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George Takei, Broker of Star Peace, calls for unity, war on 'Twilight.' Oh my!

George Takei has accomplished what was once thought seemingly impossible and figured a way to settle one of the oldest nerd scores: The epic Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. Prompted by the ongoing showdown between William Shatner (“First of all, Star Wars was derivative of Star Trek derivative!”: Point Shatner) and Carrie Fisher (“Klingon? It just sounds like a laundry detergent”: Point Fisher), the great Mr. Sulu opted to take charge and become a Broker of Peace to put an end to the galaxy-and-decade-spanning feud once and for all.

But how does one do that for a embittered battle in which both sides have such dedicated, unflappable supporters? It’s quite simple, really: Call out Twilight and urge both Star Trek and Star Wars fans to come together to mutually hate on it. (All the points: Takei.) READ FULL STORY

Chewbacca on the set of 'Glee.' There are things more disturbing than a lack of faith.

When you look at this picture — tweeted by Glee star Chris Colfer from the set of the show’s Christmas episode –  do you feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices were suddenly crying out in terror, only to be suddenly silenced? It’s kind of like seeing two beloved franchises hug each other so hard that they accidentally wind up smothering each other. Hey, it’s the holiday season, so we should keep an open mind. Speaking of, a special gift: Some actual footage from the last time Wookies celebrated the holiday season on television. Happy Life Day, everyone! READ FULL STORY

Darth Vader is the Grinch in 'The Sith Who Stole Christmas' -- VIDEO

Darth Vader is one of the great movie villains, but something about the character just seems built for parody. Maybe it’s because — with his jet-black evil-samurai-robot suit and his stentorian speech patterns — he’s the definition of evil incarnate. Or maybe it’s because he’s wearing a mask, so it’s easy to dub in hilarious new dialogue. There’s a whole parade of great Vader spoof videos: “Vader Sessions,” which brilliantly mixed in dialogue from other James Earl Jones movies; the beloved “Chad Vader” series; “Darth Vader Being a Smartass,” possibly the best use of Final Cut’s “reverse clip” function ever; and of course, those hilarious three Star Wars spoofs which pretended that Darth Vader was a doofy crybaby with a rat-tail haircut. (That George Lucas: What a kidder!) To that canon we can now add “The Sith Who Stole Christmas,” where Darth Vader essays the role of the Grinch. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

Carrie Fisher fires back at William Shatner, says 'Star Trek' is 'not in the same league' as 'Star Wars' -- VIDEO

Carrie Fisher fired back at William Shatner for comments he made in September that Star Trek is better than Star Wars. In an interview posted on her YouTube, Fisher said, “They’re not in the same league. I mean, they have the word ‘Star’ in the title.” She knocked Star Trek‘s budget: “Maybe [it's] just their ‘effects,’ they’re not called ‘special effects’ in the case of [Star Trek].”

In response to Shatner’s claims Fisher never fit into Princess Leia’s famous metal bikini, she cracked, “By the way, Bill has borrowed it,” and she challenged him to a costume-off. Oh snap, it’s about to get real in here. Watch Fisher’s full comments, including digs at Shatner’s nether regions and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock ears, after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Hasbro 2012: Check out new toys for 'Avengers,' 'Amazing Spider-Man,' and (!) 'Return of the Jedi'

The New York Comic-Con kicks off today, but the festivities got off to an early start last night, when Hasbro hosted a preview of their 2012 slate of toys. Since the manufacturer has the rights to big franchises like Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, we went in expecting some intriguing sneak peeks at next year’s superhero projects. But there was a nice surprise in store — or at least, a nice surprise if you’re the kind of excitable geek fetishist who used to save every issue of Star Wars Insider. (Guilty!) Read on… READ FULL STORY

Darth Vader's new 'Nooooo!' gets the parody video it richly deserves

Remember about a month ago, when the revelation that the Star Wars Blu-ray collection featured Darth Vader whisper-yelling “Nooooo!” during the climax of Return of the Jedi? Well, the minor fan outcry that erupted didn’t seem to hurt sales too much, proving that Star Wars fans will spend the rest of their natural lives giving George Lucas their spit-drenched dollar bills. But at least now those fans can giggle over the new video from UK outfit Sneaky Zebra, which imagines an exciting audio recording session with Vader himself. Things quickly spiral out of control, leading one of the audio guys to beg, “Let’s just do one take the way George originally intended, but for some odd reason hasn’t re-recorded or added to the films until now.” That’s the kind of trenchant commentary guaranteed to drive Blu-ray sales even higher! Watch the shenanigans: READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' encourages kids to read, but 'Star Wars' has Wookiees. Which franchise is better?

The final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, appeared in theaters July 15. But, don’t worry, guys: Our obsession with the beloved series continues to thrive. Not only will we be able to enjoy the books for years to come, but we will also be able to soon enjoy the entire franchise on Blu-ray until Blu-ray becomes obsolete when the future just implants movies directly in our brains.

Over at MTV (and embedded below), you can check out a sneak peek at footage from an extra, in which J.K. Rowling talks to star Daniel Radcliffe about Harry Potter. And the actor who lived through 10 years of unyielding fandom dropped an interesting nugget in his interview: “I always think that that’s one of the wonderful things about Potter and the Potter fanbase … If you think about the other big costume-wearing [franchises] that go with it, things like Star Wars and Star Trek, with Potter, because it started off as a literary thing, has created a generation of the same kind of mentality … with an appetite for reading and literature, which is kind of amazing.”

Wait, hold the Hedwig: Did Radcliffe just say that Harry Potter is better than Star Wars? READ FULL STORY

Astronomers have officially discovered Tatooine

Tatooine has always been the coolest planet in the Star Wars galaxy — except maybe Nar Shaddaa, and if you’re the kind of person who is currently contemplating commenting “Nar Shaddaa was technically a moon!” then shut your face and also I love you. But now, Tatooine can also lay claim to being the only Star Wars planet that actually exists: According to The New York Times, NASA scientists have discovered a planet that orbits two different stars at once, which means that someone standing on the planet’s surface could feasibly stare pensively into the distance at a double-sunset (just like Luke Skywalker), and if you’re anything like me there are only two possible responses to this information: 1) “Truly, we live in a strange and wonderful universe,” and 2) “God, Science is so f—ing cool!”

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'Star Wars' stands up to cancer, with the help of Andy Samberg, Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, and more! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Stand Up To Cancer — the initiative established three years ago to help sponsor cutting-edge cancer research — has teamed up with the folks at Star Wars for a special line of Star Wars-themed SU2C t-shirts called “Use the Force for Good.”

To mark the event — which coincides with the release of the Star Wars Blu-ray editions — a gaggle of geek-friendly celebs have gathered together to express their love of Star Wars and their commitment to SU2C. You can check out the video of Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Ken Jeong, Ed Helms, Jaime King, and Samuel L. Jackson below, along with some exclusive outtakes featuring Samberg, Stone, Hader, Rogen, Jeong, and Helms. Stone also discusses how the late Laura Ziskin, the producer of The Amazing Spider-Man who was instrumental in SU2C (especially its two national telethons), was the catalyst for her involvement in the organization. Check the videos out below:  READ FULL STORY

Emma Stone, Bill Hader, and Ken Jeong stand up to cancer... with The Force -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


Star Wars and Stand Up To Cancer — a.k.a. SU2C, the initiative founded in 2008 to help fund cutting-edge cancer research — have teamed up to create a special line of Star Wars-themed SU2C t-shirts called “Use the Force for Good.” And to commemorate the occasion, several celebs, including Emma Stone (Crazy, Stupid, Love.), Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live), and Ken Jeong (The Hangover Part II, Community), have banded together to share their love of the Star Wars universe. (It doesn’t hurt that the Blu-ray editions of the six Star Wars films hit stores this Friday.)

You can check out more of EW’s exclusive shots from Stone and Jeong’s involvement in the promotion below:  READ FULL STORY

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