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'Enlightened': Is Amy crazy or am I for not liking her?

I know I’m crazy. We’ll get to that.

Now that Dancing With the Stars is over, I was able to spend a Monday night with the second most illuminating show on television: HBO’s Enlightened. (I dare them to use that in a promo.)

I caught up with the first seven episodes over Thanksgiving weekend and found that my general reactions towards Laura Dern’s protagonist, Amy, often closely resembled those of Amy’s former assistant Krista (Sarah Burns, pictured), who makes the same terrible facial expression (also pictured, apologies) whenever Amy says something that attempts to equalize the two women or at least throw them back on the same side. Which is really crappy of me, because obviously Krista sucks!  READ FULL STORY

NASCAR's Kurt Busch apologizes for eviscerating ESPN race reporter

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch lived up to his last name on Sunday, unloading on Dr. Jerry Punch when the veteran ESPN race reporter attempted to ask him a question after his car limped into the garage during the season-ending Ford 400 in Miami. “Can you get this motherf—– out of my face,” Busch said after Punch tried to ask him what the automotive problem was. When Busch continued his expletives, Punch finally walked away.

Yesterday, Busch and his Penske Racing team officially apologized. “Unfortunately, our result in the season-ending race at Homestead on Sunday was not what we had hoped for as a team,” said Busch, who started the race fourth but finished 34th. “In my frustration with the loss of my transmission early in the race, I let my emotions get the better of me. I regret having done this and apologize to the sponsors of Penske Racing, to NASCAR, its fans, to the media and in particular, Dr. Jerry Punch.”

Watch the foul-mouthed exchange below:


This Week's Cover: Stars' Worst Movies! We list the most embarrassing films A-listers ever made

Like you, we like movie stars. We flock to see their films, cheer when they win Oscars, and memorize their famous lines. But sometimes they forget to return the love, cranking out movies that are so god-awful we’re left slack-jawed, wondering how the hell the things ever got made. We’re not talking about high-profile trainwrecks like Ben Affleck’s Gigli or George Clooney’s Batman & Robin. We’re talking about the under-the-radar pieces of celluloid dreck that, more often than not, limp straight to DVD and quickly vanish into out-of-print oblivion.

For instance, did you know that Johnny Depp once played a horny teen in a sex-romp called Private Resort? Or that Sandra Bullock made sweet jungle love in a cheap adventure called Fire on the Amazon? Or that Brad Pitt played a lovelorn high school jock in a move called Cutting Class? If you did, then we salute you. If not, then boy, are you in for a treat. We went back and unearthed the lamest, most ridiculous films your favorite A-List stars ever appeared in — and we giddily share with you all the hilarious highlights. Such as how Paul Rudd, as a peroxide-blond in Gen-Y Cops, chases a robot through Hong Kong and utters the line, “Roseanne Barr Arnold will be the President of the United States before you two punks see the light of day,” and how Ryan Reynolds’ facial hair changes from scene to scene in a raunchy American Pie knockoff that’s honestly called Coming Soon.

Forget roasting, brining, or deep-frying. This Thanksgiving, we bring you 24 turkeys that are delicious all by themselves.

For the full helping of Stars’ Worst Movies, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

'Love & Hip Hop 2' star Somaya Reece has her very own pants-off dance-off -- VIDEO

Joel McHale, your Clip of the Week may have just been handed to you on a silver platter. (Or, perhaps more fittingly, served to you in a silver Soup bowl.) During last night’s installment of the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop 2, Somaya Reece had a pants party (well, pants-less, really) and everyone was invited when she suffered the dreaded wardrobe malfunction during one of her shows.

Watch the clip below, in which the rapper stands by the old showbiz adage that the show must go on (or, in this case, “Boob out, leg out, whatever, you just gotta keep going”) after the top of her pants came undone during a performance. The moment starts at the 1:44 mark: READ FULL STORY

'South Park' tries to go for laughs with the Penn State scandal -- VIDEO

South Park wasted no time in getting around to the sexual abuse scandal which has shaken the foundation of Penn State to its core. But the questions synonymous with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s button-pushing series — “Too soon?” and “Did they go too far this time?” — will no doubt be asked again after last night’s episode.

The episode, titled “The Poor Kid,” featured (a still alive) Kenny and his siblings being taken out of their parents custody when they got in trouble with the law. (All together now: Simpsons did it!) But South Park dared to cross the line once again and attempted to make the decidedly unfunny Penn State scandal funny by skewering the very people who attempt to make light of the horrific news. In this case, it was the kids’ social worker, a wildly inappropriate jokester named Mr. Adams. READ FULL STORY

Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck battle on 'The View': Watch it in all its uncomfortable glory

You’d be hard-pressed to find two people in entertainment with more conflicting views on politics than Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. So it only made television sense during his visit to The View on Tuesday, that they were positioned as close as uncomfortably possible to one another. In fact, uncomfortable was the key adjective to describe just about every moment of their tense meeting.

Mere moments into his visit, Maher, who stopped by to promote his new book, was halted by Hasselbeck (who didn’t appear on Wednesday’s installment of The View) to discuss a particular joke he made on his HBO show, in which he stated that upon Lara Logan’s return to the U.S. after her sexual assault in Egypt, America would send Hasselbeck in her place. [Update: Hasselbeck tweeted on Wednesday, “Comfronting someone who suggest ( even in jest) that you should be traded and gang raped for another woman IS NOT an ATTACK. #standup #women”]

Hasselbeck, who needled Maher (“Forgive this idiotic Republican for bringing this to your brilliant mind”), told him it wasn’t so much the joke at her expense that bothered her. Rather, she was speaking on behalf of women and that the joke itself wasn’t funny. (Because if there’s anything Hasselbeck cares about, it’s preserving the sanctity of comedy.) At one point, Maher explains he says these sort of things to stand on the edge for the sake of comedy, to which Hasselbeck fired back, “Thanks for being the hero.”

You can relive the interview in all of its painfully awkward, yet undeniably entertaining glory below, in which the two continue to hurl zingers at each other. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother': Is this the end of Robin as we know her? Nay, knew her.

For years that was an easy question for any HIMYM fan to answer. Because, in spite of being from Canada (as Barney once cried, “Why are you guys even a country?”), Robin Scherbatsky (or Robin Sparkles/Robsy Wobsy/Scherbs, if you will) is a loyal friend, a hard worker who has paid her dues, a fun roommate (at least, if you like someone who doesn’t throw empty milk cartons away), and, depending on your feelings on her gun fixation, a damn good shot.

But many fans, myself included, had to re-examine their feelings for Robin after what she did to Barney — and let’s face it, eventually Kevin — last night. READ FULL STORY

Kat Von D alleges Jesse James had 19 mistresses during their relationship. Happy Monday, everyone!

Kat Von D took to her Facebook to write a message to her ex Jesse James, thanking him for his many indiscretions. (To be fair, Hallmark hasn’t exactly made a card for that just yet.)

In a message titled “Thank you, Jesse James,” the former LA Ink star alleges that a 19th woman has stepped forward and claimed to have had an affair with the biker during their courtship last year. “I kept going back and forth in my mind as to what the best way would be for me to release and let go of any residual feelings remaining from that toxic relationship. All of this may sound petty or immature to some, but I assure you this is coming from a place of pure honesty and love,” Von D wrote regarding the latest bombshell.

Speaking of bombshells, the tattoo artist also made a point to remind everyone she’s not Michelle McGee. READ FULL STORY

See Jonathan Lipnicki's hypnotic shirtless pictures: It's like you're photoshopped! (You're not?!)

Hey, what happened to Jonathan Lipnicki, that precocious little glasses-wearing star of Jerry Maguire?, you ask. This. This is what happened to Jonathan Lipnicki. I’d tell you you won’t believe your eyes, but if you’ve already skimmed the pictures of Lipnicki’s workout session, courtesy of Caliendo Photography, they’ve no doubt already popped out of your head in utter disbelief and/or you’ve washed them out with acid.

And here I thought Jack and Jill would be the most surreal thing I’d see today.

Can you believe your eyes either, PopWatchers? We’re certain that it’s the very same Jonathan Lipnicki, correct? Will we ever be able to un-see this? Do you feel just as confused and alone? Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds? Did you know bees and dogs can smell fear? Share in the comments section below.

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13 Child Stars Who Made It

Today in Jon Stewart news: Host chats with Condi Rice about the Iraq War, dubbed a 'racist' by Donald Trump

Today in Who-Can-Play-Nice-With-Jon-Stewart-And-Who-Can’t News, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sat down with The Daily Show host for an in-depth, frank, open discussion on the heated topic that is the Iraq War, while former Owner of Human Hair Donald Trump blasted Stewart for a recent segment about Presidential candidate Herman Cain and declared him a “racist.”

Rice stopped by The Daily Show on Tuesday night to promote her book No Higher Honor, where, in addition to telling a great ice-breaking story about recently deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi (he had a notorious infatuation with her), had a nearly 20-minute conversation with Stewart about the Iraq War. In what could only be described as the rarest jewel in cable news programming (The Daily Show can win all the comedy Emmys it so richly deserves, but it’s also, most definitely, a news show): A level-headed talk between two opposing sides on a topic they’ll never fully reach an agreement on, but can, at the very least, state their case in a civilized manner. Watch all three parts of the fascinating, and yes, at some times, tense, interview below: READ FULL STORY

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