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Matt Lauer and Al Roker to appear in 'Sharknado 2' -- VIDEO

When Sharknado premiered last summer, you either wrote off the concept of a Great White-infested hurricane terrorizing Los Angeles as silly, or fully embraced the horror-schlock of a Syfy film about flying sharks starring Tara Reid and a chainsaw-wielding Ian Ziering. Matt Lauer and Al Roker, apparently, fall into the latter category.

The Today hosts will appear in Sharknado 2: The Second One, set to premiere July 31 on Syfy. On Wednesday’s episode of the morning show, Lauer announced he and the NBC weatherman had just filmed their cameos for the sequel in Studio 1A. He shared a sneak peek of the footage, which will not disappoint fans of the original film: Roker delivers the line, “Think of it this way: This is a twister…with teeth,” while Lauer can be seen impaling a green pillow — which one can assume will turn into a shark in post-production — with an umbrella. Watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

A(nother) perfect storm: What we learned on the set of 'Sharknado 2: The Second One'

This is how your cheapo monster movie sausage gets made:

1. First, there’s the calm before the sharks. Actors and extras take their places. Someone calls quiet on the set. Everyone is silent, still but hyper-aware, their muscles coiled like those of a Great White about to strike. Or something.

2. Suddenly, a crew member bellows that sound is rolling, then yells out, “ACTION!”

3. Chaos. Grown men and women are shrieking in terror. Crowds are surging toward all available exits. Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath jerks his head violently in every direction until finally making a dramatic dive onto the ground. Why? Because an enormous, toothy shark has just wedged itself into the Citi Field rotunda’s 9-foot “42” sculpture, built to honor former Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson.

Well, sort of. This might be a good time to mention that the beast — like all the others attacking the home of the New York Mets — is totally invisible. READ FULL STORY

'Helix' premiere: A way-too-early attempt to predict where Syfy's new horror series is going

Syfy has trended silly the last few years, with a programming slate filled with light-hearted semi-procedurals. 2009 was Year Zero: Battlestar Galactica ended four seasons of critical acclaim and low ratings; Warehouse 13 began five seasons of good ratings and zero acclaim; the channel changed its name to Syfy, which still looks like a word somebody wrote on the whiteboard as a joke. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong about the rebranding: At its best, the channel suggests the USA Network with more greenscreen and more semi-repressed Canadian accents. Like, lots of people like Haven. I haven’t met them, but I still believe they exist. READ FULL STORY

'Sharknado' is whirling into movie theaters for one night only -- Will you go?

Just when you thought it was safe to go, well, anywhere, Regal Entertainment Group has announced that there’s a theatrical storm a’brewin’ — and it’s filled with vicious, man-eating members of the aquatic clade Selachimorpha.

By that, of course, I mean this: Sharknado is coming to theaters!

On August 2, Regal will host midnight showings of the greatest film of our time at about 200 cinemas across the country — check here to find one near you. The company clearly expects these to be like showings of The Room, only with more chainsaws: “You know how audiences have had fun with Rocky Horror Picture Show over the years,” said Chris Sylvia, Regal Entertainment Group’s director of digital marketing, in a statement. “If the internet reactions to this film are any indication, then our moviegoers are primed and ready to enjoy ‘Sharknado’ larger than life in cinemas.”

Here’s the thing, though — while Sharknado sunk its teeth into social media users after airing on Syfy July 11, its ratings were more Dwarf Lanternshark than Great White. Even though everyone was tweeting about it, only 1.4 million people watched the movie itself — giving it a smaller audience than previous Syfy creature features like 2010′s Sharktopus (2.5 million viewers), 2011′s Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid (2.4 million) and last year’s Piranhaconda (1.8 million).

Does this mean that Regal is vastly overestimating Sharknado‘s appeal — especially since its buzz peaked weeks ago?


'Sharknado' stirs up the perfect storm of online buzz

The official poster for the most recent Syfy original movie proclaims, “SHARKNADO. ENOUGH SAID!” But the Internet sure had a lot more to say about the TV movie, which premiered Thursday night and stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering battling sharks swept up in a tornado headed straight for Los Angeles. The perfect storm of sharks, disaster porn, and C-list actors struck a chord with viewers, eliciting a tempest of tweets, a gale of GIFs, and even a drizzle of daytime news coverage.

During its TV run, #sharknado and #TaraReid made waves on Twitter. Reid and Ziering promoted the program via the social-media site, with the American Pie actress boasting that Sharknado may even be better than the Samuel L. Jackson action thriller Snakes on a Plane and the 90210 alum live-tweeting the Syfy movie event. At its peak, #sharknado registered about 5,000 tweets per minute, which comes to about 83 tweets per second. Check out all the vital stats below:

'Sharknado': Another Syfy disaster film gone horribly right

We’ve I’ve seen it all—Dinoshark, SharktopusMega Shark Versus Crocosaurus, Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus. But to all Syfy television leeches’ delights, The Asylum managed to plug new variables into its inexplicably successful science-fiction-monster-attack formula. Thursday’s premiere was simply disaster times three: a natural disaster, an oceanic creature capable of disaster, and a Hollywood disaster (but you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts, Tara Reid).


PopWatch Planner: '42' opens, plus music from Paramore and the ACM Awards

The weather is warming up, the brown things are turning green, and it’s time to watch some baseball. Or, if stadiums aren’t your thing, watch some baseball in a dark theater on a giant screen. Advance word on the Jackie Robinson flick 42 is quiet, though the First Family loves it.

The buzz on 42 – plus other things the White House has yet to approve for your week — below.


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