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Bill Hader discusses the origins of Stefon on 'Seth Meyers'

There was a miniature SNL reunion last Monday night when Bill Hader stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to reminisce about the good times he had playing the delirious and beloved character, Stefon. READ FULL STORY

Seth Meyers remembers his wedding to Stefon on 'Late Night' -- VIDEO

It’s already been a whole year since Seth Meyers and Stefon ran away together on Bill Hader’s final episode of Saturday Night Live — but Meyers remembers the wedding like it was yesterday.

“He was emotional, and I was emotional, and we’re sitting there, holding hands and almost crying, and he’s got a wedding veil, and I’m like, ‘This is a lot like an actual wedding,'” Meyers recalled on Late Night Thursday evening. “And then a few months later, I got actual married, to my current, real, human wife. And then when we got married? Nothing. Just nothing.”


Stefon on 'Late Night'? Seth Meyers says...

Could Seth Meyers’s Late Night feature a guest appearance by the comedian’s significant other? By that, of course, I don’t mean his real-life wife Alexi Ashe — I’m talking about his fake-life husband Stefon, a.k.a. Bill Hader’s best-loved SNL character.

The answer? “Bill and I spoke during my last SNL, and we do think he’ll turn up eventually,” Meyers told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday.

We can expect other SNL stars to stop by as well; after all, Meyers’s new studio is just down the hall from the sketch show’s. Just don’t expect a reunion to happen every night; the host added that he doesn’t want to crowd his new show with too many reminders of his old job.

Watch Meyers talk shop in our late-night highlight video below.


'Saturday Night Live': Your guide to the guests at Stefon's cameo-stuffed wedding

This past Saturday, New York’s hottest club was clearly Some Church in Midtown — where frequent Weekend Update guest Stefon was set to wed Anderson Cooper (or wait, was that Tranderson Cooper?) before the ceremony was crashed by a love-struck Seth Meyers.

As you watched Seth and Stefon fight their way out of the church, you may have noticed a few quasi-familiar faces. That’s because every guest on Stefon’s side of the aisle — as well as the minister — was a person or creature mentioned during one of the club kid’s 15 previous Weekend Update visits. Here’s a detailed breakdown of who was there, cameo by cameo: READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live': A full directory of Stefon's favorite clubs. (This post has EVERYTHING.)

[Update: Find Stefon’s very last club — sob! — at the end of the post.]

Here’s what we know about tweaky club kid Stefon Zelesky, by far Bill Hader’s most popular SNL character: He used to write for Smash. His dad is David Bowie. His brother is Ben Affleck (a.k.a. “David”). He lives in a trash can near the Radio Shack on 23rd St. and 7th Ave. He’s in love with Seth Meyers. And he’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of New York’s hottest clubs, from Scampi (“illegally parked behind the Statue of Liberty”) to SPICY (“the creation of club owner/rabbi Jew Diamond Phillips”) to Selfieee! (“based on the novel Push by Sapphire”).

But just like Booooooooof’s round-the-clock puke party, all good things must come to an end. And since this Saturday marks Hader’s last show as an SNL cast member, it may also be the last time we see Stefon horrify and amuse Seth — and himself — by rattling off facts about his favorite city hot spots.

So before he goes, let’s celebrate Stefon’s legacy by remembering all 31 of the crazy, improbable, disgusting, hilarious clubs he’s described over the past four seasons. And don’t worry — if the list makes you feel a bit misty, just reach down and grab yourself a human tissue. (It’s that thing of where a jacked midget wears a white shirt, and you blow your nose on it.)


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