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Join #GetRealEmmys! Restore the Best Reality Host category to the primetime Emmys telecast!

reality-emmy-snubImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC; CBS /LandovReality TV fans are pissed. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced last week its decision to banish the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program category to its  Creative Arts ceremony, effectively banning it from Aug. 29’s Primetime Emmys telecast. ATAS has deigned to allow the merry band of hosts on the Emmys stage before — remember 2008’s awkward opening monologue? — but this year there’s just no time! You see, 2010’s telecast will be live, or as Tom Bergeron would say, “Liiiiiiiiiiiive!” and it needs to end on time because it’ll be replayed right away on the West Coast. And a Bob Hope Humanitarian Award is being given out for the first time in six years. Sorry, most popular shows on television! Awards have to be given out to a whole bunch of TV movies and miniseries that barely anybody watches, and George Clooney’s gonna wear a tux. To which we say… READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race' season finale: And the winner is...

Race fans, we’ve had a long and memorable season. After many centuries of philosophical debate, we learned empirically that Cowboys are better than Detectives. We saw a re-enactment of the trench warfare of World War I. Perhaps more terrifyingly, we saw Brent and Caite re-enact the same fight on five continents. (“You’re dumb!” “You’re dumb!” “You’re a towel!” “No, YOU’RE a towel!”) We saw just how easy it was to lose one coconut. (For want of a coconut, the race was lost…) And now, the 16th race around the world is over, and only one team reigns supreme. (SPOILERS APLENTY after the jump…)


'Amazing Race' winners talk hair gel and college loans!

Just because no one was surprised by the outcome of last night’s Amazing Race finale doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive that couple Meghan Ricky and Cheyne Whitney reached the finish line first. After a night of drinking and a way-too-early Early Show appearance, the winning duo checked in to shed light on their victory, Meghan’s voice, and Cheyne’s hair.

EW: Where did you watch the finale last night?

Meghan: Most of the cast came out to New York so we all met up and got to watch it in a private screening room at a hotel. That was pretty fun to be with the cast again.

Cheyne: And then we stayed out drinking and went to bed about 5 hours ago [6 a.m.]

Meghan: No, we went to bed at 3:30 am and got up for the Early Show 3 hours later.

EW: How was it seeing everyone from the show? Tense?

Cheyne: Not at all. We’re lucky enough that we’re still really close with a lot of the cast. We had gone to visit Sam and Dan and Brian and Ericka.  We’ve seen Zev and Justin, Ron and Marcy. We’ve hung out a lot with everybody. Our cast is really close. Everyone’s really friendly and genuinely enjoys each other’s company.

EW: Were drinks on you last night?

Meghan: Everyone wanted them to be but we said, “Let’s wait until we get our check.”

EW: And did you? READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race' finale: And the winner is...

Thankfully what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas as Meghan & Cheyne, Sam & Dan, and Ericka & Brian raced that last leg to the $1 million prize. No spoilers here (BUT THE MESSAGE BOARDS ARE A DIFFERENT STORY).  Jessica Shaw’s got your full Amazing Race finale recap, but if you’ve landed here, tell us what you thought before you click over to get her take on the big finish.  Could you stand the suspense??! Did your favorite team win?

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'The Amazing Race': Talking with Flight Time and Big Easy

You can mock Nate “Big Easy”  Lofton all you want for not being able to unscramble five letters to spell “Franz” last night. But the truth is we’ll all miss him and Herb “Flight Time” Lang in next week’s season finale. The fan favorite team of Harlem Globetrotters checked in with EW to defend their spelling skills and dish about those dastardly brothers.

EW: First of all, I’m not going to be able to call you Nate and Herb. You’re Flight Time and Big Easy.

Big Easy: We’re known as Flight Time and Big Easy all around the world. We’ve traveled so much. People know us by our nicknames. We used our regular names when we were talking to each other, though.

EW: How did you two get selected from the entire Globetrotters team to compete on Amazing Race?

Flight Time: Last year, in October 2008, [Globetrotters management] came to us with a list of reality shows and asked would we want to be on any of them if we had an opportunity. They pitched them about getting a couple of us on there. Luckily for us, we were the two selected to represent the team. We have a great relationship so we knew we would make a good team.

Big Easy: We went through everything that everyone else did to get on the show. We weren’t just put on the show because we were Nate and Herb. We went through every step. We didn’t get any extra help because of who we are. We had to work just as hard.


'Big Brother' winners Jeff and Jordan on 'The Amazing Race': Can it be true?

There are a couple post-Thanksgiving gifts that would bring a slap-happy grin to my face: stepping on the scale and realizing that I actually lost five pounds, and learning that my two favorite Big Brother contestants were about to participate in The Amazing Race. Some very instinctive fan took a picture of BB 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her boyfriend, Jeff Schroeder, at the Los Angeles International airport recently and posted it on Twitter. Judging by their attire, the couple is either A) gearing up for a very exciting leg of the race or B) looking a little too precious in their matching T-shirts and backpacks. I’m going to assume the former, since Schroeder told EW last month that he and Lloyd wouldn’t be “opposed” to appearing on another CBS competition show. Sadly, CBS wouldn’t comment other than to say that officially, it won’t announce the cast of the show’s next season for a while. But pictures don’t lie … or do they? An insider reminds me that Schroeder did, after all, swipe a Hawaii trip from Russell the Muscle this summer (though apparently, he cashed it in. Thanks, posters!). Could the couple just be heading off to vacay?

What do you think? Does it look like the BB couple is about to extend their 15 minutes and join the Race? Would you tune in to see if Jordo “pops a boob” again (as Jeff so eloquently said to her last summer)?

Photo Credit: Danielle Varey/Twitpic

'Sound Bites': Your favorite TV clip this week?

This week, in an extra-creepy Sound Bites: Michael Scott can’t suit his way out of inadequacy, Castle pays homage to Firefly, Natalie Portman trips out on Top Chef, 30 Rock‘s Jenna spoils the secret behind Lost, and much more. Oh, and everyone gets to dress up for Halloween, even delusional entertainment writers who think half-baked Dancing With the Stars costumes are fabulous. Vote for your favorite featured clip after the jump, or nominate your own in the comments! If you have noms for next week’s show, email me or tweet them to @EWAnnieBarrett. Boo.

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Dubai polar bear: Best 'Amazing Race' clue keeper ever?


One of the upsides to Amazing Race challenges being super-lame lately is that the dramatic pans from the challenge to the “silent local character holding the next clue” have seemed much more hilarious than usual. I can’t stop thinking about the native-to-Dubai polar bear who had to wait around during the Find/Build a Snowman Detour on last night’s show. His startled expression contrasted so beautifully with his immobility and Mt. Tedium’s near-total lack of suspense. Look at his baby blue scarf! Does anyone else have almost too-fond memories of this guy? Or which other international oddities have made an impression on you during Amazing Race? I smell a Colorful Local Characters EW.com photo gallery! (Not really.)

Read more: Josh Wolk’s ‘Amazing Race’ recap: Dubai Bye Bye

'Sound Bites': Your favorite TV quote this week?

This week in Sound Bites: Conan gets a concussion, Glee gets randy, Cougar Town loses sleep,  House forgoes urinals, and SNL survives The Biggest Little F-Bomb in the World. Plus: more! While you watch, I’ll ponder which is more of a novelty: A whispering Duck (from Mad Men) or a Duck Whisperer (from The Amazing Race). If you have no idea what I’m talking about — and especially if you do — press play below.

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “43031344001”, “525”, “470”]

To nominate your favorite Sound Bites  for next week, leave ‘em in the comments section of this post, or @ me (that’s a verb, right? yes) on Twitter (@EWAnnieBarrett). Your pick could appear in next week’s show. What a f—ing honor that would be! Vote for your favorite clip from this week in our Sound Bites poll, after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Réalité' series premiere: Your guide to the week in 'DWTS,' 'Top Model,' 'Idol,' 'Runway,' and Kris Allen!

Because Kathy Ireland and Macy Gray aren’t afraid to respectively liken Dancing With the Stars to a religious experience and virginity loss. Because the girls of the latest cycle of America’s Next Top Model are so tragique that they’re inspiring the disturbingly silent disdain of a nine-year-old girl named Diva Davanna. Because Project Runway truly, badly, deeply needs the return of Nina “Why do I have to see ugly?” Garcia and her patented brand of bitchery. Because Ellen DeGeneres’ addition to the American Idol judges’ panel is making us look to Kara “the Terrible” DioGuardi for hope and inspiration. (Okay, not really.) And especially because Kris Allen remains adorably, harmoniously, subversively awesome — and because he granted us an early-morning interview after premiering his new single, “Live Like We’re Dying,” at New York’s Z100 radio station earlier this week…we now present to you what critics are calling the most important series in the Internet right this very second our new video series Réalité. Press play below, and enjoy! (Bear in mind that we’ve interspersed Idol‘s season 8 champ throughout the duration of our video, because we’re sneaky benches.) And if you’ve got a favorite reality show (or two) that aren’t on our pre-selected roster (So You Think You Can Dance and The Amazing Race will also wind up on Réalité‘s radar in the coming weeks) do share ‘em in the comments section below, or make your demands via Twitter. You can follow me @EWMichaelSlezak. Holla! Hey-ayy! (And if you get that heinous “video unavailable” message, you can also watch our premiere here.)

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