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Broadway's 'Rocky': Go behind the scenes of the climactic fight scene -- EXCLUSIVE

Much like the pugilist champ at its center, Rocky is proving a power player on Broadway. Its numbers keep going up, and more and more people are becoming ringside fans of the Philly palooka Rocky Balboa (Andy Karl) and his shy, pet-store employee girlfriend-in-waiting Adrian (Margo Seibert) all over again, after the great successes of Sylvester Stallone and company in the Oscar-winning 1976 movie. (Stallone is a book writer on this show, and could very likely be a Tony nominee this coming Tuesday, along with several others involved.)

But the ringside mention earlier is nothing short of completely literal, as director Alex Timbers (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) and scenic designer Christopher Barreca devised a regulation-size boxing ring for the 15-minute, climactic bout between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed (Terence Archie), in which a sizable portion of the orchestra patrons are (quite ingeniously) repurposed so that the ring may become a four-sided, true-to-life event for the audience. What results is one of the most eye-popping bits of stagecraft ever created, with no shortage of fun details (check out all that blood!).

In the exclusive three-minute feature below, watch as director Timbers and his fearless cast and crew explain how they went about making what seemed impossible in concept to a fully-realized reality for 1,500 attendees per evening. (And they managed to do it with far less event than another recent mega-musical, as well.) READ FULL STORY

A purely scientific attempt to solve the Sylvester Stallone vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger debate

Escape Plan is the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have headlined a movie together. Asterisk 1: Schwarzenegger was one of Stallone’s weekend-cameo all-stars in the first two Expendables films. Asterisk 2: The two men already headlined a movie together. That movie was America, and the running time was the 1980s. The longtime rivals-turned-business partners-turned-surgery buddies rode astride the action genre’s glory days. They were the defining Hollywood duo, more popular — and more easily reduced to cliché — than contemporaries like Bruce Willis or Kurt Russell or Mel Gibson.

And yet, the question of who was the better beefcake has only gotten more complicated in the ensuing decades, as the vagaries of post-golden-age fame have constantly redefined our understanding of the Schwarzenegger/Stallone divide. In an attempt to map the current state of the great ’80s-action-guy debate, we have separated their twin careers into their component parts and scientifically declared a winner. The results may surprise you!

New York Comic-Con preview: 'The Walking Dead,' 'SHIELD,' 'Oldboy,' and more

New York Comic-Con looks set to have its biggest year yet, with a slate heavy on popular TV shows and celebrity appearances. Based in Manhattan’s Javits Center, NYCC has grown in importance over the last few years. Although it can’t compete with the San Diego Comic-Con for pure breadth of buzz, NYCC has developed its own distinctive personality in the last few years. (It’s also gotten a big boost from a certain mega-popular zombie show whose Halloween-season start dates match up perfectly with NYCC’s early-October berth.) If you’re going to NYCC, here are the hot-ticket events; if you’re just playing along at home, consider this a possible sneak peek at the next few days of Twitter trending topics. (Note: You can watch some of the cultier/non-Walking Dead events on the NYCC live stream.)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Saturday, 5:00 PM): The only announced speaker at the panel for ABC’s hit Avengers spinoff is Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb, but this is Marvel, so expect at least one surprise. Since the panel runs an hour and fifteen minutes, that “surprise” might be a full episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. If questioned, expect Loeb to no-comment confirm the possibility of an Agent Carter series. READ FULL STORY

Meet the stars of Broadway's new 'Rocky' musical -- EXCLUSIVE


Yo, Adrian! We got an exclusive! Meet the leading actors taking center stage (or should it be ring?) in the upcoming Broadway premiere of the new Lynn Ahrens/Stephen Flaherty/Thomas Meehan musicalization of the feel-good Oscar winner Rocky, which made Sylvester Stallone a megastar. Andy Karl, fresh off a choice supporting role in The Mystery of Edwin Drood last season, takes on moviedom’s favorite meat-punchin’, Philadelphia Museum of Art step-runnin’ turtle lover, and newcomer Margo Seibert will play Mr. Balboa’s painfully shy love interest, Adrian. The production is directed by wunderkind Alex Timbers (fresh off EW’s New Hollywood list), so expect some flights of fancy near your ringside seats, on a regulation-size boxing arena, no less. And given that the combined past credits for the creators of this musical include The Producers, Hairspray, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Ragtime, and Here Lies Love, it looks to be one of the knockouts of the 2013-14 theater season to be sure.

Rocky will begin previews at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway on Feb. 11. For information on tickets, visit the show’s official website.

Opinion: Bruce Willis 'greedy and lazy' after 'Expendables' exit? Not so much, Sylvester Stallone


That’s what Sylvester Stallone tweeted on Tuesday, just after he announced that Harrison Ford was joining his Expendables team for their next adventure, filling the action-icon void left by his onetime Planet Hollywood pal, Bruce Willis. It was impossible not to assume that Stallone was aiming his broadside at Willis, especially when The Hollywood Reporter cited “sources with knowledge of the situation” that claimed that Willis was replaced after he’d demanded $4 million for just four days of filming in Bulgaria.

'Rocky' joins list of musicals based on famous movies. Good idea?


You know what Broadway isn’t missing? Another musical based on a movie.

But it seems, asked for or not, the Great White Way will be getting yet another show based originally on a hit movie. Over the weekend, news broke that plans were in the works to adapt Rocky, based on the 1976 Sylvester Stallone-starring boxer classic. The cast hasn’t been announced, but the show had a well-received world premiere last fall in Germany (hopefully containing a dance at some point in the show to “Eye of the Tiger”). Some may remain skeptical, but the creative team, particularly director Alex Timbers (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Peter and the Starcatcher), is promising and known for bringing an offbeat sensibility to the material (Exhibit A: this preview video from Jackson). READ FULL STORY

'Rocky' musical headed to Broadway in February 2014

When Talia Shire’s Adrian asked her boxer beau why he fought in 1976’s Rocky, Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa memorably replied, “Because I can’t sing or dance.” Well, now he can.

Producers today confirmed plans to bring a big-budget musical version of the Oscar-winning movie to Broadway in 2014. The show, conceived by Stallone himself (who earned an Oscar nomination for the screenplay in addition to starring in the film and five sequels), had a well-received world premiere last fall in Hamburg, Germany. READ FULL STORY

Sylvester Stallone asks: What about Mel Gibson directing 'Expendables 3'?

Late-blooming fan-fiction auteur Sylvester Stallone, on the verge of finishing his latest mash-up crossovers Tango & Terminator and Rocky vs. Raging Bull, is finally getting back to his crossover mega-franchise The Expendables (which is itself sort of the Crisis on Infinite Earths of old things). Stallone has spent the last month free-associating about The Expendables 3 on his Twitter account, promising mountains of surprises and more humor, saying in no uncertain terms that Steven Seagal will not be involved but that Jackie Chan has a spot saved on the roster, and also putting out a casual casting call for a “tech wizard,” a “super brains,” and “a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny, tough, REAL.” READ FULL STORY

The movie action hero after Sandy Hook: Is it time for a 'Bullet To The Head'?

Remember the good old days when people could enjoy watching an action hero who shoots a lot of people without feeling like they were contributing to the ruin of society? Sylvester Stallone sure hopes so. The well-preserved Rocky and Rambo star, now 66, is back in theaters this week with Bullet To The Head, his first solo vehicle since The Expendables franchise (made in collaboration with his grumpy frat pack bash brothers) Viagra’d his brand of brawn. Stallone’s latest feature, directed by the venerable action maestro Walter Hill (The Warriors; 48 Hours), seems poured from the mold that he helped forge back in the day with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. In fact, the one-time Planet Hollywood power trio is trying to muster a resurgence this year that resembles their shoot ‘em up heyday, albeit with more gray hairs (or no hair) and additional wrinkles (or conspicuously fewer). Bullet To The Head follows Schwarzenegger’s post-Governator comeback bid, The Last Stand, and ahead of A Good Day To Die Hard, Willis’ fifth stint as insurance nightmare John “I can’t believe this is happening to me AGAIN!” McLane. (The Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike also has the sequel to RED – about a secret society of retired CIA agents – later this year.)


Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro will box once again. What are your favorite repeat performances?

Deja vu?

Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are headed back into the ring. They will both once again play a boxer, this time in Grudge Match, EW has confirmed with Warner Bros.  The news was first reported by Deadline.

Stallone is of course famous for Rocky and De Niro tackled the role of Jake LaMotta in 1980’s Raging Bull. That got us thinking about other actors – who have an iconic, everyone-knows-it role – that go back to a similar part years later (not in official sequels). We’re not talking about actors that just play the same role in every movie. Rather, thespians who have taken on many different roles but return to a famous one.


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