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'Full House' guys -- and... Rihanna -- unite on 'Good Morning America': VIDEO

John “The Milkman” Stamos, Dave “The Paperboy” Coulier, and Bob “The Evening TV” Saget aren’t just former Full House castmates — by all appearances, they’re also legitimately close pals who were truly thrilled to reunite for a 30-second yogurt commercial. Evidence: Yesterday, the trio had a bromantic night out on the town in New York City…

"In NYC, everywhere you look – There's a man to hold on to." #bromance

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Carmen Electra stars in Volkswagen Super Bowl spot


“We have developed an algorithm to make the ultimate commercial for your big American football festival,” a man with a thick German accent says in the beginning of Volkswagen’s Super Bowl commercial. “Let’s watch.” What follows is a typical car commercial gone wrong. It starts with Carmen Electra writhing her body against a shiny black Volkswagen car surrounded by… babies? And a man twitching his pecs? And a giant sculpture of a rooster? Electra bumps the car with her backside a little too enthusiastically, setting off its alarm. Chaos ensues. This may not convince you to go out and buy a Volkswagen right away, but its kookiness may entertain you for a minute. Watch the clip below:

The Scarlett Johansson SodaStream commercial you won't see during the Super Bowl -- VIDEO


The following ad might as well be a Jerry Springer joint — because Fox has decided it’s too hot for TV.

Well, sort of. Though the clip features Scarlett shimmying out of a bathrobe and seductively sipping to a “bow-chicka-wow-wooow” bassline, that’s not what reportedly raised the network’s hackles. (Compared to the antics on, say, a GoDaddy Super Bowl spot or Fox’s own Temptation Island, ScarJo’s sultriness seems downright tame.) Instead, SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum tells USA Today that Fox declined to air this version of the commercial because of Johansson’s closing line: “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.”


Football players parody pop music in Pepsi commercial


James Franco and Seth Rogen have some competition in the form of Shannon Sharpe and Nick Mangold. The two football players also spoofed Kanye’s now-infamous “Bound 2” music video in Pepsi’s Grammys commercial promoting the Super Bowl halftime show. In the commercial, football players ask why the forever-long Grammys don’t get a halftime show and then take it upon themselves to provide one. Deion Sanders breaks into autotuned song, Terry Bradshaw gives a boot-stompin’ number, and Mike Ditka rides a football-shaped wrecking ball. Maybe a halftime show performed by football stars isn’t a bad idea after all. Check out the commercial below: READ FULL STORY

John Stamos and 'Full House' gang are together again in Oikos Super Bowl ad -- VIDEO

You’ve seen the teaser, and now it’s time for the real deal: Here is a yogurt commercial that implies John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier are 1. living together, 2. basically extensions of their Full House personae, and 3. still all up in each others’ business. How rude!


Guess who's reuniting with John Stamos for a Super Bowl commercial? -- VIDEO

I’ll give you a hint: Think dudes… and San Francisco… and something tailor-made for the 20-something demographic.

No, Dannon Oikos pitchman Stamos isn’t teaming up with the cast of HBO’s Looking for a new Super Bowl ad. Instead, he’s apparently joining forces with a few guys near and dear to his heart. You might just say he’d like to shoot commercials with them… forever.

In defense of Nickelback, for Mike Kroeger's 40th birthday

June 25 is a landmark day in the calendar year. Besides being the birthday of literary and entertainment legends such as George Orwell, Ricky Gervais, Sidney Lumet and Carly Simon, it’s also the 40th birthday of one Mike Kroeger, also known as the bassist from Nickelback.

Now, Nickelback have gotten a lot of flak over the years, and for some reason, appreciating the band seems to be equivalent to worshiping Satan.

I’ve never really quite understood why the Canadian quartet is so reviled. When they were scheduled to perform at halftime during a Thanksgiving football game, people went crazy — protests, petitions, media coverage. And then Patrick Carney of the Black Keys had to go and tell Rolling Stone that  “Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world” and “they became OK with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be sh-t.” I mean, I might not agree with the lead singer’s choice in fiancees, but come on! Kroeger and company created instant gems like “Photograph,” “How You Remind Me” and “Far Away.”

Bar Refaeli and Jay Leno recreate the GoDaddy kiss... sort of -- VIDEO

Have your senses recovered from Sunday’s GoDaddy kiss heard ’round the world? Have you finally managed to have a full night’s sleep without waking with a start, the sound of mouths being pushed together buzzing in your ear?  Well… you can still watch this video, it’s not that bad.

Jay Leno sleazily tried to get Bar Refaeli to kiss him (somebody call Mavis!) on The Tonight Show, but things didn’t work out as planned (props to Jesse Heiman for being a good sport).

Watch the full clip below: READ FULL STORY

Post-Super Bowl blues: 'Wait 'til next year' just doesn't cut it

Except for in the winning team’s hometown, Monday morning after the Super Bowl can be one of the gloomiest days of the year. The NFL’s “winter Fourth of July” celebration is arguably America’s biggest holiday, and the morning-after malaise can feel and smell like Times Square on Jan. 1 — if Times Square was coated in coagulated buffalo-wings hot sauce. After 22 consecutive weeks of true must-see television — yes, of course I count the Pro Bowl — football season… is over. Television loses its most valuable and reliable property for six months, and fans lose a weekly social ritual that has no equal. Just like that, your Sunday afternoons and Monday nights are wide open — affording you the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with your children and spouse, long-suffering gridiron orphans and widows who’ve made peace with your unrestrained devotion to your pigskin mistress, cheap beer, and absolutely pretend gambling with fake money I swear. READ FULL STORY

What was the worst commercial of Super Bowl 2013? -- POLL


There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Some companies are certainly hoping so after last night’s big game. While there were plenty of commercial highlights – Who knew horses could make viewers tear up? – it was the lowlights that had people turning to their friends and making sure they weren’t the only ones who just saw a close-up of  that over-the-top Bar Refaeli kiss.

USA Today has an “Ad Meter,” which allowed fans to vote on their favorite and least favorite commercials. The unlucky winner of the worst spot? The Refaeli-starring ad for GoDaddy, which featured that already-infamous smooch of the model kissing a stereotypical “nerd.” (The spot was online prior to its airing last night, and EW commenters weren’t impressed). The GoDaddy spot did capture viewers’ attention, according to TiVo stats, which measured how engaged the audience was second-by-second.

Search “Worst Commercials” on Twitter and it seems to tell the same story as USA Today – people are tweeting their shock and outrage mainly about three spots: The aforementioned GoDaddy one, the Dodge Ram “Farmer” commercial (which was polarizing: many people seemed to love it as well), and a Budweiser Black Crown “Coronation” spot (which was also the second-lowest ranked commercial on the Ad Meter rankings).

Check out our poll below, culled together from the talk on Twitter as well as EW commenters’ reactions on our best/worst commercial post last night. Which spot do you think was the worst commercial of Super Bowl 2013? READ FULL STORY

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