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Spike TV's 2009 Scream Awards: star-studded and surreal

I don’t know if you caught last night’s 2009 Scream Awards on Spike TV last night. But if you didn’t, then you missed out on one of the strangest parades of Hollywood back-patting ever staged. For those unfamiliar with this new heir to the Oscars and the Golden Globes, the Scream Awards are ostensibly all about celebrating the best in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror on both the big and the small screen. And just to show that the event is even cooler than the MTV Movie Awards, the categories honor such superlatives as Best Horror Movie, Best Villain, and my personal favorite, Most Memorable Mutilation Scene.

Perhaps fittingly, the show kicked off with two little blonde, pigtailed girls standing onstage in little sundresses. A little cute, a little eerie. But eerie won out when one of them pulled out a shiny steel knife and slashed her own throat and arterial spray jetted out of the other one’s neck. Yes, it was going to be that kind of show. The camera cut away to the audience who were all in their teens and twenties dressed in zombie make-up and Pinhead costumes and general goth fetish attire. No seat-fillers or gifting suites needed for this crowd. READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory': WHEEEAATONNNN! (Also, Wolowitz kinda gets a girlfriend)

It would appear, Big Bang theorists, that Sheldon has finally found his Khan — or, maybe, his Kirk. See, if, like me, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is one of your favorite sci-fi flicks of all time, you probably noticed that the normally exacting Shedon became hilariously unmoored in his white hot rage for Star Trek: The Next Generation wunderkind Wil Wheaton. Quoting both Khan Noonien Singh (“From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee!”), and, in a fashion, Capt. James T. Kirk  (WHEEEAATONNNN!), it was unclear whether Sheldon saw himself as a wronged, genetically superior supervillian battling to destroy Wheaton’s impetuous Kirk, or a dashing starship captain striving to defeat Wheaton’s nefarious Khan. Then again, like most Wrath of Khan geeks, Sheldon probably just wanted to be both men at once, and I’ve almost certainly spent far too much Sheldon-esque time exploring this topic as it is. Suffice it to say, in the grand tradition of Newman vs. Seinfeld, Sideshow Bob vs. Bart Simpson, and Mr. Wilson vs. Dennis the Menace, I cannot think of a better bête noir for Sheldon Cooper than (an evil, underhanded version of) Wil Wheaton, since Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher on ST:TNG was essentially an earnest, 24th century version of Sheldon Cooper, replete with a comically unfortunate wardrobe. (For one thing, Wheaton is light years better as an adversary than the odious Barry Kripke.)


Rapping in Klingon reminds me that we all have our gifts

When you find your talent, you have to let your little light shine, PopWatchers. Like this guy. Who covers Eminem songs. In Klingon.

At least I think that’s what’s happening.

Anyway, if you see A Serious Man this weekend and temporarily internalize its attitude that life inexplicably unfair and painful, try to remember the joy this dude must get from being “Klenginem.” There is beauty in this world, kids. [via]

'Star Trek' gag reel: Boldly going where no one has kept a straight face before

Gag reels have an enduring appeal: Actors are presented with such flawless perfection on-screen, it’s reassuring to see that they’re fallible. And when those actors are playing the crew of the Starship Enterprise? Awesomeness ensues:

I’m not sure what I like more: The freeze-frame faces in the intro, or director J.J. Abrams’ wicked microphone drum skills. Which gag reel would you like to see? (Me, I’d love to track down Hunt for Red October‘s: “Some things in here don’t react well to bulls—!”)

'Big Bang Theory': Penny and Leonard kiss, and Sheldon runs away

The Big Bang Theory

Greetings, fellow Big Bang theorists! I shall be your ship’s captain on our voyage this season through the oft-mirthful lives of Messrs. Hofstadter, Cooper, Wolowitz, and Koothrappali, as well as the lovely Ms., er, Penny. (Curious — I just realized that we’ve never learned Penny’s last name. Most curious.) If my measurements of the volume and frequency of my spontaneous diaphragm expansions during last night’s premiere episode was anything to go by, it should prove a most entertaining season indeed.

All right, I’ll stop with the Sheldon-esque semantic shenanigans. (For now, anyway.) I just couldn’t help myself, given all the standout moments among our geeky quintet last night — and, yes, with Penny effortlessly referencing plot points in the new Star Trek movie, I’d say the Cheesecake Factory waitress long ago started her irrevocable journey into permanent geekdom. My confidence in the strength of this premiere was bolstered by the fact that I watched it with my visiting parents, who had never once seen the show and who concluded at the end, with a twinge of surprise in their voices, that it was indeed “really funny!” READ FULL STORY

Movie remakes: Are they really so bad?

trek-footloose_lIt feels like we’re always complaining about how many remakes (and reimaginings, and reduxes, and sequels, and franchises, and whatever other fancy word you can dream up for non-original ideas) are coming out of Hollywood. But now there really, really, truly seems to be more than ever before coming down the line: After this summer of Star Trek and Terminator and Land of the Lost, we still have Footloose, Harvey, The Yellow Submarine, Karate Kid, Fame, The A-Team, Predator, Children of the Corn, and, well, a heck of a lot of others to look forward to. But is this an unequivocally bad and/or stupid move on the entertainment industry’s part? READ FULL STORY

President Obama: Geek, jock, or both? John Hodgman takes him to task

I'm not gonna offer too much preamble to this, writer-actor-Colonial surgeon John Hodgman's address to President Obama at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner. I'll just say that it's a nimble, brilliant dissection of what it means to be a nerd and how the Bush administration was staffed by jocks. Oh, and how President Obama may just be the man to straddle that great cultural divide.

By the way, I know the answer to those three Dune questions Hodgman posed at the end. Without doing any research. Because I am a geek. Do you? (I'll pop the answers in the comments.)

'Conan': William Shatner hits a raw nerve

Just watched Kobe Bryant's interview with Conan O'Brien because I like to pretend wayyyyy after the fact that I still vaguely care about basketball. But the real highlight of last night's Tonight Show was the following segment with William Shatner, (possibly blurred) vision in seersucker. I believe The Shat is the first of Conan's L.A. guests to require post-production pixelation of a body part. It was just his middle finger…though from the way he was gesturing at an arm's length to signify a different digit, you might expect otherwise. Press play below to hear Shatner discuss his raw nerve, mid-piss hallucinations, and why he shouldn't have to know how to make the Vulcan hand gesture himself.

I just love it when Conan jumps on top of his desk. That great white giant is taller than the enormous L.A. moon. It's the only time a crazy late-night backdrop's proportions finally make sense.

Related: Will someone please get William Shatner a toilet already?

With which pop culture-y theme would you prefer to leave this earth?

Star-trek-funeral_lThe Star Trek-themed caskets, urns, monuments, and vaults available at Eternal Image are super awesome. Order now, and have fun in space! You're totally going to space. I mean look at your coffin. I really hope you'll enjoy it in space.

Seriously, though, if we all suddenly had to choose a pop-culture-themed transportation vessel from this life to whatever's next, what would yours be? I'll start: Arrested Development's Bluth Frozen Banana Stand, a.k.a. the Big Yellow Joint. Life-size replica so I could really stretch out, plus "there's always money" in there for my many travels. Margaret would like this PBR casket and a can of PBR, please. Bruno would like to be cremated and stored in a Flavor Flav-style clock cremation urn, so he doubles as a timepiece and isn't just wasting space up on the mantel. Slezak refuses to play along with my silly games and wants nothing more than "to be cremated and spread on the racetrack." So I will just go ahead and decide that this "racetrack" will be the animated landscape of the chalk drawing in Mary Poppins.

Mandi, being Mandi, wrote all this: "Oh, you know. I might have a standard-looking casket on the outside, but then on the inside, have the material silk-screened to look like the "Recorded List" from my DVR. So it would just be the names of my favorite shows of all-time, and the original airdates of my favorite episodes. And like, where the Star Trek symbol is, they could build a holder for my last remote."

She wins. With which pop culture-y theme would you prefer to leave this earth, P-Dubs?

Dairy Queen of the Day: Zachary Quinto

Happy Monday! This oughta wake you up. The video embedded below has nothing to do with the MTV Movie Awards and everything to do with dramatic interplay between reverse-motion milk droplets and the rugged terrain of Spock’s thirsty cheeks.

Thank you, photographer Tyler Shields. This was way more effective than a Got Milk? ad. I’m about to hit the caf for an ice cold Milk Chug. Hi, mom! This is what you could have played at the dinner table instead of Seinfeld reruns to get me to drink milk instead of Mountain Dew.

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