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EW's Bite of the Night for Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night to find the best quotable lines from your favorite shows. It was quite a busy Sunday, as we saw a threefer of quotable goodness from a couple of Housewives and a pair of Amazing Racers. While the reality TV entries were all about modes of transportation, it was Desperate Housewives‘ Renee Perry (Vanessa Williams) who chipped in a catty comment that took the cake… well, not literally. Read on!

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TV Leaderboard: 'The Vampire Diaries' takes the lead again in EW.com reader ratings

With Breaking Bad — and its stranglehold of the EW.com reader rankings — now out of the picture, it should surprise no one that The Vampire Diaries has vaulted back to the top of the pack, thanks to a jam-packed episode that featured Elena getting her Buffy on. Meanwhile, a new addition to the EW recap ranks, ABC’s Happy Endings, makes a happy debut at no. 4. Here are the full standings:  READ FULL STORY

EW's Bite of the Night for Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night find the best quotable lines from your favorite shows. Did the sassy stewardesses of Pan Am take it? The tireless Amazing Racers? The growling, grunting zombies of The Walking Dead? Or those always energetic commentators on Football Night in America? See our pick below!

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TV Leaderboard: 'Breaking Bad' tops again in EW.com reader ratings

As Breaking Bad enters the homestretch for its fourth season, this week’s episode — in which a tragedy forced Jesse to choose sides in the Walt/Gus conflict — was far and away the highest-rated TV show among EW.com readers. Elsewhere, Glee jumped into the top ranks for the first time, thanks to an episode, “Asian F,” widely considered to be one of the show’s very best in a long time. Parks and Recreation continued its unbroken streak of top-tier ratings, while The Vampire Diaries dropped a bit to fifth. Here are the full standings: READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Race' season finale: And the winner is...

For the 18th season of Amazing Race, eleven teams returned seeking redemption after losing their first time around. Of course, only one team could actually attain the sought-after redemption — going into last night’s two-hour season finale, seven teams had lost again, usually for the same reasons why they lost on their first go-round. (Message to Team Goth: Consider taking an orienteering course if you ever come back for a third Race.) In the end, though, one team successfully took home the $1 million prize. Find out this season’s Amazing Race grand champion team after the jump… READ FULL STORY

'Amazing Race' winners talk sheep heads, diabetes, and never getting angry at each other, EVER

Kat-and-NatImage Credit: Bill Inoshita/CBSNat Strand and Kat Chang are two of the most adorably non-dramatic reality show contestants ever. The 17th season of Amazing Race had its fair share of squabbling couples (Nick and Vicki! Chad and Stephanie!) and passive-aggressive travel shenanigans, but the team of doctors made an inspirational portrait of courageous amiability under fire. Throw in the fact that Nat’s a diabetic with a fear of heights, and that vegetarian Kat had to devour a gloriously weird-looking sheep’s head in Norway, and you’re left with only one conclusion: These women deserved to win. (Read the full season finale recap here.) We caught up with the conquering heroines to get some clarification (why’d they fly to Dubai?) and ask the important question: Yeesh, do these women ever get angry?

Entertainment Weekly: Congrats on being the first ever all-woman team to win Amazing Race!
We’re still getting used to the title!
Even if it wasn’t us, we would’ve loved for any of the other girl-girl teams to win. We’re absolutely elated, and very honored, that we’re the lucky team that gets to carry that title.

You two never finished last, but you did have a couple of second-to-last-place legs. What was the low point? READ FULL STORY

'Amazing Race': And the winning team is...

Amazing-Race-17-finaleImage Credit: John P. Filo/CBS(3) Could an all-woman team win The Amazing Race? That was the big question going into tonight’s season finale. On one side: Nat and Kat, a brilliant and classy pair of doctors. On the other: Brook and Claire, twin dynamos of ridiculous energy. Caught in the middle: Jill and Thomas, the divisive (at least among EW.com readers) dating couple who have had a dominating run in the last few legs of the race. Did the ladies succeed? Was history made? Read on for the answer, viewers: READ FULL STORY

Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Katey Sagal? Tamara Taylor? Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Vote!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-5AImage Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX; Adam Taylor/Fox; Williams + HirakawaRound one of our first annual Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year single elimination bracket game continues, and Day 5 gives you the chance to vote for an EW favorite: Sons of Anarchy‘s Katey Sagal. The Emmy voters snubbed her, but you shouldn’t. Of course, she’s facing off against Bones‘ Tamara Taylor, an actress who some Bones‘ fans would argue is even under-appreciated by the show’s writers.

The decisions don’t stop there. You’ve got three more match-ups to ponder. In the music quarter of the bracket, its Killers frontman-turned-solo artist Brandon Flowers versus electronic duo Crystal Castles; in the movies field, it’s Winter’s Bone‘s Jennifer Lawrence (who EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum described as, “the movie’s blooming discovery, a mesmerizing actor with a gaze that’s the opposite of actress-coy”) vs. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who EW’s Owen Gleiberman said is “a born star… like a kewpie-doll Edie Sedgwick”); and in the reality TV competition, it’s The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan versus Wipeout‘s John Henson. (Race wins Emmys, but lord knows those jokes don’t sell themselves.)

Click here to check out our entire bracket of 64 reader-picked competitors, then cast your ballot on Round 1, Day 5’s match-ups after the jump.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-5BImage Credit: Sebastian Mlynarski; Kerry Hayes; John Paul Filo/CBS; Jeff Samaripa/ABC


'The Amazing Race': Never trust the watermelon slingshot

In the short history of fruit-related disaster videos, nothing has yet bested the Fall of the Grape Lady. But this just-tweeted preview video from the new season of The Amazing Race comes close. See, one of the Home Shopping Hosts has to hurl a watermelon at a suit of armor using a giant slingshot, which was actually the national pastime of Medieval France. Unfortunately, the slingshot backfires, and… READ FULL STORY

You pick the 2010 Emmys: Should 'The Amazing Race' win Outstanding Reality-Competition again?

Each day, from now until next Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards telecast, we’ll be posting polls about the major races. Pretend you’re an Emmy voter (or, if the choices strike you as too terrible, go vote in EW.com’s third annual EWwy Awards — our totally edgy alternative Emmys based on readers’ suggestions for who really deserves to win the trophies). Up today: REALITY. Deal with it! READ FULL STORY

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