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'Twilight' vs. 'Harry Potter': Which clip looked better?

twilight-harry-potterLast night’s MTV Movie Awards brought the premiere of clips from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Watch them below, then tell us which one looked better.

Pros for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:
Taylor Lautner’s wet and/or gelled hair.
Robert Pattinson’s golden eyes.
Wolves that finally look scary when they snarl.
Includes the inevitable winner in next year’s Best Kiss category.
Also includes a shot of Jasper that doesn’t make us giggle. (Always worth noting.)
The action sequence at the end gets the job done.

Pros for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
Daniel Radcliffe’s wet hair.
Daniel Radcliffe’s stubble.
The drama of two friends turning on one another is greater than the drama between vampire and werewolf. (So is the acting.)
Includes the inevitable runner-up in next year’s Best Kiss category.
The voice of Voldemort, which makes Harry fans want to rally behind him.


Epic 'Eclipse' spot: The music might be a little much

eclipse-wolfWatching Summit market The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a new form of entertainment. If memory serves me right, I caught an all-romance TV spot during The Bachelorette premiere. Now, we have the “epic” battle TV spot below. I can’t wait to see how the vampire army/werewolf fight actually comes off on screen. You want to feel like you’re caught in a frenzy of creatures that can rip you apart. But when I watched that airborne vamp and the pouncing wolf this time, I almost giggled. I think it’s because of the music. It’s so dramatic. Like something you’d expect to hear in a trailer for a period Russell Crowe action film. The previous Twilight movies have not earned that right. Do you think the Eclipse action can live up to this music? READ FULL STORY

'Twilight' on 'Oprah': Eight things we learned

twilight-oprahImage Credit: Oprah.comOprah Winfrey’s sit-down with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner finally aired today. Here, a few of the things we learned:

• Human nature says if a Twilight star shows up at your front door, you can hug him without asking; if you meet her in public, you must ask. By far the best segment of the hour was Pattinson going door-to-door to invite Twihards to the Oprah taping. (Watch the video here.) Even though he was jetlagged, he was an amazing sport. He had to knock for a while at the first house because the teens were in the basement. They saw him, screamed, and immediately all plowed into him. They had no idea what to say to him. Then, he went to the door of a birthday girl. “Oh god, they’ve got a dog,” he said as he heard it barking from outside. Reactions here: the teen was stunned into near composure, her mother, not so much. “Ohmygod, he is so hot! He’s so hot!,” she shouted with her arm around him. Finally, he went to the home of a Twifamily. The dad answered the door with an “Oh my god!” But again, the mother was the most vocal, telling him “You’re beautiful.” He posed for a family photo and as he left, said, “That was nice. I kind of wanted to stay there and have dinner.” Lautner’s outing was to a sorority house that’s so obsessed with Twilight that they have a “Twilight room.” Watching the footage (catch it here), Oprah admitted she was concerned about sending Taylor in there — they might’ve ripped his shirt off. Thank god they were sober. There was screaming, and automatic hugging, but again, it seemed as though they really didn’t have much to say to him. At least from what we saw. Stewart’s superfan was a 15-year-old from the Caribbean who loves Bella because she doesn’t change herself to fit in. (Except for becoming a vampire!) She got to meet Stewart onstage, and asked if she could hug her. They posed for a photo, and Stewart gave her a ring she wears in the film. READ FULL STORY

'Eclipse' tickets go on sale at midnight Thursday

twilight-eclipseImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchTickets for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will go on sale at midnight Thursday on Fandango and MovieTickets.com, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The timing coincides with the May 13 airing of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner’s sitdown with Oprah Winfrey. The third film in the franchise has a lot to live up to: In November 2009, the second movie, New Moon, set all kinds of advance-ticketing records for the online outlets, selling out more theaters pre-release than The Dark Knight and movies from both the Harry Potter and Star Wars franchises for Fandango, and becoming MovieTicket.com’s No. 1 advance ticket seller of all time, breaking a nearly five-year-old record set by Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith.

Does Eclipse have that kind of traction? Let’s see…

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Poll: Most anticipated abs of summer 2010?

jake-gyllenhaalImage Credit: Simon Earl/Gorilla Pics/Splash NewsIt’s Friday. Don’t judge us. Just vote after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Eclipse' trailer: The vampire army brings the action

Summit definitely saved the best for last when it came to the Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailers. Oprah Winfrey has the newest reveal on her show today. (Watch it below.) Thoughts:

• It’s definitely the most action-packed trailer we’ve ever seen for a Twilight film and, possibly, the first one that could get boyfriends to believe that the third film isn’t just about the love triangle. Pass this link around, ladies.

• Scary people/creatures emerging from the water is always cool, no matter how many times you’ve seen it before. Victoria’s young vampire army is no exception.

• Look at Jasper getting a close-up? And for once, we’re not laughing at the face he makes.

• The tree skipping shots better look better on the big screen.

• Did Carlisle always have that much of an accent?

• Slo-mo wolf attack! How much of the mauling do you actually want to see?

• Only one shirtless shot of Taylor Lautner. I like the restraint. READ FULL STORY

Stretch Armstrong movie gets a director and a writer. Ah, sweet nostalgia.

As EW reported earlier today, Universal’s Stretch Armstrong project has gotten itself a (re)-writer and a director. The team of Nick Stoller and Rob Letterman, who worked together on the upcoming Gulliver’s Travels, will be taking on the screenplay written by Steve Oedekerk. And as we all know by now, the iconic Hasbro toy (introduced in 1976) will be played by none other than Taylor Lautner (introduced in 1992). Lautner, a.k.a. the face that launched a thousand restraining orders, picked this project as one of his first post-Twilight ventures.

Strangely enough, I do have something vested in this project. Stretch Armstrong played an important role in my life, which is why I’m probably one of the only people in the world who reacted to news of a movie based on him with something other than “Um, okay?” You see, Stretch was the toy that officially killed my sense of wonder as a child. After a whole lot of cajoling, begging, and adorable death threats, my parents finally caved in and bought the 7-year-old me the elastic action figure. Literally hours later, desperate to satisfy my curiosity as to what magical components made Stretch so stretchy, I took a pair of scissors to the intrepid hero. A viscous goo seeped out while Stretch, mortally wounded, stared at me accusingly, and I felt something snap inside me as the last of my childhood innocence broke irrevocably.

Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I was a dramatic child. I once held a funeral for a twisted Slinky. Anyone else out there have any opinions on making a ’70s novelty toy into a full-blown movie? Any suggestions for other ones? Like maybe a sci-fi flick with a HAL-like Lite Brite, or an inspirational sports movie starring a Weeble as an underdog boxer who just won’t fall down?

Taylor Lautner gets a love interest: Lily Collins

lily-collinsImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosLily Collins, who played the daughter of Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) in the The Blind Side and is the real-life spawn of Phil Collins, has been cast opposite Taylor Lautner in the John Singleton-directed thriller Abduction. According to Deadline New York, she’ll play Lautner’s girlfriend, who goes on the run with him after he discovers his own picture on a missing persons site and reaches out to his real parents. The movie — described as a Bourne Identity for teens — will shoot in Pittsburgh this summer. So get ready for paparazzi, Steel City!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen The Blind Side, but I remember liking her. What else do we know about the 21-year-old: She’s worked as a news and entertainment correspondent for Nickelodeon, is a fashionista who you’ll frequently find on teenvogue.com, and went red for her role as Lucy in the 2011 comic book adaptation Priest, which stars Paul Bettany, Stephen Moyer, and Lautner’s Twilight buddy Cam Gigandet. Do you approve?

'Eclipse': New stills. More worried looks.

twilight-eclipse-cullensImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchThree new images have been released from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The first is of members of the denim-clad Cullens. It’s so fitting that Jasper is in the back, isn’t it? Though even at that distance, his hair is still annoying. What do we think about Alice’s lighter jeans? Controversial! After the jump, shots of Bella and Jacob (arms covered) and Bella, Edward, and Jacob (arms exposed). We forget: Does anyone smile in Eclipse? Ever? READ FULL STORY

'Eclipse' poster: Definitely darker

ECLIPSE-onesheetThe one-sheet for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been released. Gone are the golden earth tones of New Moon, in are the blacks and grays of the darker third film, so serious Edward’s hair is flat and Jacob’s biceps are covered. “It all begins…with a choice,” the tagline reads. It’s Bella’s decision — the vampire or the werewolf — which explains why she’s front-and-center. I say well done, even if it looks like Edward isn’t quite looking at us. You?

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