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Topher Grace launches pop culture website Cereal Prize...and 'That '70s Show' animated spin-off? -- VIDEO

If you ask former That ’70s Show star Topher Grace what the best feeling in the world is, chances are, he’ll get quite nostalgic and ask if you, too, remember how excited you used to feel when you were young and still got up early on the weekends so you wouldn’t miss a second of Saturday morning cartoons.

“That is my favorite feeling — being a kid and going downstairs when your parents were still asleep and putting on that TV that’s in the kitchen, and then you’d get a really sugary cereal and just when you’re thinking it couldn’t get any better, this little cereal prize comes out,” Grace told EW.

But while the days of legitimately cool prizes in sugary cereals may be behind us, Grace is hoping his new website, Cereal Prize, will inflict a similar type of excitement for those of you who are just as obsessed with pop culture as he is.

“With [Cereal Prize], I wanted something like that feeling — something that every day is a little bit like a fun prize for people if they’re interested in what I’m interested in.”

So what exactly is Cereal Prize? In a nutshell, it’s a new website that will feature everything from blockbuster movie throwbacks and pop culture novelties, to insider Hollywood tidbits, re-edited movie trailers, funny sketches, and more.

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