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'Supernatural' recap: Yodas and Jedi

Sam and Dean experienced quite the shock at the start of Supernatural last night: Their grandpa came out of the closet! Literally. (This is Supernatural, not a soap, folks.)

Yes, Grandpa Henry Winchester made his grand debut, traveling all the way from 1958 to help the boys keep a very important key out of some very bad (although, nicely manicured) hands.

But Grandpa didn’t know that he’d be meeting up with Sam and Dean at first. He had actually carried out his timey wimey magic in order to contact John, his son. Upon arriving, however, he found himself face to face with Sam and Dean, who were less than welcoming. (I can’t blame them, though — a man came out of their closet.) And soon enough he was informed that John was a little, ehem, dead. Awkward. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' GIF recap: The only thing you have to know about last night's episode

Last night’s episode of Supernatural was a romp. A pure, no-apologies, fun-filled romp, featuring the return of Felicia Day as nerdy lesbian hacker Charlie.

Usually, an 800+ word recap is in order — complete with analysis, commentary, quotable moments, and theories. But for last night’s episode, which took Sam and Dean into the world of live-action role play, there’s really only one thing you have to know — this happened:


'Supernatural' recap: Sammy's Choice

Supernatural is back! And on this week’s episode, Sam and Dean had to stop being annoyed with each other for 20 seconds in order to help Castiel rescue an angel.

Seem simple? It kinda was — especially by Supernatural standards. In fact, I found this week’s episode to be much less about their mission and more about deeper personal plots. In Sam’s case, he had to choose between a life with Amelia and a life of hunting.

As we know, Dean has been in this position before, and this is hardly the first time a Winchester has done the hokey pokey with “normal life.” Both have tried and — so far — failed to succeed in having a regular life. In the past, Sam has always been better at moving on beyond hunting, but this week proved that it will always be hard for Sam to let Dean shoulder the responsibility alone. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' midseason finale recap: Trust issues

WARNING: If you haven’t watched this week’s midseason finale of Supernatural, don’t read on. Unless you want to. But consider yourself warned.

Is anyone else exhausted? I certainly am, and I place blame completely on Supernatural‘s midseason finale, which was emotionally draining — in all the right ways.

Of course, I expected that because I knew that this week’s episode marked the return of Dean’s Purgatory buddy Benny (Ty Olsson), whose arc this season has been a great source of high drama and emotional moments. (Remember the vampire pirate episode from a few week’s back? It was full of awesome.)

But while I have certainly sung Benny’s praises so arc this season, Sam has done quite the opposite, frequently playing hunters’ advocate when Dean tried to convince Sam that the vampire could be trusted. And this week, we learned Sam’s skepticism had hit new levels.

It was revealed that Sam had enlisted Martin “fresh from the crazy bin” Creaser follow the vampire and report any strange behavior. Understandably, Dean was less than happy to learn this news, but Sam was convinced he’d made the right decision, especially when Martin reported a death that looked to be the work of a vampire. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Cartoons and confessions

Last night’s Supernatural was, in one word, bizarre. In two words? Bizarre and fantastic.

The episode centered around Sam, Dean and new hunter Cas looking into a series of strange deaths in which the victims’ deaths were seemingly ripped right out of a classic cartoon — a man’s heart exploded out of his chest, someone was killed by an anvil, etc. But, surprisingly, as far as cases go, this one didn’t have too many twists and turns.

The trio was fairly quick to zero in on their father’s former friend Fred Jones, an elderly psychokinetic who was now catatonic and living in a retirement home. They realized that the man was messing with reality and creating a “bubble of weird” that would create these strange scenarios around him. (Note that not all of the strange happenings were deadly. See: exploding cake.) READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Heaven Only Knows

ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s Supernatural, we recommend you avert your eyes. All the rest of you may proceed…

I have so much to say about tonight’s episode of Supernatural, but I’m pretty much obligated to start with the episode’s most important moment: CAS IS BACK! CAS IS BACK! CAS IS BACK!

Yes, we knew it was coming. (Thanks, promo department!) However, Dean did not, so when he started seeing Cas all over the place — alongside the road, outside their window — the poor boy thought he was losing it. And Sam quickly caught on that something was off about Dean, too. Surprisingly, Dean ‘fessed up about his Cas sightings fairly quickly — and, by the way, I loved that. These two would bring home gold if avoiding problems was ever an Olympic sport, so it was incredibly refreshing to see Dean and Sam actually communicating about an issue. It only took 8 seasons!

Not long after, they learned that Dean’s vision of Cas were not visions at all — because the angel was back. For real. And he had a beard. (Movember?)

The boys probably could have grilled Cas forever, but there were definitely bigger fish to fry. Not only were they tracking a case involving several people who went missing under strange circumstances (weird weather patterns, no immediate connections among the missing), but soon Kevin’s mom called asking for help. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Your most desperate cabin fever amusements

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone? That’s exactly what happened when Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast this Monday, depriving millions of power — and severely limiting their entertainment options. (Of course, boredom is nothing compared with a destroyed house or a submerged car — visit RedCross.org to learn more about hurricane relief efforts.)

My hurricane boredom story: After Lower Manhattan’s power went out on Monday night, I devoured a YA book about a girl whose mom is a hoarder. Then, haunted by visions of yellowing newspapers stacked on top of piles of maggots — seriously, that book is visceral — I spent Tuesday furiously cleaning my apartment with my roommate. The last time I devoted this many hours to scrubbing was… last year, when Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast. Doesn’t Hurricane Cleaners sound like an upcoming reality show?

Of course, I wasn’t the only one driven to desperation after losing electricity (and heat, and my cell phone service). Read on to find out how EW staffers weathered the storm — and feel free to add your own story in the comments! Don’t worry if it has nothing to do with a hurricane; any extreme weather, power outage, or debilitating sickness that left you cooped up will do fine. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Vampirates!

It’s been a legitimately long time since I’ve begged a television show — out loud — to continue after it finished airing an episode. It’s not a logical request by any means — that I know. There’s no point in me using vocal power to say “NO! Don’t STOP! Show another episode now!” But sometimes it just comes out against my will, and that’s what happened tonight after Supernatural.

I went into tonight’s episode thinking I knew everything that was going to happen. (Dean saves Benny; Benny is thankful but needs more help; Dean calls Sam; Benny meets Sam; Sam hates Benny.) At it’s core, that’s what happened, but the beauty of a great episode is that even when you think you know what’s going to happen, it delivers surprises (Oh, Benny…), great moments (brotherly bickering between Sam and Dean!) and lots of storyline advancement! Of course, I’d expect nothing less since the episode was written by Ben Edlund, a fandom fave. And he’s a fave for a good reason…

So, to get this recap on the road: Dean did go save Benny. He had called Dean after getting into a fight with four members of his old “crew.” At first, it wasn’t made entirely clear why there was so much hostility between Ben and these people from his past, but later, a much deeper backstory was revealed. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: In focus

I’ll preface this recap by saying that season 3’s “Ghostfacers” was not one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural ever. (Supernatural episodes need the Winchesters and the more we can have of them, the better, I say.)

So going into this found-footage episode, which I knew would be told largely from the perspective of three college kids who were making a film, I was already anticipating (and not too happy with the idea of) minimal amounts Sam and Dean. I tried to keep an open mind about it, however, and I’m happy to report that the lack of Sam and Dean didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. In fact, I enjoyed seeing some moments that we normally don’t.

For example, after one of the teens (a good-looking jock named Michael) was attacked by a mysterious creature, we got to see what happens afterward. Typically, we only get to see the beginning part of a victim’s attack, hear screams, fade to black, then see a body. In this case, we followed him home, where we saw him panicked, nervous, and writhing in pain from his bad injury, which turned out to be a werewolf bite. This was a neat departure. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' angel Misha Collins on the Greatest (and oddest) International Scavenger Hunt ever

Last year, Supernatural actor Misha Collins spearheaded the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. And the 6,200 people who participated broke a world record.

They’re back at it again this year — this time with 10,000 people pre-registered — and if Collins’ preview is any indication, it’s only going to get weirder.

A little background: The event began as a quest to organize the largest global scavenger hunt ever — and, in the process, raise a little money for Collins’ Random Acts of Kindness charity. With 6,200 participants, who carried out tasks from a massive and highly unusual list that included earrings made of molars and flying foliage, they succeeded. And Collins promises it’s only going to get bigger and better.

“Unless there’s a horrible catastrophe and we lose 4,000 people to the forces of nature, I think we will (break our record),” he says. “It was a lot of fun to put together the list and it was also fun to see people pulling off these items that a lot of times caused people to have to push outside their comfort zone.”

Need examples? Not a problem. Collins picked out five of his favorite tasks from last year for EW (and gave us a preview of this year’s list). Read his picks below, in no particular order:

+A sculpture of a sea gull. Must be at least two feet high. Must be made entirely from (unused) tampons and sanitary napkins.
“The bird made out of maxi pads, there were literally about 600 of those, and there were some truly phenomenal looking birds,” he says. “That was a truly impressive lineup.” READ FULL STORY

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