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'Star Trek' retro poster campaign tackles classic episodes 'Amok Time' and 'Day of the Dove' -- FIRST LOOK

Amok Time” is a classic episode in the Star Trek canon, surely best known for inspiring… the name of the legendary pop group T’Pau. (It’s also the one where Spock goes back to Vulcan for an ill-fated mating ritual, and winds up fake-killing Kirk.) The season 2 premiere from 1967 has now inspired a pretty cool new piece of artwork by talented Trek fan Juan Ortiz. It’s the latest work in Ortiz’s series of retro movie-style posters commissioned by CBS Studios and Quantum Mechanix. READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' mashup memes take off after J.J. Abrams announcement

May the meme be with you.

That didn’t take long. Upon news that Star Trek director J.J. Abrams is reportedly also now set to direct the new Star Wars, fans expressed their excitement/dismay/jealousy that one guy was set to inherit all of nerd kingdom on social media last night, and it turned out there was mainly one way to annouce all of your feelings: Gifs and Memes.

How did people communicate about Star Wars ideas in the 1970s (or even the early ‘00s!)? We rounded up some of our favorites from Twitter; check them out below (hat tip to Mashable). READ FULL STORY

J.J. Abrams gives special 'Star Trek Into Darkness' screening for dying fan


In a story guaranteed to melt your cynical geek heart, J.J. Abrams has given a very special screening of his impending reboot-sequel Star Trek Into Darkness to a single Star Trek fan. As initially reported on CNET, it all began last week when a Reddit user named “ideeyut” started a thread about his friend Daniel, who suffers from both leukemia and cancer and who has just weeks to live. A huge Star Trek fan, it seemed unlikely that Daniel would live long enough to see the new film. READ FULL STORY

Is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan? Or are the 'Star Trek' folks playing with us? -- VIDEO

If you’re a Star Trek fan of pretty much any stripe — a Trekkie, a Trekker, a Bonesy-come-lately fan of J.J. Abrams’ high style 2009 reboot — then the last few weeks and months have likely included some heated debate over who exactly Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in next summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness. From the moment he was cast as the ostensible villain in the film, the geekosphere has been humming over whether Benny Batch would be taking on the ne plus ultra of Trek Big Bads, Khan Noonien Singh. And pretty much from that same moment, J.J. Abrams, Paramount, and most everyone involved with the film have been disabusing fans of this notion. Except when they’ve been doing the opposite.  READ FULL STORY

'Star Trek' poster-palooza: New retro-cool posters inspired by the original TV series -- EXCLUSIVE

A day of art from the Star Trek entertainment-industrial complex continues: While fans scrutinize and decrypt the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams’ forthcoming sequel to the 2009 blockbuster big screen reboot of the sci-fi classic, CBS Studios and Quantum Mechanix have released the latest batch of retro-cool posters by illustrator Juan Ortiz, inspired by episodes of the original Star Trek TV series.

First: “A Taste of Armageddon.” From the first season of ST:TOS, the episode found Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise caught in the middle of a most peculiar kind of war game. The episode contains one of the greatest fight scenes ever staged for television. READ FULL STORY

'The Big Bang Theory' react: The one with the number 43

Image Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.

Tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory was a throwback to earlier seasons. Warning: spoilers below for those on the west coast!

'Big Bang Theory' react: Trekkies Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton have 'Fun with Flags'

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Only seven episodes into the season, The Big Bang Theory has already racked up guest stars Howie Mandel, Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Hawking, and now Trekkies Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton. Aside from bringing in laughs with their repeat cameos, Wheaton and Burton helped ensure the sitcom’s longevity and prosperity. READ FULL STORY

What 'Star Wars: Episode VII' could learn from 'Star Trek,' 'Mission: Impossible,' and... 'Blues Brothers 2000'?

If all goes as planned, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill will reunite on the silver screen in 2015 for Star Wars: Episode VII, a movie set in the hours, days, years, decades or eons after Darth Vader’s torchlight funeral near the piney stomping grounds of the Ewoks. But when they reach the set next year, the actors will be 30 years removed from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. A new generation of heroes and villains will clearly be needed to move the franchise on to Episode VIII and beyond, but how to accomplish that?

We’ve zeroed in on 10 movies that found themselves dealing with a similar generational predicament, and how their respective approaches could inform the future of the Star Wars saga.

Is 'Taken 2' better than the first? 15 sequels that topped the originals

Taken 2 certainly had a great second weekend, but is it good enough to join the ranks of sequels that prove that sometimes, the second time truly is the charm? From Frankenstein’s betrothed to the Caped Crusader of Gotham City, here are 15 motion pictures that definitely make the cut:  READ FULL STORY

'Star Trek' fans: Want some retro-cool 'Trouble With Tribbles' on your wall? Sure you do!


You need a lot of wall space to be a serious Star Trek fan these days, and the reason why is Juan Ortiz. The designer and comic book artist has created 80 movie posters – one for each episode in the original Trek TV series starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (or Star Trek: The Original Series in the parlance) – all of them illustrated by Ortiz in a retro style that evokes the sci-fi pulp and psychedelic pop of the far-out, space race sixties. He began making the images just for himself, and just for a few episodes. But then Ortiz showed them to CBS Studios (which owns the Trek trademark), and the company commissioned him to tackle the entire series. (You can read more about the backstory at startrek.com).


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