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This week in Sound Bites: Suggestive lines from 'The Bachelor,' 'Celebrity Apprentice' & more

Every week in Sound Bites, EW compiles the best lines uttered in film, television, and pop culture. This week’s quotes include the inevitable “plowing fields” metaphor on The Bachelor, Brandi Glanville’s tendency to overshare on The Celebrity Apprentice, and astute winter-wear observations from Mindy Kaling. Here are this week’s Sound Bites culled from television and social media.


How does 'The Bachelor Australia' compare to the U.S. 'Bachelor'?

Bachelorette Andi Dorfman has ended her quest to find love. Bachelor Juan Pablo wasn’t exactly the kind of guy America could root for. Therefore, it’s understandable that some viewers are looking beyond American borders to find a Bachelor love story worth watching. And as the age-old saying goes: When in doubt, always go down under.

Just last week, The Bachelor Australia launched its second season—featuring Blake Garvey, a very large, very charming man just starting his rose-filled journey. Almost immediately, the show started trending on Twitter, with folks across the globe latching onto the idea of watching tan, accented individuals fall in lust love. Based on America’s sudden interest in both Garvey and the show, we decided to get our hands on the first episode to see what all the fuss was about. Spoiler: The fuss is about sexy people, sexy accents, and a very intriguing (arguably sexy) white rose, plus a few more twists. Such as:


'Bachelor in Paradise' first look: Chris Harrison gets his Mr. Roarke on


It’s a tough job, rose lovers, but someone has to travel to Mexico to help members of the Bachelor “family” continue their weird and objectively gross inbreeding find “love.” And that someone is Mr. Chris Harrison. As you can see here from this first look at Harrison on the job at Bachelor in Paradise, the dress code for facilitating fairy-tale romance in Mexico — where BIP is shooting — is far more relaxed than it is in America. I have so many thoughts. Click the photo for a full-length version and let’s discuss. READ FULL STORY

'Bachelor' stars Juan Pablo and Nikki cover 'People': 'I didn't know Nikki. I want to know more, a lot more'


After a controversial Bachelor season that ended with an even more controversial After the Final Rose show, Juan Pablo and Nikki are finally free to live publicly. And despite Juan Pablo talking about his desire to keep certain things private, the couple did agree to grace the latest cover of People Magazine.

In their interview, Juan Pablo explains, “I don’t feel there’s a need to propose to somebody if I don’t feel 100 percent. I didn’t know Nikki. I want to know more, a lot more.”

As for Nikki, she says, “Had he gotten down on one knee, I absolutely would have said yes. But having a ring on my finger wouldn’t stop us from breaking up. What’s going to keep us together is having a real relationship. I’d rather have him propose when he feels it’s right.”

After reiterating that he’s “not a bad guy,” Juan Pablo says that the couple is taking things one day at a time. “We’re not in a rush.”

And that’s probably a good thing, considering we know what happens when Juan Pablo is in a rush. (Hint: Late-night swims and offensive comments.)

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' finale and 'After the Final Rose'


I have had weeks where I’ve found it difficult to write this blog over the years, but nothing compares to how I feel this week. There is so much emotion involved with this show you have to be careful when you are open and honest, as our friend likes to say, but I also feel it’s important to speak with compassion, fairness and, when you can, perspective and understanding. I tried to apply all of these as I lived through this season and then watched it back on TV with all of you. I want to start off by saying I’m not mad about how the season ended nor am I angry with Juan Pablo.

For some reason I feel that there is some notion that I dislike him, and that’s just not the truth. One of the many things I love about this show is every season is different because every Bachelor or Bachelorette is different. They bring in their own culture, background, issues, and baggage. This show will do many things to you, and one of those things is it will expose you, for better or for worse, and sometimes both. Ask any man or woman who’s been the Bachelor or Bachelorette, and I guarantee they will tell you this show changed them forever and they learned a great deal about themselves in the process. READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelor' finale: 'Whoo! I'm glad I didn't pick her!'

Oh man, rose lovers. I mean, where to begin? So… many… thinks… about Juan Pablo’s “adventure” and his “decision” between the two “ladies”… But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. We’ve still got a whole After the Final Rose to get through, which will no doubt include lots of tears and tension — and, of course, the reveal of the next Bachelorette! (Please let it be Molly….) Stay tuned for my full recap of the finale and ATFR later tonight, but if you’re still reeling from what went down at the Proposal Platform and need a safe space to vent, hit the comments section below.

'Bachelor' fans 14.5x more likely to be interested in divorce

Fans of The Bachelor have more in common than a love of watching attractive people do ridiculous things all in the name of “love.” In fact, those who enjoy watching people date on television are more prone to read about divorce, according to a new study. So, perhaps all of those failed relationships have taken a toll on the viewers after all.

By analyzing online behavior of Bachelor fans, Exponential Interactive has determined that fans of the show are 14.5x more likely to be interested in divorce. Exponential’s Director of Insights Bryan Melmed explains, “When we say they are ‘14.5x more likely to be interested in divorce’, it means that our Bachelor fan is 14.5x more interested in divorce-related topics than the average Internet user across our network.”

By comparing Bachelor fans to average Internet users, Exponential also determined a number of other characteristics for fans of the long-running reality show, including that they are:

9.8x more likely to be interested in romance movies
3.8x more likely to be interested in online dating communities
16.6x more likely to be researching wedding rings
11.4x more interested in seeking an attorney
21.0x more likely to enjoy jet skiing than the average Internet user
14.4x more likely to be knowledgeable about the Olympics
10.5x more likely to purchase sports drinks
9.3x more likely to be avid skiers
8.9x more likely to read about the Super Bowl
7.6x more likely to be into lacrosse
7.8x more likely to surf
7.3x more likely to go sailing
11.8x more likely than the average Internet user to actively stay informed through the news
10.0x more likely to enjoy comedy
9.52x more likely to enjoy musicals

As a rose lover myself, I’d also like to add that we’re approximately 10x more likely to enjoy a good hot tub hangout, and at least 5x more likely to appreciate a fine wine.

So what do you say, fellow Bachelor fans? Shall we purchase a couple of sports drinks, hit the surf, and then end our day with a musical and a call to our attorney?

PopWatch Planner: 'Veronica Mars,' 'Need for Speed' hit theaters, 'The Bachelor' ends, and more


This week is all about the screens, no matter their size. On your small screen, you can enjoy everything from the True Detective finale to the launch of NBC’s newest show, Crisis. And on the big screen, you’ve got a choice between Veronica Mars and Aaron Paul driving a fast car. Or, you can take my awful advice and watch all of the above!

Check out your pop culture schedule for the week below: READ FULL STORY

TV Recaps: 'The Following,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' and 'The Bachelor'

Didn’t get a chance to watch The Following, How I Met Your Mother, or The Bachelor last night? Then catch up with our recaps below!


Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': 'Women Tell All'


This has easily been one of the most intriguing seasons we’ve ever had on this show. Because of this, I’ve really been looking forward to the “Women Tell All” and “After the Final Rose” specials. Most of the time we roll into these specials and deal with a few issues, but it doesn’t often revolve around our actual Bachelor like it did this year. The ladies really didn’t have any major issues with each other this season. It wasn’t about that this time. It was really all about Juan Pablo.

The show started off with a sit-down with Catherine and Sean in their first interview since the wedding. It’s always good to see them, but to see them so happy and madly in love was just out of this world. They absolutely crack me up with how carefree and comfortable they are with everything. It makes my job much easier as I just get to sit back and have fun talking with two friends. When I sit with them, it never feels like an interview but more like a chance to catch up with a beautiful couple. I’m really happy for them and excited for what the future holds. After that, we went to a fun little bit we did with the Muppets to promote their new movie. We have done a few of these with different actors and movies, but it was amazing the amount of people who showed up to the shoot with the Muppets. It was a fun day with all the families and kids showing up to meet Kermit and Miss Piggy. My acting skills can clearly use some work, but it was an absolute blast to shoot a scene alongside these iconic characters.


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