others hate it. Then there are those who just don’t know what to expect. Here’s how I think Andi’s season will unfold (and why it will be entertaining to watch):

Ali, meet DeAnna: For starters, if I had to compare Andi to previous Bachelorettes, I’d say we can expect something along the lines of a mix between Ali Fedotowsky and DeAnna Pappas. Andi is smart, and she seems to have her feet planted firmly on the ground. Most importantly, she’s also very strong. Honestly, leaving Juan Pablo post-fantasy suite is one of the reasons I like her so much. She knows what she wants, or at least what she doesn’t want, and she’s not hesitant to act on that. I keep thinking back to that time Ali all but chased Jonathan Justin down until he would confront her about having a girlfriend back home. Ali wasn’t taking any crap, and I think Andi will approach this season in the same way.

No more drama (for the most part): From what we’ve seen of Andi’s fun side, she’s got a great sense of humor. What I liked most about her relationship with Juan Pablo early on was how they made fun of each other. And we can also assess her personality from the fact that all the women in the house seemed to love her. The only drama surrounding Andi involved her decision to leave, which was valid.

Papa Dorfman for the win: But let’s not forget the thing that’s going to play a big role in her season: Her father. Confession time? I love Andi’s dad. He was the perfect mix of total softie and tough guy. I cannot wait for Andi to introduce these new fellas to her family.

Andi-isms: Looking back on Juan Pablo’s season, I love that Andi was the girl who brought a one-piece to the house. She’s also the girl who brought Juan Pablo to a shooting range. No matter what, she’s going to be herself, and she genuinely doesn’t seem to be on television for the press — she’s an attorney, for goodness sake.

Horrible dancing: You know that some guy is going to make her dance with him, and we all know how awful (yet charming) that will be.

Honestly, I think Andi is the type of person I would be friends with. I think she’s relatively easygoing, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching her facial expressions when, inevitably, some guy tries to win her over with a cheesy line or a striptease or something.

All in all, I foresee it being a normal, perfectly pleasant season … so long as she doesn’t slowly start offending the entire country with off-camera conversations.

But what do you think of Andi, PopWatchers? Is her season going to be full of drama, much too boring, or somewhere in the middle? Sound off in the comments below!

Throwback Thursday: What's your favorite first kiss in 'Bachelor' history? -- VIDEO

The formula for The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is simple: One person “dates” 25 romantic hopefuls and ideally comes out of it engaged to The One. Pair that formula with the saying “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince(ss),” and you have a reality show full of lip-locks — both pleasant and unpleasant.

In all of our years of Chris Harrison-hosted drama, we have yet to meet a Bachelor or Bachelorette who’s shy in terms of kissing a variety of contestants. But of the many, many kisses we’ve seen, it’s always the first kiss that makes or breaks somebody. And on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo had his first kiss of the season with Claire.

In case you missed it, it was a classic Bachelor scenario. The two were on the first one-on-one date of the season, placed oh-so-carefully in a hot tub. Juan Pablo gave Claire the date rose, to which she pulled him back into the jacuzzi and planted one on him. Do I blame her? Absolutely not. I’m impressed she waited as long as she did — the man had been shirtless for at least 10 minutes at that point. But the important question is how their kiss ranks in the overall scheme of first kisses on the show, to which I say, not great. The whole hot-tub thing felt so predictable and overdone. And to be honest, I wasn’t feeling crazy chemistry between the two of them. In conclusion, it was forgettable. So who wins the award for best first kiss in my book?

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' finale -- part 2


Wow, where do you start with a season and a finale like this? To say we have never seen anything remotely close to this in the eleven years we’ve been doing this show is a gross understatement. It might actually take me a while before I’ll be able to utter those famous words again, “It’s the most dramatic episode… ever.”  To really talk about the ending I need to step back to last week when Brooks gutted Des by saying goodbye and going home. At that moment, for the first time, we really weren’t sure of much of anything.

You see, the crazy thing about this show that’s very different from anything else on TV is that our finale is dictated by the free will and choice of not just one person — the Bachelor or Bachelorette — but also the men or women who make it to the final two. It’s what sets our show apart; it’s what makes it so successful but also what makes it scary as hell for the people behind the scenes. After Brooks left we weren’t sure there would be a “next week” at all. There was a very real chance that Des was done and in turn, so was our season. We really had to sit back and take our lead from Des. Could she bounce back, and would she want to continue? It was all up to her. Thankfully, Des is an incredibly strong and resilient woman. She was somehow (with the help of an amazing host and confidant) able to put the ordeal into perspective and realize that not only had all not been lost, but this was actually a blessing in disguise. READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' finale: 'I want to be your first, I want to be your last'

You guys, that just happened. I’m still all misty and swoony over that ending — yes, spoiler alert if you haven’t yet watched The Bachelorette finale and After the Final Rose — and here we were all thinking it was going to be a major downer. I know what some of you are thinking: Rebound! Contractual obligations! Other producer-driven deception and chicanery! But I don’t buy it. And not because I’m a romantic — trust me, I am the most cynical person you’ll ever meet. It should be pretty clear to anyone with eyes can see that Desiree and [name redacted for spoiler reasons] are clearly far more compatible than Desiree and Brooks ever were. Agree, disagree, or agree to disagree, rose lovers? Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over to read Kristen’s full Bachelorette finale recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelorette blog), and in the meantime post your thoughts on tonight’s epic finale extravaganza below.

PopWatch Planner: Matt Damon fights in 'Elysium,' 'The Bachelorette' finale, The Civil Wars return, and more

Ah, the first full week of August is upon thee! Let’s see what pop culture has in store for us this week. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' finale -- part 1


In the history of this show we have never seen an episode like this. As I lived through this, and as I watched this back, I was trying to think back through the years to compare this situation to something… but there’s nothing. It was strange watching it all happen in an “exotic” episode — which is usually filled with Fantasy Suite talk, loving embraces, and speculation about an eventual proposal.

All of this drama took place on the beautiful island of Antigua. We have never visited this island before but I would definitely go back. The beaches and water were almost as beautiful as the people. But I’ll admit, it was hard to fully appreciate this spectacular island as soon as I heard what was happening with Brooks. When I arrived I got word that Brooks was heading home to visit with his family. All along there have been red flags regarding how he feels about Des. I’m glad we showed the conversation about them trying to come up with terms to describe where they are in their relationship. At the same time Brooks said he was jogging, Des said she was running to the finish line. First of all, when you love somebody at this age you don’t need conjured up “adjectives” (or in this case verbs) to describe your feelings. When you love somebody at this point in your life, you say it like Chris and Drew have done. And if you look at Brooks’ body language and his eyes as Des says she’s running, it really says it all. His look screamed out, “What the…? Oh really?”  READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' finale part 1: 'Worst day of my life!'

Wow. Am I right, rose lovers? Just wow. There’s really no way for me to discuss what just went down in Antigua without revealing some major spoilers, so I’ll just ask, did any of you see that coming? I sure didn’t. While of course there is still a chance that Des’ journey isn’t “over,” as she put it, and that some miracle occurs in part 2 of the finale that allows her to have a happily ever after, but… even if that did happen, it seems like all of the air has been sucked out of the romance balloon for our Bachelorette. I will admit, as someone who does read the “spoiler” sites, it was actually pretty nice to be surprised by this show — it hasn’t happened in a long time. Kudos, Team Bachelorette, for whatever voodoo you did to keep tonight’s events under wraps. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over for Kristen’s full Bachelorette recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive behind-the-scenes Bachelorette blog), and in the meantime let me know your thoughts on what just happened. Are you shocked, mad, sad, elated, giddy — or all of the above? What will happen next week? And this season suddenly just got a whole lot more interesting, didn’t it?

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All'


I’ve said this before about the Men Tell All, but I like to repeat myself, so I’ll say it again. It’s always hard to write a blog about this episode because what you see is pretty what you get. If I think something I write it in this blog, or if I think it while on the show I say it or ask it there. So let me say that again, it’s always hard to write a blog about this episode. See what I did there?

We’ve been breaking into houses and crashing viewing parties for a few years now, and I love it. Des and I had a blast that night we crashed several parties in LA. This show is truly unlike any other on television and our fans are equally as unique. I hear so many stories of these amazing Bachelor watching parties and it’s been a real honor to be able to go out and meet some of “Bachelor Nation” and say thank you.

I was a little surprised at just how contentious the Tell All was. Obviously I was disappointed that Brian chose not to come and face what he had done, but I wasn’t at all surprised that he opted not to. Honestly I would have been shocked if he’d been man enough to show up. That’s just not the kind of man he is. Look at a guy like Jonathan, who was a colossal moron that first night as he repeatedly tried to get Des in the “fantasy suite.” He admitted he was a mess and made a huge mistake and he apologized for it. Wow, what a novel idea — owning up to your mistakes, and offering a sincere apology. That’s just not a Brian kind of move.

Ben took the hot seat and it was really odd. I think the guys may have had a point in being so upset with Ben, but they had a very difficult time articulating that point. I see this quite a bit on the show. People have very different ways of pursuing a man or woman. Ben made it very clear he wasn’t there to make friends and he would go after Des with everything he’s got. Right or wrong, that was his attitude. Is it attractive when you shine a spotlight on it and show everybody how he acts? No, of course not. But is it effective and does it work for him? Yes! So should he apologize for doing exactly what he intended to do when he wasn’t necessarily hurting anybody else? That’s the big question. The rest of the guys obviously took issue with his style and took offense to everything he did. Ben still feels like he did nothing wrong, other than the comments in the limo on the way out. Like so many things on this show it’s a social dilemma that will be debated at length by members of Bachelor Nation.

The James situation was also interesting in that it really wasn’t a black-and-white, right-or-wrong situation. Is there room in this process to have a “bro” or “girl” talk that you wouldn’t necessarily want your significant other to hear? And to take it a step further, were the other guys — namely Kasey and Drew — out of line in running to Des to tell her just because they were offended? One thing is for sure: Mikey got caught in the middle of all this and was thrown under the bus by James and the other guys, and he wasn’t having any of it. I was a little surprised when he got up in Kasey’s face but then again he’s a fiery, proud guy and had had enough. Although they are friends, he was even a little upset at James for backing the bus over him more than a few times. So who’s right and who’s wrong in this situation? I do feel that I asked all the questions that could’ve been asked and I feel everybody got a fair chance to speak their mind and give their version of the truth. My guess is the truth is somewhere in between and that James, in what he thought was a private “bro” moment, said some stuff he probably wouldn’t have said in front of Des. But did it warrant all the drama it caused with the other guys? Maybe not. But once again this will be discussed at thousands of viewing parties around the country and the verdict will be made by all of you.

I loved sitting down with Juan Pablo and really introducing him to all of you. It’s true what I said about him, that nobody has ever been shown less but been talked about so much. Juan Pablo was a house favorite — he’s just one of those guys you can’t dislike. I got to know Juan Pablo as we bonded over our love of soccer. We had a blast knocking it around on the Española pitch in Barcelona. He has a zest for life that is just contagious. He’s obviously a family man first and foremost, as his daughter is everything to him.

Zak was also a great interview but on a very different level. Zak was incredibly open and honest about his experience on the show and his relationship with Des. I really respect just how vulnerable he was. When you listen to a guy like Zak you know that this show is real and sincere. You just can’t make up that kind of emotion. Some people have said Des made a mistake in letting him go. Obviously people are entitled to their opinions, but it wasn’t the fact that Des didn’t’ see these great qualities it was that she didn’t see him as her husband. She didn’t see forever with him.

Easily the most talked about part of the Men Tell All will no doubt be the tease of the dramatic special two-part finale. All I can tell you at this point is nobody will come out of this unscathed. It’s hard to believe that after eleven years we still run into situations we’ve never seen before, but that’s the case here. Des and the other guys will be tested emotionally like never before. So, next Monday night will be the first part of this special finale. Then, Monday August 5th join me for a live three-hour television event that you won’t want to miss. Let the speculation begin!

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'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All': 'I still think he's muy caliente'

Not that I’m complaining, rose lovers, but there was an awful lot of attention paid to Juan Pablo on tonight’s Men Tell All special, don’t you think? Is it possible Team Bachelorette is conspiring to make my dream come true by anointing El Guapo the next Bachelor? I don’t suppose we’ll know the answer to that for awhile, so for now let’s focus on what we do know (mild spoilers ahead): Ben is still an a-hole, Zak is still in love with Des (for the love of God, dude, stop singing!), and Des cries a lot in the upcoming “two-part finale.” Did anyone surprise you tonight, rose lovers? I suppose Jonathan the “fantasy suite” freak did seem slightly less creepy once he apologized, and Dan (I think it was Dan?) sure came out of nowhere with that story about Ben’s baby mama in Vegas. Other than that, it was a fairly standard Tell All, but I could have done without the visit from Ali, the Mesnicks, and Ashley and JP. (If you’re not currently handing out/receiving roses, you are dead to me.) Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over for Kristen’s full Bachelorette: Men Tell All recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelorette blog), but in the meantime post your thoughts about tonight’s Tell All brawl below. Go Juan Pablo!

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