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First look at the poster for Broadway's 'Picnic' with 'Lost' star Maggie Grace and Sebastian Stan -- EXCLUSIVE


Maggie Grace and Sebastian Stan get close — Nicholas Sparks-movie close — in the brand-new poster for the Broadway-bound revival of Picnic, William Inge’s 1953 Pulitzer-winning drama about steamy passions in the mid-20th-century American heartland. Stan, a Gossip Girl alum who appeared in Captain America and last summer’s USA miniseries Political Animals, plays a handsome young drifter who crashes a Labor Day picnic in a small town — and catches the attention of the beautiful but innocent Madge Owens (played by Grace, a Lost alum who most recently reprised her role as Liam Neeson’s daughter in Taken 2). The limited-run play, directed by Sam Gold, begins previews Dec. 14 before a Jan. 13 opening at Roundabout’s American Airlines Theatre.

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Is 'Taken 2' better than the first? 15 sequels that topped the originals

Taken 2 certainly had a great second weekend, but is it good enough to join the ranks of sequels that prove that sometimes, the second time truly is the charm? From Frankenstein’s betrothed to the Caped Crusader of Gotham City, here are 15 motion pictures that definitely make the cut:  READ FULL STORY

Predicting the future of the 'Taken' series and its unfortunate family vacations


Liam Neeson’s late-career transformation from Oskar Schindler to Charles Bronson continues with this weekend’s release of Taken 2, in which Neeson’s former CIA operative tries to go on a family vacation to Istanbul and gets kidnapped along with his ex-wife. Not only that, but they’ve been nabbed by relatives of the bad guys Neeson killed in the first movie when his daughter was kidnapped while she was on vacation. Clearly, this family has some awful luck on holiday, and if the sequel’s strong predicted box office showing this weekend is any indication, there may be more to come. Here are a few potential not-so-different directions for the series to go.

Taken 3 – Liam Neeson returns as a man who just wants to take his family on one trip abroad without someone getting kidnapped. This time he takes his wife (they’ve remarried), daughter, and their small cocker spaniel Buttercup to Rio de Janeiro for a week of fun in the sun. But when an international syndicate of dog smugglers snatches Buttercup from their hotel room, it’s up to Neeson to blast his way through the favelas and track down whoever’s responsible. Tagline: “They just stole the wrong man’s best friend.”

Taken 4 a Ride – After a son he never knew he had suddenly appears on his doorstep, Neeson decides he’s taking everyone to Disneyland to celebrate the family’s latest addition. But when the son is abducted by a radical group of Quebec separatists dressed as Disney mascots, it’s up to Neeson to blast his way through the Magic Kingdom and track down whoever’s responsible. Tagline: “The Happiest Place On Earth…to die.”

Taken 5ive - Neeson is hoping to take a nice, quiet trip to Islamabad with his 90-year-old grandmother until his family finally manages to convince him to just stay home already. But when a highly trained faction of the homeowner association interrupts their staycation to kidnap everyone he loves and hide them somewhere else in the house, it’s up to Neeson yet again to blast his way through the living room and track down whoever’s responsible. Tagline: “Home is where the hurt is.”

Of course, Taken 6: Double Take will eventually move the series away from its action thriller roots and toward the comedy genre by casting Neeson as his own twin, who accidentally gets kidnapped in place of his brother. I can’t wait.

Liam Neeson swears on 'SportsCenter'

Liam Neeson’s making the rounds to promote his new movie, Taken 2. So, naturally, he stopped by ESPN’s SportsCenter.

During the broadcast, when Mike Hill informs him that they’re live, Neeson responds, “Oh sh–“. From there the interview, somehow, only gets worse, as Hill peppers the Northern Ireland native with analysis questions about the Jets-49ers game he attended. But it’s all “ancient Arabic” to the movie star, and their repartee devolves to vague praise of the NFL’s athleticism. Enlightened commentary, this is not. Awkward and hilarious, it most certainly is. Watch it below.


Liam Neeson takes his clothes off on 'Ellen' -- VIDEO

Liam Neeson’s recent string of middle-aged kick-ass roles suit him to a tee, but, as the actor proved yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he could just as convincingly play a stripper in the Magic Mike sequel.

Neeson disrobed down to his tiny hot-pink panties to help DeGeneres raise money for breast cancer research. It gets better. DeGeneres and a very excited audience member successfully hit a target, triggering a barrel full of water to splash down on Neeson, whose Taken 2 hits theaters this weekend. He could easily pass for British Olympic diver Tom Daley’s rugged dad!

Here’s the video below: READ FULL STORY

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