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'The Amazing Race': Chat live with Phil Keoghan on EW.com during hour two of the season finale at 9:00 p.m. ET

Don’t let any roadblocks, detours, or speed bumps prevent you from being on EW.com tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT because Phil Keoghan himself is going to chat live with you during the second hour of The Amazing Race‘s season finale. He’s going to be adding his live commentary to everything that happens as Rachel & Dave, Vanessa & Ralph, Art & JJ, and Brendon & “Big Brother” Rachel face a Japanese game show and a lifeguard challenge in Hawaii, then race to the finish line of the 20th season.

Expect Vanessa to suggest “surgical enhancements” to “Big Brother” Rachel, Dave to yell at his wife, paranoid Art & JJ to think the other teams are out to get them (they are, guys!), and “Big Brother” Rachel  to have another meltdown. Why wouldn’t she? She has every other week.

Even more importantly, Phil will be taking your questions, so be thinking of what you want to ask. Possible topics for consideration: Are Mark & Bopper as lovable in real life as they are on TV? What’s more fashionable: Azerbaijani oil bathing or Tyrolian beard twirling? Does “Big Brother” Rachel need hair to be pretty? And just who exactly provides Phil’s never-less-than-awesome country-specific attire?

I’ll be starting the chat myself at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT–we’ll be going live simultaneously on the West Coast–then Phil will take over an hour later to close out the season. Consider me his opening act. See you then! Or, as Phil might say, don’t be the last team to arrive.

Click Here to Access Live Chat with Phil Keoghan!

'GCB' gets reality knock-off, now let's turn the tables: Which reality show should go scripted?

Word came down the pipe today (via TMZ) that the producers behind the Gremlin-like Real Housewives franchise are seeking out good Christian… uh… ladies for a reality series based on ABC’s GCB. In the era of reality proliferation, it’s become a go-to to rip off the hard work of TV writers and reproduce their ideas cheaply by training the lens on a coterie of overindulged, under-restrained aspiring singers and actresses. Indeed, it’s exactly how Real Housewives was born: the small-screen version of Athena springing from the head of Zeus, only replace the goddess of wisdom with Vicki Gunvalson and Zeus with Teri Hatcher naked in a bush. But what about turning the tables? Wouldn’t it be exciting to see a reality show milked for all its dramatic potential in the scripted world? Below, I offer up a few suggestions, then you can chip in your own in the comments. READ FULL STORY

Chat live with 'Amazing Race' alums Justin Kanew and Zev Glassenberg tonight; plus, 'Walking Dead,' 'Celeb Apprentice' chats and more!

Tonight, starting at 7:45 p.m. ET/4:45 p.m. PT Amazing Race alums Justin Kanew and Zev Glassenberg will chat live with you on EW.com, take your questions, and add their running commentary to the new episode of the 20th cycle of CBS’s venerable franchise.

Known affectionately to their fans as “Team Zinger” for their repertoire of rimshot-worthy one-liners and off-the-cuff cultural commentary, Justin and Zev first distinguished themselves on Season 15 of The Amazing Race. All seemed well when the duo arrived as Team No. 1 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A pair of motorcycles awaited them as their reward! But then, Zev realized he’d lost his passport, and host Phil Keoghan, being the stickler for travel documents that he is, announced he wouldn’t be able to check them in until they could find it. Zev and Justin searched everywhere, but they couldn’t retrieve it before all the other teams had checked in, leading to their on-the-spot elimination. They later returned for the 18th cycle, titled Unfinished Business, where they placed fourth. Get your questions ready for Justin and Zev, and see you tonight at 7:45!

At the same time, my distinguished colleague Hillary Busis will be hosting her live chat of Once Upon a Time. And then at 9:00 p.m. ET, riff with us about all the boardroom backstabbing on Celebrity Apprentice. I know the hearts of Trekkies everywhere hang heavy this week following the firing of George Takei last Sunday, but, to co-opt The Donald’s own hyperbolic rhetoric, this will be the best…live chat…ever. It’s gonna be a yoooge event. I mean, yoooge.

Also, at 9:00 p.m. we have our live chat of The Walking Dead. Still grieving for poor, achingly self-righteous Dale after he was torn apart by a walker last week? Commiserate with your fellow fans and mourn him together. Consider our live chat Dale’s wake.

With all of our chats we’ll be going a few minutes (or more) after the episode ends, so you can collect your thoughts and share your instant feedback about what you just saw, especially if it was a shocker. You just know that if there’s a three-way brawl between Penn Jillette, Arsenio Hall, and Lou Ferrigno on Celebrity Apprentice you’ll have to weigh in, right? Look forward to chatting with you tonight!

'Big Brother' pair Brenchel to appear on 'The Amazing Race': Are they reality TV's new power couple?

Alert your fiancés: Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are going from the Big Brother madhouse to locations like Germany, Paraguay, and Azerbaijan to compete on 20th season of The Amazing Race. (I wonder if Rachel thinks they’ll have to get there by Porsche. Beep beep vroom.)

In case you’re not familiar with the twosome that is Brenchel, here’s the rundown: Rachel emerged the crafty winner of season 13 of Big Brother and is the wearer of many sparkly tank tops, and he is a UCLA medical student and Rachel’s fiancé. Oh, and they are both totally bonkers. That said, they are both tremendously entertaining to watch (and against all logic, actually root for) unlike, say, the genuinely terrible people who appear on MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. Brenchel may be annoying and cunning, but they aren’t harmful. Well, maybe just to your ears. Or, all of your senses really. Zzzzzzziiiing!

Product placement rankings: last-place NBC is the shilliest network; Fox and ABC tie for second

Welcome to the fold, X Factor! In a list just released by Nielsen, Simon Cowell’s latest endeavor was the only newbie to rank among 2011’s top 10 shows in terms of product placement tie-ins. Then again, it’s no surprise since Cowell’s former stomping grounds American Idol ranked first, with an egregious 577 advertiser-friendly placements over the course of season 10 — and that’s even without Cowell.

Interestingly, Fox wasn’t the most product-laden network. That dubious honor went to NBC, where The Biggest Loser, The Celebrity Apprentice, America’s Got Talent, and even beloved drama Friday Night Lights (the only non-reality show on the list) all found a place in the top 10. Which other shows shamelessly pimped their advertisers’ merch this year? Read on… READ FULL STORY

EW’s Bite of the Night for Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night to find the best one-liners from your favorite shows. Between last week’s Bunny Olympics and last night’s Bodybuilding Posedown, The Amazing Race has been on a decided upswing of late. But how would the competitors respond to the task of slathering their barely clothed teammates with tanning solution during last night’s revealing challenge? Read on…

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TV Leaderboard: 'New Girl' gobble gobbles its way into EW.com reader's hearts

It may have started as one of the fall seasons most divisive new shows, but New Girl firmly grabbed the hearts of EW.com readers this week with its Thanksgiving episode, in which Jess invited prospective mate Paul Gunslinger (Justin Long) over for a turkey dinner partially cooked in a clothing dryer. Elsewhere, How I Met Your Mother‘s ongoing Barney/Robin will-they-or-won’t-they-oh-they-did-but-then-they-ultimately-didn’t plot line kept the show in second place for another week. Check out the full rankings below:  READ FULL STORY

EW's Bite of the Night for Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night to find the best one-liners from your favorite shows. From Wisteria Lane to Denmark, with a pit stop to Chicago in between, it was truly a mixed bag. So how did churning butter, chat shows, and inappropriate Christmas cheer factor into last night’s programs? Read on…

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EW's Bite of the Night for Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night to find the best one-liners from your favorite shows. Despite strong ratings for a second week running, the mythical folks of Once Upon a Time‘s Storybrooke, Maine, are slow out the gate for notable quotables. And if you’re expecting to get more than a “Rawwwwr” from those zombies on The Walking Dead… well… we wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath. Instead, it was the Amazing Racers’ trek to Malawi that netted last night’s most memorable moment. File under: “Just trying to make conversation!”

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