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Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd team up for Samsung's Super Bowl commercial -- VIDEO

Actually, that headline is sort of misleading. Though the following video is a teaser for ads that’ll play during a certain Big Game, Rogen and Rudd discover in it that they can’t actually use any copyrighted terms — meaning that “Super Bowl” itself, as well as the names of the teams playing, are out. Luckily, Breaking Bad‘s Bob Odenkirk is there to guide them over this hurdle. (That’s why you always call Saul). Check out the “next big thing” below:


Facebook Super Bowl map bleeds 49ers red, but what about Mequon, Wisconsin?

Super-Bowl-mapThe San Francisco 49ers are about a 3.5 point favorite to win their sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday, and judging by the finely detailed Facebook map representing Niners/Ravens partisanship, that outcome will please most of the country. Not surprisingly, red spills all over the western half of the country, but there was also little love for the Ravens in the northeast — where Giants and Patriots fans are still licking their wounds after crucial losses to Baltimore.


Jimmy Fallon predicts the Super Bowl with puppies -- VIDEO

Super Bowl Sunday approaches, PopWatchers! Who will you stake your wagers on? (And by wagers, we obviously mean M&Ms and not real money.) Should you go with the tattooed 49ers wonder Colin Kaepernick? Or will the Ravens’ Ray Lewis take it all through the power of faith (and dance)? Hey, maybe you’re just watching for Beyoncé. But whatever the case, forget Vegas odds. Jimmy Fallon is here to tell you who will win — with the help of five adorable Golden Retrievers. Check out the video below: READ FULL STORY

Beyonce is a sexy referee in new Super Bowl pic -- PHOTO


Countdown to touchdown update: Beyoncé has uploaded the above photo to her Tumblr, and the pic shows she is all ready for the big game.

Well, maybe. The hottest woman of the century is rocking a no-longer-just-for-Halloween sexy referee uniform, complete with thigh-high leather stiletto boots. Which means Bey probably isn’t going to be subbing in for one of the Ravens. There’s been no official word about what the singer’s Super Bowl performance will entail (fingers crossed for a Jay-Z appearance!), although rumors are flying Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will be joining her onstage for a “Bootylicious” Destiny’s Child reunion.

What songs are you hoping Beyoncé performs on Sunday?

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See Hyundai's big Super Bowl commercial, featuring The Flaming Lips (and a new song) -- VIDEO

Do you realize that Hyundai’s buzziest Super Bowl ad — which features a brand-new song by The Flaming Lips, written specifically for the commercial — is already online?

The 102-second spot features the psychadelic rockers playing their new tune, “Sun Blows Up Today,” as well as a family experiencing what might be the best day ever — complete with an enormous stack of pancakes, extreme skateboarding, shenanigans at a natural history museum, a scary group of bikers, a giant hamster ball/bubble (naturally), and a pair of fighting robots, though Yoshimi seems to be nowhere in sight. They also ride around in a Hyundai a lot because, well, you know. Here’s “Epic Playdate”: READ FULL STORY

Dr. Ruth has some Super Bowl sex tips for you

If you’ve never imagined yourself being attacked by birds while your lover waits next to you in the closet, well…you may want to start.

Dr. Ruth — professional therapist, media personality and old lady sex enthusiast — yesterday tweeted a handful of suggestions for how to do it (if you’re doing it), and she did us all the courtesy of personalizing them for the Super Bowl and Oscars.

That’s great! (If you’re doing it.) The biggest surprise: It sounds like the doctor is an Argo fan.


Volkswagen teases Super Bowl ad, explains why it doesn't star Jar Jar Binks -- VIDEO

If Volkswagen’s “The Force” commercial is the original Star Wars and last year’s “The Dog Strikes Back” spot is The Empire Strikes Back, then logically, a Return of the Jedi-style ad should have wrapped up the trilogy this year. Instead, the company elected to go in an entirely different direction with their 2013 Super Bowl offering… though the new spot does carry a whiff of The Phantom Menace.

The ad features a smiley white dude named Dave who tries to cheer up his dour coworkers by spouting “don’t worry, be happy”-esque platitudes in a thick Jamaican accent. Why’s Dave so happy? Because he drives a VW, of course — which gives him “a different take on life,” according to Volkswagen America marketing officer Tim Mahoney.

Shortly after playing a clip of the ad, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien asked Mahoney whether the company worried about how people would react to a non-Jamaican person speaking like Dave does — even noting that the commercial immediately made her think of the much-maligned Caribbean stereotype Jar Jar Binks.  READ FULL STORY

Beyonce-gate 2013: Sen. Schumer still has not received apology


Image courtesy of Beyonce’s instagram: @baddiebey

We’re now a week out from Beyoncé-gate, but more victims are still coming forward.

Today’s individual? New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who was seen grinning and applauding behind Bey during her inauguration performance. Schumer is credited as the person who actually got Beyoncé and Jay-Z to show up at the inauguration, which he was in charge of planning.

Sen. Schumer told the New York Post this morning that the singer still hasn’t apologized to him personally. “I have not heard from her before, during or after,” Schumer said after he was asked if Beyoncé had called him to give a musical mea culpa. “She did not talk to me at all. I didn’t say any words to her, period.” READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: SAGs, saying goodbye to '30 Rock,' and the Super Bowl

Bookended by the Screen Actors Guild awards and the Super Bowl, this week has something for everyone, including a cute groundhog named Phil, who with any luck will be getting up early on Saturday with news about warmer weather ahead. There’s also a new zombie flick, the end of a favorite series, and a new one to add to your DVR. Check out our picks for the week below and tell us what you’re watching. Have a great week!

SAG Awards, TBS and TNT, 8 p.m. ET

One year after the mega-merger of SAG-AFTRA, Hollywood actors gather to honor each other for their work without pesky politics getting in the way. Who will win? Les Misérables and Lincoln lead the film acting nominations; Homeland and Mad Men are favorites for TV. Check back to EW.com for live coverage Sunday night.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season premiere, 9 p.m., Logo

Sashay your way into season 5 of the hit show on Logo.

Hotel Transylvania out on DVD.

Get spooked by Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg as this new version of Dracula has the famed vampire inviting other ghoulish friends over for a party — fright and animated high jinks ensue.

The Americans premieres, FX, 10 p.m.

Keri Russell flashes back to the ’80s in this new show about Russian spies next door. How retro!

30 Rock series finale NBC 8 p.m.

It’s really over. Say one final TGS farewell to Liz, Tracy, Jack, Jenna, Kenneth, and the gang.

Warm Bodies opens in theaters.

The poster tag line reads “guys love a girl with brains” and it couldn’t be more true than in this fun, oddball zombie rom com. Yes, zombie rom com, just go with it.

Groundhog Day. Again!

It’s Groundhog Day and it’s the weekend, so fire up the DVD player and watch one of the best comedies of all time in honor of Punxsutawney Phil. Bill Murray will make even a dark February day seem brighter. Or get up early and tune in to the real-time news to find out if the groundhog sees his shadow.

Super Bowl XLVII, CBS, 6:30 p.m.

The Baltimore Ravens will face off against the San Francisco 49ers. With the brother vs. brother coaching showdown and some great playoff games that led up to tonight’s championship, the game is set to be an exciting one. Oh, who are we kidding, we’re in it for Beyoncé and the commercials.

Beyonce Super Bowl set list reportedly leaks. What do you want to hear at halftime?

With the inauguration and Beyoncé-gate behind us, (Right? We’ve all moved on?) Countdown to Touchdown can officially commence – and that means plenty of speculation about what Queen Bey will be performing for her big Super Bowl show.

Us Weekly published a leaked set list, which says Bey will open the show with “Crazy In Love,” then midway through, be joined by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a Destiny’s Child mini-set that will include “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Survivor,” as well as new song/kind of snoozefest “Nuclear.” Those ladies will then disappear and Beyoncé will continue being Beyoncé for a few more minutes. A rep for Beyoncé did not return EW’s request for comment. READ FULL STORY

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