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ESPY Awards: Steve Carell and Paul Rudd spoof Lebron's 'Decision'

ESPN’s ESPY Awards have become surprisingly fertile ground for comedy over the past few years. Remember when JT smelled David Beckham’s foot in 2008? Or when Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly teamed up to give their hysterical list of demands for hosting? (“I want Harry Caray riding Mike Ditka at my kid’s birthday party.”)

But this clip of Dinner for Schmucks costars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd spoofing Lebron James’ The Decision last night might just be my favorite ESPY clip of all time. Check it out here:


New 'Dinner for Schmucks' trailer: Do you qualify if you recognize this woman from 'Ella Enchanted'?

The new trailer for Dinner for Schmucks, the comedy starring Paul Rudd as a man who brings Steve Carell to his boss’ monthly meal for idiots to get ahead in the company, reveals more of Carell’s character’s lunacy and that Rudd’s character has been stalked for two years by a woman (Lucy Punch), to whom Carell gives Rudd’s address. Am I the only one who recognized Punch from Ella Enchanted*? Please say no. Please say no. Watch the preview below.


This is the week of Despicable Me

despicable-weekImage Credit: Universal; David Studarus/Showtime ; Mark Brendel /ABC; Bob Luckey/Greenwich Times/AP ImagesImagine our surprise to receive this doomsday iPhone missive from Doc Jensen during his summer vacation: “A DARK CLOUD OF DESPICABLE ME-NESS HAS DESCENDED UPON US! RUN FOR OUR LIVES!” We honestly had no idea he was camping in the middle of the jungle on The Island from Lost. But as usual, Doc is correct! This week’s main source of entertainment has come from people behaving badly. READ FULL STORY

New 'Despicable Me' trailer: It's so fluffy!

Universal has released another theatrical trailer for July 9’s Despicable Me, the supervillain-oriented animated movie starring Steve Carell, from Ice Age producer Chris Meledandri. Unlike the first trailer (kid bounces off a pyramid), and the second (Carell’s Gru gets repeatedly thwarted by his supervillain archenemy Vector), this one delivers more narration, more of Gru’s vast army of minions, who resemble shelled peanuts (SNL‘s Stefon might call the minions on this movie poster a “non-human bathmat”), and a better glimpse of Gru’s domestic life. Supervillains: They’re just like us! They get annoyed by lines for coffee! They have to deal with small problems (three kids on the doorstep)! They go to ballet recitals! They win stuffed animals at the Games Games Games Games arcade for the little ones! They want to go steal the moon! READ FULL STORY

'Anchorman 2' dead? Take our poll, tell us how you feel.

AnchormanOn his Twitter feed GhostPanther, Adam McKay, director and cowriter of Will Ferrell’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, has announced that Paramount and the producers could not agree on a budget for a sequel, and since the studio owns the rights to Anchorman, the film is dead unless someone has a change of heart. READ FULL STORY

Steve Carell might leave 'The Office'

the-officeImage Credit: Justin Lubin/NBCDunder Mifflin Corporate won’t be happy about this. Steve Carell recently dropped a bombshell at the tail end of a BBC interview. The interviewer noted that Carell’s contract with The Office only runs through next season. Carell: “That will probably be my last year.” (NBC is not commenting on the interview.)

This may just be the opening salvo in a year-long salary negotiation (this is an NBC sitcom, after all), but if you ask me, Carell’s departure could be the best thing to happen to The Office. It could give next season an added emotional heft, not to mention the sure-to-be-hysterical turf war that could ensue over who gets to take over as head honcho of the Scranton branch. And most of this season has been spent on building up the minor characters (as in the Erin-Andy romance). It’s always hard for a show to survive without its star, but talent runs deep in the Office bench.

What do you think of the news, PopWatchers? Do you think Carell will really leave the show, and would you watch it without him? Who would you like to see take over as regional manager? (My money’s on Ryan.) And check EW for further developments…

'Dinner for Schmucks' trailer: Steve Carell and Paul Rudd ride again

Steve Carell and Paul Rudd are like peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, breasts and bags of sand. In the trailer for Dinner for Schmucks, we learn that Carell is the pathetic dinner companion, and Rudd, who played a semi-schmuck in the bromantic-comedy I Love You Man, is the cooler fella pressured to humiliate his unassuming new pal. Points for Barry’s mouse-terpiece, a collection of taxidermied rodents depicting The Last Supper. Points for Barry’s mangling of a John Lennon quote (“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not.”) in a way that Michael Scott would especially appreciate. And points for Zach Galifianakis for playing a caped character who wrote a book titled, “Your Brain is My Puppet.” Capes make any character 14 percent funnier. It’s science. READ FULL STORY

Tina Fey and Steve Carell interview each other: The things we learned

Date Night costars Tina Fey and Steve Carell sat down to interview one another for Cinemax’s “60 Seconds With…” series. Watch the results after the jump. Here’s what we learned:

• Carell once worked a night shift at what we assume was a convenience store, and a woman came in at around 4 a.m., tears streaming down her face, and bought a microwave burrito (insert a classic Fey/Liz Lemon face that says “understandable”). She asked him, “Am I pretty?” She’d just walked in on her boyfriend cheating and Carell had to console her. Were I ever to be cheated on, this is exactly the scenario I would dream up, only Carell would deliver. And bring Stephen Colbert.

• If Carell had lost a nipple during his 40 Year Old Virgin chest wax scene, Fey imagines it would look like button candy on the strip.

• Carell is not a gun man (shockingly), but he was a Civil War reenactor at one point in his life: “I was, but I played the fife,” he says. (Or, he could have just be referencing the film he’s producing for Ed Helms about three reenactors and a black history professor who get transported back to the actual Civil War.)

• Fey would rather be able to fly than live under water because taking flight is a better way to get out of awkward conversations.

• Fey believes Liz Lemon is the better boss because she’d just do your work for you, while Michael Scott is the better lover: “I imagine he would be generous to a disgusting fault… desperately generous. And Liz Lemon would be trying to get it over with.”

• Fey’s dream role is in a raw dramatic film about a stripper with a heart literally made of gold — “She’s part robot.” (Note: She could have both a British and a Southern accent.)

• Fey doesn’t have a driver’s license.

• Fey believes movies should be like a game of shirts and skins: The women wear shirts, the men do not. READ FULL STORY

Steve Carell and John Michael Higgins team up to develop USA original series. My head just exploded like that dude from 'Scanners.'

Carell-Michael-HigginsImage Credit: Jen Lowery/Startraksphoto.com; Tina Gill/PR PhotosToday, USA announced a line-up of original programming, which includes Robyn, an update of Robin Hood starring a female protagonist; A Legal Mind, about a stoner college dropout; and the program that gets me most excited, an untitled project about an insurance investigator…brought to the network by Steve Carell and John Michael Higgins. Honestly, just writing the last part of that sentence made me laugh so hard, my head did this.

Little is known about the series as of right now, but if I were USA, I would accept any script from Carell and Higgins, even if it was just a photocopied screenplay of Pod People. (And I’m pumped about this even considering the fact that the two words “insurance investigator” immediately make me fall asleep.)

Could this be anything but awesome, PopWatchers?

'The Office' recap: Kiss me, stupid

Office-Happy-HourImage Credit: Chris Haston/NBCI realized something watching last night’s episode of The Office: Everyone has become Jim and Pam. By which I mean, even the minor characters are getting romantic. There’s Erin and Andy, along with Oscar and Warehouse Matt. There’s the never-ending slow-mo train wreck that is Ryan and Kelly (if you mash up their last names, you get “KapHow,” which sounds a bit like a bomb going off.)

Don’t forget, this season started with Stanley’s affair. And now, we’re even venturing back into love-triangle territory with Dwight, Isabel, and Angela. (The only characters who haven’t had a romantic plotline are Meredith and Creed. Hmmmm. Meredith and Creed. I like the sound of that.) READ FULL STORY

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