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It's not looking like those 'Spider-Man' spin-offs are happening anytime soon

Sony made headlines back in December by announcing an aggressive slate of Spider-Man and Spider-Man-adjacent movies. Along with the proposed Amazing Spider-Man threequel and fourquel slated for 2016 and 2018, the studio announced vague-firm plans for Venom and Sinister Six films—a clear attempt to build their own little corner of the Marvel Universe into a movie mega-franchise to rival Marvel Studios’ Avengers-verse, Warner Bros’ incipient Justice League-verse, and Fox’s X-Men-plus-also-maybe-Fantastic-Four-verse. Sony also boldly announced that all the films were being overseen by a “franchise brain trust.” READ FULL STORY

J.J. Abrams apologizes for loving lens flares so so much


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: J.J. Abrams, lens flares, joke joke joke. As a producer and a multi-platform pop storyteller, Abrams has become a defining figure of his geek generation. As a visual stylist, Abrams’ main contribution has been to fill the screen with lots of eye-tickling points of light flickering from every corner of his images. Spielberg did lens flares; Abrams loves Spielberg; Abrams does everything faster and more intense; ergo, Abrams uses lots of lens flares. Star Trek had lens flares and Star Trek Into Darkness had more lens flares, and it was beginning to seem possible that Abrams’ Star Wars movie would be a two-hour lightsaber fight composed almost entirely of lens flares.

Entertainment Geekly: Why is everyone so upset about 'Star Trek Into Darkness'?


Entertainment Geekly is a new weekly column that examines contemporary pop culture through a geek lens and simultaneously examines contemporary geek culture through a pop lens. So many lenses!

Four months ago, Star Trek Into Darkness hit theaters. By any objective concrete metric, it was a perfectly respectable Hollywood product. The critics generally liked it. It cost around $200 million and made $465 million worldwide, a financial showing that is neither impressive nor unimpressive. (It wasn’t Man of Steel, but it also wasn’t The Lone Ranger.) It had some funny jokes and it had things exploding in interesting ways. The title was dumb and it had third-act problems and nobody can really explain why they kept the Khan reveal a secret, but if you asked the average person in mid-June what they thought about Into Darkness, opinions would have been neutral-positive.

R2-D2 made a cameo in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' -- THEORY!


R2-D2 is one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars franchise. Some upper-level theorists argue that he is the most important character in the Star Wars mythos — a veritable Space Heisenberg, pulling the strings of galactic history behind an impassive domelike facade. (R2-D2 is bald, after all.) And the astromech droid can lay claim to a unique honor, owing in part to his incredible powers and in part to the impact he made on a young boy named Jeffrey Jacob Abrams: He’s the only Star Wars character to appear in the Star Trek franchise. It’s true! If you look very closely in 2009’s Star Trek reboot, R2-D2 appears floating through space-debris.

Now that the reboot-sequel-premake (or perhaps just “Khanquel”) Star Trek Into Darkness has hit DVD, io9 noted that R2 also has a brief cameo in the new film. This time, he’s actually on board the Enterprise. At least, he is before Evil Admiral Robocop fires at the Enterprise mid-warp, at which point R2-D2 is sent sailing into the faster-than-light continuum. Check out a screenshot of that here: READ FULL STORY

Burgerking Creamsicle? Rinkydink Curdlesnoot? Create your own Benedict Cumberbatch name parody

Ah, Benedict Cumberbatch, what would the Internet do without you? The Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star may want to be known more as an award-winning thespian, but on the web, he’s a hero to millions of adoring “Cumberbitches” (who’ve got his back) as well as the target of never-ending parodies to his awkwardly rhythmic name. Say it with me: Ben-e-dict Cum-ber-batch. Three syllables each, but so easy to spoof: Barister Cuckooclock, anyone? Tiddleywomp Cabbagepatch? Bumbleshack Crumplehorn?

The possibilities are endless, and generous Tumblr user “WandaVentham” (named for Cumberbatch’s real-life mum) has created the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator for all your parodying needs. “I say his name a lot but it takes extra effort to come up with a fun new variation each time so I got this script to do the thinking for me and maybe for you, too,” the generator creator wrote in a post introducing the site. There are a few we found in the mix that are NSFW (see for yourself) but it doesn’t take the fun away from names like Wimbledon Tennismatch.

See what combinations come (–berbatch) up for you here, and share your favorite in the comments. Who knows, the actor might just comment on the meme one day.

KHAAAAAAAAN! 'Star Trek' retro poster push wants to put 'Space Seed' on your wall

Star Trek Into Darkness introduced a new generation of moviegoers to Khan Noonien Singh (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), one of sci-fi’s greatest villains. (Assuming they hadn’t met him before in his last incarnation. They probably did. It isn’t like Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan is some obscure Solaris-esque cult classic.) Now, as the J.J. Abrams-helmed flick tries to boldly go where the franchise has never gone before (a second consecutive $200 million domestic gross; the first $400 million worldwide gross ever), a different part of multimedia Star Trek entertainment machine is commemorating/merchandising Captain Kirk’s initial tussle with the genetically augmented super-human. Yep: The Star Trek retro poster campaign is finally giving fans “Space Seed,” the 22nd episode of the mothership’s first season, with Ricardo Montalban as Khan. The artist — as always — is Juan Ortiz. Here it is again in high res. READ FULL STORY

'Suits' makes EW's Summer Must List -- the stars give us theirs

Entertainment Weekly‘s annual Summer Must List issue hits stands today, and readers eagerly awaiting the July 16 return of USA’s Suits will be happy to see the legal drama makes the cut. On May 15, we sat down with stars Gabriel Macht, 41, and Patrick J. Adams, 31, and asked what tops their lists. Their banter — which gets particularly enjoyable when the subject turns to their different tastes in music — may just tide fans over.

Entertainment Weekly: So what’s on your Summer Must List?
Patrick J. Adams: [Shouts] The Daft Punk album! I can’t stop listening to that.
Gabriel Macht: Season 1 of The Wire.
Adams: [Laughs] This is Gabriel’s Summer Must List from 10 years ago. READ FULL STORY

The Benedict Cumberbatch shower scene you DIDN'T see in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' -- VIDEO


If you’re a Cumberbitch, I won’t mince words: Go below the jump, my friends.

If you had to look up the (made-up) word “Cumberbitch,” I’ll provide some context: Star Trek Into Darkness maestros J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof have been taking some heat for a scene in their new movie, which features a gratuitous shot of star Alice Eve in her underwear. (Gratuitous female nudity in an action movie? Well, I never!)

But as Abrams pointed out on Conan last night, the scene in question came after an earlier shot of gratuitous Chris Pine shirtlessness — meaning that if anything, he and the Enterprise crew are equal-opportunity objectifiers. Abrams subsequently revealed something that may have made Tumblr explode: Star Trek villain Benedict Cumberbatch also had a shirtless scene that ended up being cut from the movie. And then the director showed a snippet of the scene in question — which finds Cumberbatch glowering in a “shower of evil.”


'Star Trek': Damon Lindelof apologizes for showing Alice Eve in her underwear. (Seriously?)


In Star Trek Into Darkness, Captain Kirk and his team take on a new foe, travel to new planets, and generally do new, sequel-y stuff. Also: New girl Alice Eve (who plays Dr. Carol Marcus) is shown in her underwear. Many (or at least a few) viewers found the scene exceptional for the way that it undercut the character’s other abilities. If she’s a super-smart scientist, why is she stripping out of her clothes for no apparent reason? Into Darkness co-writer Damon Lindelof touched on some of these concerns in a spoiler chat with MTV (warning: very spoiler-y).


'Star Trek Into Darkness': Let's talk about that ending (and Benedict Cumberbatch)

Nobody knew anything about Star Trek Into Darkness. The trailers for J.J. Abrams’ reboot-prequel-sequel were filled with mind-blowing images: Spaceships falling to earth! Spock jumping across flying vehicles! Pretty red trees! But besides a boilerplate plot description that read like a Blockbuster Sequel Mad Libs — “personal score to settle,” “epic chess game of life and death,” “sacrifices must be made” — the actual plot of Into Darkness was shrouded in mystery. And nothing was more mysterious than the film’s newest and most glamourous addition: Benedict Cumberbatch, who was playing a character named “John Harrison,” the red herringest of red herring franchise names since “John Blake.” Well, now we finally know the truth. At long last, we can all finally bask in the knowledge that has been kept hidden for so long. SPOILER ALERT from here, because ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to introduce: READ FULL STORY

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