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Tom Daley's 2013 calendar: Wet, shirtless enough for you?

British diver Tom Daley, who earned the 10m platform bronze medal at the London Games in between NBC shots of him showering, drew our attention today with his 2013 calendar. Our review:

Cover shot (pictured): A. We like the tease. It leaves something to the imagination… like why is he having so much trouble with that shirt? Spoiler alert: He figures it out in January!

Inside photos: C. He’s wearing a shirt that actually covers those abs in May, June, and September. Flip, flip, flip. The three shots of him diving somehow feel out-of-place. And neither of the photos used from heat magazine’s “sexy Clark Kent style photo-shoot” were this one (we loved him in glasses).

Read more:
Olympics recap, Day 15: NBC loves to bait Usain Bolt, plus Top 5 shots of Tom Daley showering

NASCAR's Tony Stewart gets handsy on pit road -- VIDEO

Reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart goosed DeLane Harvick, the wife of fellow driver Kevin Harvick, before Sunday’s race. ESPN’s camera captured it. Watch it below, and you’ll understand why NASCAR fans don’t mind sitting through lengthy pre-race coverage (and rain delays, when the drivers mingle with TV commentators and provide choice sound bites). Stewart is good friends with the Harvicks, who are known for their senses of humor and pranks, so apparently it’s all good. DeLana dubbed Stewart #sneakyassgrabber on Twitter.  READ FULL STORY

Pro football in Hollywood: Why America's favorite sport is constantly flagged in the theaters

When the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants kick off the 2012 National Football League season tonight, so begins another epic roller-coaster adventure towards the Super Bowl. Sometimes, football seems like the closest thing America has to a national religion, and some of sports’ greatest and most dramatic moments unfolded on the gridiron, while tens of millions of fans watched on television. No wonder such memorable plays are tagged with nicknames like the Immaculate Reception, the Hail Mary, and the Music City Miracle.

It’s the ultimate team sport, and the game is often breathtaking in its complexity and its brutality. But while its popularity is indisputable and its supremacy as a television draw unrivaled, Hollywood and the NFL have never really clicked. READ FULL STORY

College football season kicks off: What are your favorite music traditions?

College football season officially begins tonight, and after Penn State made news earlier this week for cutting “Sweet Caroline” from its Beaver Stadium playlist — not because of the “touching me/touching you” lyric, the university’s spokesman insists, but because the song’s overused at other venues and “has no real origination here at Penn State” – we started wondering what music traditions are specific to certain colleges. It could be a song played over the loud-speaker (like “Sweet Caroline”), but even better, make it a tune played by the university’s band at each home game. Go!

As someone who grew up in Happy Valley, I always look forward to Penn State’s Blue Band playing “Hey! Baby” at the end of the third quarter: READ FULL STORY

Imagining 'Space Jam 2' -- starring LeBron James

On some level, every basketball player in the post-Jordan era wants to be like Mike — and LeBron James is no exception. Like Jordan, James snagged an incredibly lucrative contract with Nike and has starred in a series of iconic commercials. He’s also dabbled in acting and hosted Saturday Night Live, just like the former Chicago Bull — although Jordan never did a cameo on Entourage. Now the Heat’s superstar has set his sights on another Jordinian achievement: Starring in a sequel to everyone’s favorite aliens-vs.-Looney-Tunes adventure.

On Sunday, James was asked on Twitter if he loved the movie Space Jam. LeBron’s answer? “I love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2!”

The idea really isn’t so crazy. Although movies starring NBA greats aren’t always slam dunks, Space Jam is an exception — the film was a financial success, grossing over $230 million worldwide. (And that’s in 1996 dollars!) Looney Tunes: Back in Action wasn’t nearly as big at the box office in 2003, but it didn’t focus on sports and tried to replace MJ with Brendan Fraser. A Space Jam sequel could be just what the franchise needs to get back in the game — especially if a lightning rod player like James is in the Jordan role.

So, what might the plot for Space Jam 2: It’s Good 2 Be the King entail? Picture this: READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'True Blood' season ends, but the political season kicks off. Plus: Alanis, 'Lawless', and more!

We’re nearing the end of the dog days of summer, which means it’s time for summer finales, fall TV on the horizon, the political conventions getting underway, and (soon) a coveted Labor Day off. This week has True Blood wrapping up in all its gore, Alanis putting out a new jam, and Doctor Who kicking off its seventh BBC America season (but actually its 50th year on TV – wow). Have a great week!

True Blood season 5 finale, 9 p.m., HBO

True Blood’s fifth season has been gory, creepy, and intense – with more sups, more death, and loads of flashbacks. Will we find out what the deal is finally with Lafayette and all those spirits? Will the Vampire wars come to a head? Will Bill and Eric emerge as friends or mortal (er, immortal) enemies? True Blood season 5 wraps Sunday, so get your mind reading skills in shape.


'Scandal': Allyson Felix attempts to 'run' the show

Terrible pun! This is really cute: Allyson Felix, who won the women’s 200m dash at the London Olympics (sniff!), mentioned in interviews that during her down time before racing, she’d been marathoning — a.k.a. watching the entire first season of ABC’s Scandal! Creator Shonda Rhimes immediately invited the smiley sprinter to visit the set. Looks like she fits in perfectly. Vote Felix/Jeter in 2012!

Felix plans to become an elementary school teacher like her mom — but maybe she could guest star on this show first? Every good educator could use a scandal or two under her belt. Click through to see two more shots of her visit. READ FULL STORY

Behind the scenes at David Beckham's underwear ad shoot -- PHOTO

You’d think that we’d be tired of seeing soccer stud David Beckham in his skivvies by now, but just the opposite is true. Each scantily clad image of Becks seems to be better than the last. The latest photo to feast your eyes on comes from a shoot for H&M’s Beckham bodywear collection. READ FULL STORY

Gabby Douglas and Michelle Obama talk healthy eating -- and McDonald's -- on Leno

On Monday night, Jay Leno’s couch welcomed a pair of American icons: First Lady Michelle Obama and Flying Squirrel Gabby Douglas, a certified Olympic stud in an appropriately gold skirt. One has dedicated the past three and a half years to getting the nation’s kids moving; the other proves what’s possible for someone who embraces an active lifestyle. But even superheroes have their weaknesses. Before detailing her strict training diet (acorns protein, protein, and more protein), Douglas admitted to The Chin that she did “splurge” on a single Egg McMuffin once the competition in London was over. That’s when Obama leaned over and said, “You’re setting me back, Gabby.”

See the cholesterol-filled exchange below — and stick around to learn what Kate Middleton admires about Team USA, how a homesick Douglas got through her lowest moment, and whether the gymnast intends to compete in the 2016 Rio Games. (Joked Leno: “Only four years until your next Egg McMuffin!”)


POLL: Who is the All-Around Stud of the 2012 Olympics?

Throughout the 2012 Olympics, we here at PopWatch have been awarding the most esteemed honorific of the XXX Olympiad: The Olympic Stud of the Day. Some days, it’s been superstars like Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, or Usain Bolt. Other days, it’s been unexpected heroes like U.S. sprinter/comeback story Bryshon Nellum, Dutch high bar wizard Epke Zonderland, or British women’s pairs rowers Heather Stanning and Helen Glover, the first athletes from the host nation to score a gold medal.

But now that the London Games are coming to a close, it is time to turn the final honor over to you, PopWatchers: Who is the All-Around Stud of the 2012 Olympics? READ FULL STORY

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