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This Week's Cover: Danny McBride grills the Black Keys in our Summer Music Preview issue


We here at Entertainment Weekly like to think of our jobs as highly specialized. (Not just anyone can push that little voice-recorder button while simultaneously asking questions and nodding, wisely, you know.) But when the Black Keys said they wanted to be interviewed by Danny McBride, how could we refuse? After all, the platinum-selling, Grammy awards-collecting rock duo just released their eighth studio album, Turn Blue, and will be dominating festivals and headlining arena shows from Croatia to Cleveland this summer. We asked McBride, 37 — so memorable as egomaniacal pitcher Kenny Powers on HBO’s late, lamented Eastbound & Down and as himself in last year’s star-packed apocalyptic meta-comedy This Is the End — to kick off our Summer Music Preview issue by manning the tiny microphone. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS': A different kind of season finale

NCIS is no stranger to the flashy season finale. Bombs, car crashes, cliffhangers, and the such.

But tonight’s season finale was a taste of something quite different for the show that in years past has proved its ability to shock and stun. READ FULL STORY

'The Originals' recap: Their only Hope

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the season finale of The Originals, stop reading now!

[Disclaimer: Time Warner Cable decided to air baseball in NYC tonight, so I had to watch a live-stream, which means no screenshots and few quotables -- but I refused not to watch live!] READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy': Ranking the show's most memorable exits

Here’s what we know: In two days, Grey’s Anatomy fans will be forced to say goodbye to Cristina Yang. But what we don’t know is exactly how her exit will play out. Will Grey’s pull a George and decide to kill her? Will she simply walk away from the hospital like Erica Hahn did years ago?

Although we can’t answer those questions, we are preparing for Cristina’s exit in other ways. And today, we’ve ranked some of Grey’s Anatomy’s most memorable exits. But before we start talking about what makes an exit “good” or “bad,” let’s clarify something. We ranked these based on three factors: Dramatic impact to the show as a whole, the actual physical exit, and whether said exit was on par with what the character deserved.

Full disclosure: We elected not to include parents of our doctors who only appeared in a few episodes (George’s dad, etc.). And Thatcher? Well, we’re still waiting for the day he comes back.

Here’s how they ranked: READ FULL STORY

Did 'Star-Crossed' deserve a second season? -- POLL

Oh, Star-Crossed. Didn’t we almost have it all? OK, maybe not, but I was almost a passionate viewer, so didn’t we almost have something at all?

From the moment I watched the Star-Crossed pilot, I was semi-hooked on the show. I thought the premise was interesting, and I loved the Fault in Our Stars-meets-Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibe. I felt it was one of those shows that you just had to accept, and then from there, it would be smooth sailing.

But sadly, nothing ever blossomed from that foundation. I watched the show week after week but found myself struggling to really get invested in the characters. Did I want Roman and Emery together? Sure. Did I care about anything Drake was doing? Not really. Everything that was clearly supposed to serve as a big dramatic element just fell flat. There were explosions that made me shrug, secrets that made me yawn, and then there was Zoe, television’s worst villain. READ FULL STORY

'Castle' season finale: Talk about it!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers about Castle‘s season finale. If you haven’t watched, proceed with caution.

We always knew that Beckett and Castle’s road to getting hitched would have, well, a few hitches. A last-minute quickie divorce from a past flame. Venue drama. Maybe some dress drama. But we didn’t expect what actually happened in the final minutes of season 6. (Warning No. 2: Oddly, there’s a Downton Abbey spoiler below, too…) READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Week 9 is liiiiiiiive!

Who’s feeling iconic?

Let’s hope the remaining five couples are, because tonight’s Dancing With the Stars semi-finals competition is American Icons Night. With director/choreographer Kenny Ortega sitting on the judges’ panel, each couple will hit the floor twice, both times dancing to iconic American songs.

One couple will face elimination, and the other four will be off to next week’s finals.

You all know the drill: Talk about the show here while it’s on, and I’ll update this post with the results later tonight. Then afterward, head on over for my full recap.

Update: Charlie White and Sharna Burgess were eliminated from the competition. Check out my full recap here!

PopWatch Planner: Cristina leaves 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Godzilla' takes over theaters, a new Black Keys album, and more

Too many finales, too little time! That seems to be the theme of the week, with eight finales on the agenda in eight days. But don’t think that’s all this week has to offer. Thanks to Godzilla, your summer blockbuster tour can continue. Plus, there’s a new Black Keys album to keep you company in all of your post-finale mood swings.

Here’s what your week looks like:


Will 'Grey's Anatomy' kill Cristina Yang? -- POLL


Grey’s Anatomy fans have known for a while now that season 10 would be Sandra Oh’s last, but it wasn’t until last week’s episode that we realized how she was going to leave. Or at least, we thought we realized how she was going to leave.

After last night’s tear-filled interaction with Owen, I find myself doubting if she can really leave him. But more than anything, the promo for the finale terrifies me. The promo teases: “The goodbye you never expected,” which is either just talking generally about Cristina Yang leaving the show, or perhaps Cristina’s exit isn’t going to be what we expected.

Watch the promo below: READ FULL STORY

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