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MTV's '16 and Pregnant', 'Teen Mom' helped reduce teen birth rate, says study

In 2008, 40 out of every 1,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 gave birth. By 2011, that number had fallen to 31 out of every 1,000. And according to a new study, the recent decline in teen births means we should all be thanking … MTV?

Wellesley economist Phillip B. Levine and University of Maryland economist Melissa S. Kearney recently conducted a study that showed how the decline in the U.S. teen birth rate accelerated between 2008 and 2011, and how shows such as MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom played a crucial role.

For those who haven’t see the shows, each episode of 16 and Pregnant follows a different teen through her pregnancy, childbirth, and first weeks of parenthood. The show’s spinoff, Teen Mom, picks up with a handful of the new mothers and continues following them through their first months, sometimes years, of parenthood.

Levine and Kearney’s study found that the two series led to a 5.7 percent reduction in teen births. Therefore, the shows can account for about one-third of the decline in teen births for the year and a half after the shows were introduced. READ FULL STORY

When reality stars sing: Whose tune is the worst of all?

When reality stars sing, the results can be totally inoffensive (Brooke Hogan’s career) or surprisingly decent (Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” — seriously, it’s like a watered-down “Underneath It All”! In a good way!). More often, though, their songs are auto-tuned nightmares and tone-deaf raps, music that makes you yearn for a sweet shot of Adele to take the pain away.

In that vein, I offer up Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s new single. Is it the worst piece of “music” in recorded history? It’s possible — though Abraham’s got some serious competition from other misguided reality crooners. Let’s survey the candidates, then decide which is the most rotten apple at the very bottom of the barrel:

Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom), “Getting Up from Rock Bottom”
The Lowdown: Knowing that this 21-year-old mother has endured substance abuse, depression, and her boyfriend’s death might make you feel bad about crapping all over her musical venture. But when a song is this dismal, it’s tough to practice the golden rule. Be sure to turn your speakers down before hitting “Play” on the linked SoundCloud file, unless you’d like to suffer from Pounding Eardrum Syndrome.
Worst Lyrics: Vocal effects are applied so thickly that you can’t really understand a word Abraham is yelping. Blessing in disguise?


Most popular baby names: 'Twilight' holds top spot for boys' names, is toppled in the girls category

The Social Security Administration has released its list of 2011’s most popular baby names, and Twilight reigns supreme in the boys’ category as Jacob stays in the top spot for the 13th straight year. Isabella, however, has been ousted in favor of Sophia. A surprise resurgence of nostalgia for The Golden Girls? Probably not. Sophia has been gaining popularity over the last decade as a strong, traditional, ends-in-A name with celebrity cachet (Sophia Loren, Sofia Coppola); as with other things, a little Sofia Vergara likely made all the difference.

Celebrity kids continue to have an impact on naming trends across the board as top spots went once again to Ava (daughter or Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe) and Jayden (a name favored by both Will Smith and Britney Spears). The biggest jump went to Mason, a name that wasn’t even on the leaderboard last year. It appears Kourtney Kardashian’s son has spawned a new generation of little guys since it came out of nowhere to take the number 2 spot. It’s a big win for the Kardashian kwest to konquer the world, though there’s still ground to gain as the more traditional spelling of Chloe once again edged out Khloé with a K. Better luck next year, kids!

Beyond those names, it’s the usual suspects. Aiden and Emma — once boosted by hot sitcoms Sex and the City and Friends — have become established faves. With long-time top-10 inhabitants Emily and Daniel suddenly gaining prominence on Revenge, might Sophia and Jacob have some competition for the 2012 titles? Only time — and the fall TV season — will tell. See the full lists below. READ FULL STORY

Is 'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood ready to quit the series?

From stints in prison to an alleged suicide attempt, MTV’s Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has gained plenty of notoriety since signing up for the docu-drama in 2009. Now, it seems she may be ready to walk away from the — often glaring — spotlight.

According to the Indiana-based The Herald Bulletin, Amber, who spent the holidays behind bars for violating the terms of her probation (which includes a lengthy list of offenses such as failing to submit to drug tests and and not completing anger management courses), told a judge during her court hearing last week that she wanted to part ways with the reality series. “I want to quit, and I will,” she reportedly said, testifying that she felt exploited through her work with the network. READ FULL STORY

Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere: Tricks, Treats and Tantrums

Listen you guys, I’m as surprised as you are that we’ve made it to another season of Teen Mom 2. I mean I figured by now I would have learned to to wean myself off this show, but every time I try it just sucks me back in with all the drama. And yes, there’s STILL a lot of drama, which is really kind of surprising considering that after last season you’d think these girls would have learned to reign it in a little. Ok, that’s not actually fair because SOME of the girls have shown inklings (small as they might be) of maturity, whereas others (JENELLE, JENELLE, JENELLE!) seem to be falling into the same stupid traps over and over again. So, without further adieu let’s catch up with the kids and their kiddos as they prep for Halloween and rate their progress from a scale of 0 to mature. READ FULL STORY

'Teen Mom' season 3 premiere: Did you watch?


Last night, Farrah, Maci, Catelynn, and Amber returned for another season of Teen Mom, the show that made them (semi-)household names — and consistent tabloid fodder. And clearly the notoriety has infiltrated the lives of some more than others. READ FULL STORY

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