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'Gallery Girls' on Bravo: What is your damage?!

I’ve found my new favorite show to hate-watch (well, I love it but you will definitely maybe hate it): Gallery Girls on Bravo. This grotesque reality TV canvas is like a post-surrealist hybrid of The Hills and Girls — priced at $0 for all you art collectors! — that should probably just be called Bitches. It stars six young snots and one hardworking woman from Long Island who live and “work” in NYC and Brooklyn, which the show treats like a separate country.

Have I lost you yet, or do the two melting clocks in the desert (pictured) have you intrigued? READ FULL STORY

Style & Design: Jennifer Lopez in 3-D, Ryan Lochte hits Vegas, and more

An upcoming 3-D concert movie will give Jennifer Lopez fans an up-close-and-personal look at her life. Like, close enough to count the Swarovski crystals on her nude bodysuit. [Huffington Post]

It’s a small world…and what sounds like the premise of a really bad horror movie. Disney perfects a human cloning technique to make its animatronic characters appear more realistic. [Mashable]

Lady Gaga calls her latest hair color “Louis Vuitton Brown.”  [THR]

You can take Olympic medallist Ryan Lochte out of the pool, but you can’t get him to put on any clothes. [Celebuzz]

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has confirmed that she and Tom Brady are expecting a second child. [Vogue UK]

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Kristen Stewart scandal: Shirt bullies actress -- don't buy it

If you’re reading PopWatch, you know that Kristen Stewart was recently caught in some compromising photos with her married Snow White director Rupert Sanders. There was the public apology, the fan response and backlash, the Jodie Foster defense against the Stewart backlash, and then—for some—the eager anticipation of watching Robert Pattinson professionally go on a press tour and not really say anything.

Since the public fascination doesn’t look to be dying down anytime soon, online retailer Skreened  saw a publicity moment, and is now offering a T-shirt that reads, “Kristen Stewart is a Trampire.” To round out the unofficial “We Hate Kristen” collection, there’s also “Kristen Stewart F***ing Sucks” and “F*** Kristen Stewart,” which is, of course, reminiscent of the Team Aniston and Team Jolie shirts that made a pop culture splash in 2005 — with one huge difference.

While the Team Aniston/Jolie shirts were pretty dumb, they weren’t personally bullying anyone. You were just weighing in on the tabloid frenzy of the moment. “F*** Kristen Stewart” sure has a different –and crueler — ring to it. In a culture that is now hyper-aware of the effects of bullying, it seems really wrong to torment a 22-year-old, regardless of her fame level or any mistakes she may have made.


Drag Queen Barbie looks just like regular Barbie

She’s been a doctor, a teacher, a diplomat, an unfulfilled ’60s housewife, a certain expert archer from District 12, and a country singing superstar, among others — but this might be the first time Barbie is actually a man.

This December, Mattel will begin shipping a doll called “The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie.” Like many of her collectable pals, this little lady boasts a killer sparkly dress, carefully coiffed blond hair, and legs for days. The twist? She’s wearing an outfit inspired and designed by Phillipe Blond, a drag enthusiast who doubles as half of the fashion designer duo The Blonds. (David Blond is his other half; he worked on Blond Diamond Barbie as well.)

And what an outfit: “Barbie wears a stunning silvery mini corset dress—designed by The Blonds themselves—featuring countless sculpted faux gems and a full length faux fox fur. Of course, luscious blonde curls frame her beautiful face. Accessories include silvery jewelry suite and glitter pumps,” an official description on Barbie Collector reads.


Style & Design: Taylor Swift's scent, Lauren Conrad's book blunder and more


“Wonderstruck is about that moment when you instantly feel a connection to someone, but then there’s that feeling of being completely enamored — enchanted,” Taylor Swift says of her new perfume. Wonder what she spritzes on when it’s time to pen the inevitable breakup song? [StyleWatch]

No hardcovers were harmed in the making of this blog post. Lauren Conrad suffers a backlash after sacrificing copies of  books by children’s author Lemony Snicket for a home decor project. [ABC News]

In a new video game described as “Bourne Identity Meets Fashion Week,” players try to navigate their way through the high-stakes world of high-fashion modeling. Watch out for that cell phone! [WSJ]

The funnies just got fierce. Designer Phillip Lim has created a stylish comic book (with illustrations by Jan Duursema of the Star Wars series) timed to his Fall 2012 collection. [Fashion Etc.]

From Lolita to The Blues Brothers, see the most iconic sunglass moments in movie history — in one awesome supercut. [Flavorwire]

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Behind the scenes at David Beckham’s underwear ad shoot
Hey girl, Ryan Gosling inspired a coloring book
Jordin Sparks’ ‘Sparkle’ dress: The Irene Cara inspiration, the ‘Hunger Games’ connection

Behind the scenes at David Beckham's underwear ad shoot -- PHOTO

You’d think that we’d be tired of seeing soccer stud David Beckham in his skivvies by now, but just the opposite is true. Each scantily clad image of Becks seems to be better than the last. The latest photo to feast your eyes on comes from a shoot for H&M’s Beckham bodywear collection. READ FULL STORY

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling inspired a coloring book

Can you embrace your inner child and still harbor a steamy crush on the world’s most meme-able man? Now, thanks to Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling, the answer is a resounding yes! This fun-for-all-ages coloring book comes courtesy of I Love Mel, a.k.a. English artist Mel Simone Elliott, who has illustrated some of Gosling’s most memorable roles (The Notebook, Blue Valentine, underwatched charmer Lars and the Real Girl) and promotional shots for the 15-page booklet, which sells on her site for just under $12 ($17.26 with shipping to the U.S.) — a price low enough to make your eyes pop like Emma Stone’s in Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Yes, as you can see to the right, Gosling’s washboard abs came to play.) Click through to see four more pages from the greatest birthday and/or holiday present of 2012.


Image Credit: Mel Simone Elliott

Hey girl, Blue Valentine is the name of the prettiest marker in my new partnership with Sharpie.

Jordin Sparks' 'Sparkle' dress: The Irene Cara inspiration, the 'Hunger Games' connection

In posters for the musical drama Sparkle (opening this Friday), Jordin Sparks steps into the spotlight wearing a show-stopping $13,000 Chagoury Couture gown.

Turns out, it’s the second time around for the one-of-a-kind dress.

Wardrobe designer Ruth Carter had been on the hunt for a bombshell dress reminiscent of the one worn by Irene Cara (above, left) in the original 1976 film when she got an urgent call from Sparks. ”Jordin found it when she was visiting a showroom to look at red carpet gowns,” says Carter, who also created original costumes and sourced vintage clothing for the ’60s-set Motown movie. “They loaned it to us, which meant we couldn’t make alterations. Luckily, Jordin was losing weight, so she just walked into the sample size.”

The beaded chiffon column isn’t just sexy, it helps tell the story of Sparkle’s rise to the top. “This is her breakout dress,” Carter says. “It [not only] had to compete with the other dresses in the movie, it had to be the cherry on top of the sundae.”

After production wrapped in late 2011, the gown was returned as promised to the fashion showroom. Not realizing it would play such an important part in the movie, reps for the designer label put it back on the floor, where it was soon spotted by another young actress. In March, Hunger Games actress Leven Rambin (above, right, who played the tribute Glimmer) chose to wear the fiery dress to the Hollywood premiere of The Hunger Games.

When it comes to fashion, it seems Sparkle and Glimmer have similar taste.

Nakisha Williams

Furry Vengeance: PETA calls Lady Gaga a 'turncoat'

PETA vice president Dan Mathews thinks Lady Gaga is a monster — and not the good, Gaga-approved kind.

For years, the animal rights watchdog group has been firmly in Gaga’s corner. It applauded the pop star in 2009 for wearing a coat made out of Kermit the Frog carcasses rather than real animals, proudly citing her rationale for the outfit: “I really loved this one in particular because I thought it was commentary on not wearing fur, ’cause I hate fur and I don’t wear fur,” she said.

But lately, Gaga’s been photographed wearing apparel that looks suspiciously like dead animals — both on the street and in a poster for Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming Machete Kills. And naturally, her old boosters aren’t too stoked about this development. As Mathews writes, in typically understated PETA fashion:

What happened? Are your stylists telling you that it’s fake, or are you a turncoat?  READ FULL STORY

Style & Design: The Olympics fashion fail, TV's worst dance numbers and more

Is this the Olympic Games or the Hunger Games? We’re still not sure why there was a supermodel walk-off at the Closing Ceremonies. [InStyle]

Need inspiration for your next YouTube video? See Will & Grace‘s Jack break out some Britney Spears and more awesomely bad TV dance numbers. [Flavorwire]

Bravo steps out on the Housewives with tonight’s premiere of Gallery Girls. [THR]

He’s blown your mind, now it’s your chance to return the favor. Lars von Trier is seeking submissions for a user-generated filmmaking project. [NY Times]

Never mind the macrame. See examples of the avant-garde artworks and handicrafts available on Etsy. [ArtInfo]

Beyonce shares family photos via her Tumblr. [Tumblr]

Style & Design: Emmy costume contenders, Mariah Carey’s nail polish and more
Lady Gaga looks perfectly ordinary on the cover of ‘Vogue’, no one claimed — PHOTO

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