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Ryan Lochte interview leaves anchors in stitches -- VIDEO

If you need a laugh right about now, you’ll want to watch this. Good Day, the morning show on Philadelphia’s Fox 29, did a satellite interview yesterday with Ryan Lochte, who’s promoting Sunday’s premiere of his E! reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do?. Here’s the full interview. Below is the part you’ll care about — anchors Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones laughing uncontrollably afterward. She almost loses a false eyelash from crying. READ FULL STORY

'Old-school' Carmelo Anthony tunes up for NBA playoffs with some Frank Sinatra

The first round of the NBA playoffs begin tomorrow with a 3 p.m. showdown between the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. The Knicks — who secured the second seed in the Eastern Conference — had their best regular season in 15 years, due in no small part to Carmelo Anthony, the NBA’s leading scorer. We’ll leave the more intricate hoops talk to the experts, but EW caught up with Anthony to ask about his must-see-TV, what’s on heavy rotation on his iPod, and the last movie he saw with his son. (Hint: a different kind of ballgame).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What kind of music do you like to listen to before a big game?
I try to put my iPod on shuffle. But I try not to listen to real upbeat music — I try to stay mellow. I’m around a lot of athletes and everyone has their headphones on. I’m always trying to figure out what everyone is listening to. And you can tell a lot about a person’s personality in their choice in music. Before a game, some people have it turned all the way up, super loud, super hype. And some people like to go super mellow to stay quiet and focused. READ FULL STORY

'One Shining Moment': Louisville cuts down the nets

The tournament started 22 days ago, the final game didn’t tip off until 9:23 ET last night, and Lousiville didn’t cut down the nets til close to midnight. But the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, that annual spring bug better known as March Madness, isn’t officially over until “One Shining Moment,” the post-final montage that captures all the blood, sweat, and tears of the Big Dance.

I’m sure the CBS video technicians can put these three minutes together in their sleep by now: cue smiling cheerleaders, the mascots, the band, the opening tip, and then off and running to the slams, the Cinderellas, the tears, and the final “shining moment.” It can’t erase the horror of your disaster office bracket, but weren’t Florida Gulf Coast and Wichita State fun to watch while it lasted?

See it again below: READ FULL STORY

Baseball's Opening Day: The day your pre-season high hopes go to die

Opening Day of the season is very special to all baseball fans, but especially to those in cities like Pittsburgh, Miami, and Minneapolis, where the first pitch delivers hope to loyal fans who are accustomed to — or expecting — long, losing summers. No errors have been made yet, no bad calls by the umps, no called third-strikes with the bases loaded. This could be the year for the [insert your team’s name here], folks.

Here in New York, it’s been a tale of two cities in recent years, as the Mets have been Amazin’ in all the wrong ways while the Yankees have maintained a level of excellence that is both awesome and somewhat joyless. But even that may change this year — no thanks to the Mets — as the Bronx Bombers fielded a team this afternoon in their home-opener against the rival Boston Red Sox that left many Yankees fans scratching their heads and asking, “Who are these guys?” READ FULL STORY

Mr. T scores at NHL game, but more importantly, makes awesome 'Rocky III' reference -- VIDEO

On Tuesday night, Mr. T took part in a “Shoot the Puck” promotion during the Calgary Flames-Chicago Blackhawks game in the Windy City. As you’ll see in the video below, he managed to score a goal from center ice. Impressive! But even more so was him comparing organizers asking him to shoot the remaining pucks to Rocky Balboa asking him for a rematch in Rocky III. Enjoy! READ FULL STORY

Florida Gulf Coast wrecked your NCAA bracket! Isn't it awesome!

Even if you picked Georgetown to make this year’s Final Four in your office March Madness pool, it’s difficult not to be rooting for Florida Gulf Coast University, which became the first No. 15-seed ever to reach the Sweet 16 after the high-flying Eagles upset the No. 2-seed Hoyas and No. 7 San Diego State. FGCU has a thousand great underdog storylines, beginning with the fact that every one of its players is older than the college itself, which only opened its doors in Fort Myers in 1997. The Eagles’ coach, Andy Enfield, built an impressive professional and college coaching resume upon his shooting expertise — he was a record-breaking scorer at Johns Hopkins University, where he set NCAA marks as a free-throw shooter — but this is only his second year as a head coach. For leading the Eagles to their first NCAA Tournament, FGCU presented him with a bonus of… $5,000, a paltry sum in the world of top-tier NCAA basketball coaches. Fortunately for Enfield, he cashed out of a lucrative Wall Street job before re-entering the coaching ranks and money isn’t a huge issue. (Of course, there’s also the matter of his attractive model wife…)

But all that is background noise to what the Eagles have been doing on the court. They aren’t just beating more famous teams; they’re beating more famous teams: Out-shooting them, out-hustling them, and most certainly out-jumping them. In two NCAA Tournament games, they’ve padded their highlight reel with enough amazing alley-oops and powerful slam dunks to wallpaper an entire college dorm room with posters of spectacular slams. Only the Eagles aren’t surprised, as they are playing the game with absolutely no fear, wagging their tongues after draining threes, celebrating rim-rattling jams with a chicken dance, and crowing about life in “Dunk City,” their nickname for Fort Myers.

For their Cinderella success, they’re rewarded with a date with powerhouse Florida later this week, the ultimate in-state Goliath to their David. Against the heavily-favored Gators, FGCU is like the Hickory Huskers from Hoosiers, that is if Jimmy Chitwood could break a team’s back with a fast-break alley-oop dunk.

Check out the “Dunk City” music video below — come for the mad rhymes, stay for the real game highlights. READ FULL STORY

President Obama makes his March Madness picks -- VIDEO

President Obama has turned against Nate Silver!

…in his NCAA Tournament bracket.

The president shared his Barack-etology picks for this year’s Final Four with ESPN’s Andy Katz, and he went against top-seeded Louisville, who famed numbers-cruncher Silver considers the favorite to win the tournament. To be fair, Obama didn’t exactly go out on a limb, picking Silver’s second choice, Indiana, to beat Louisville in the finals in Atlanta. In fact, the president seems to have a keen appreciation for the numbers that Silver tabulates, since they each selected three of the same four teams to reach the Final Four.

Watch the President below, as he cops to his Big-10 bias, sends Notre Dame home early for their horrible neon green uniforms, and explains who Joe Biden wants to see go all the way. Orange you going to take a guess? READ FULL STORY

Taylor Kitsch sighting! -- PHOTO

What is the news here my editor you might ask? For those of us still invested in his career (and the length of his hair, it’s longer!), it’s that we haven’t seen many photos of Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch since he was promoting Savages in June 2012. Last night, the former Canadian Junior Hockey League player was snapped enjoying the Ducks-Kings game in L.A. with a small beer, a big grin, and a Riggins-esque wardrobe. In short, we’re as happy as he looks in this pic. READ FULL STORY

Clueless news anchor to Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah: 'Haven't you run before?' -- VIDEO

And this is why you always do a quick Wikipedia scan before interviewing someone on live television.

New Orleans news anchor LaTonya Norton briefly spoke with runner Mo Farah yesterday after he slayed the competition in that city’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, blazing through the 13.1-mile course in a record 61 minutes. After offering her congratulations, Norton asked Farah, “Now, haven’t you run before?” — apparently ignorant of the fact that the British-Somali track and field star won a pair of gold medals in London during last year’s Olympics.

To his credit, Farah took the whole thing in stride. Rather than calling out Norton on her mistake, he said only that he’s done half-marathons before — just not in New Orleans. And the word “Olympics” never comes up once in the whole two-minute segment. Watch his and Norton’s awkward exchange below.


'Luck' writer John Perrotta gives his favorite racetrack characters new life online

John Perrotta was a racetrack lifer when he got the call from David Milch in 2008 to come to California to join the writing staff for Luck. He’d represented jockeys and managed the stables owned by billionaire breeders for decades, so he was the perfect person to bring authenticity to the gritty drama that starred Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte. His Luck cohort Bill Barich recently wrote in an essay for Narrative Magazine that Milch liked to say that Perrotta “knows where the bodies are buried,” but that’s just a Milch-ian way of saying that his pal knows everything there is to know about the sport of thoroughbred racing, from the barns to the jockey club to the luxury boxes. And while Luck‘s demise was ugly, with HBO pulling the plug after one low-rated season and a cloud of bad publicity surrounding the deaths of three horses, Perrotta and the show’s small but dedicated following still aren’t ready to say goodbye to the colorful collection of characters that roamed Santa Anita for just nine episodes.

Last week, Perrotta posted “Out of Luck … Buy Low, Sell High” on America’s Best Racing website, resurrecting the show’s characters and picking up their stories several months after the season 1 finale. Ace’s prize pony ran in the Kentucky Derby; Walter Smith kept his colt out of the big race, perhaps to steer clear of harsh questions into his mysterious past; and Jerry headed to Las Vegas to compete in the World Series of Poker. Perrotta calls it fan-fiction, nothing more, but for followers of the show and people who saw something poetic in the lives of the people and horses that collide at the track, it’s both exciting and bittersweet to meet these characters again.

Perrotta, who’s now the agent for Hall of Fame jockey and Luck star Gary Stevens, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his plans for his blog — a second “episode” debuts later today — and how he’s still mourning Luck‘s cancellation.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Reading your first blog post — your first episode, I should say — I realized how much I missed these characters, especially those Degenerate gambles. Was it cathartic to revisit them, after what happened with the show, or painful?
JOHN PERROTTA: I loved them all so much, and they are real people to me. The jockey agent and the jockeys and the Degenerate gamblers were all people that I’ve lived most of my life with. The trainers, especially. I’ve known those guys. I was surprised at the reaction [the blog post] got, but in retrospect I’m not surprised now because as the characters are real to me, then when you read more about them, you don’t need to see it. You can imagine it. So when I talk about Goose or Marcus and those guys, you can put a face on them. READ FULL STORY

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