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'Splash' winner is [spoiler, on the off chance you care!]

As extreme skier Rory Bushfield (pictured, with Baywatch‘s Nicole Eggert) said, “I don’t think any skier would be impressed if I got beat by a couple of actors.” So who, in the hilarious words of Joey Lawrence’s cohost Charissa Thompson, was crowned “the greatest celebrity diver of all-time in our first-ever Splash grand finale?” READ FULL STORY

Forbes names Tim Tebow America's Most Influential Athlete... proving that NFL teams don't read Forbes

A mathematical formula is only useful if it confirms what the observer knows to be empirically true, like two plus two is four. Applying that logic to something more complex, if I told you that I had a system that could quantify and rank the biggest movie stars of all time, you would be immediately skeptical if my calculations insisted the top 3 were Emilio Estevez, Burt Reynolds, and George Raft. All three actors were stars, of course, but clearly, my movie-star algorithm has a few kinks.

So when Forbes magazine announced that Tim Tebow is the Most Influential Athlete in America, I immediately questioned the whole premise. After all, even though Tebow achieved folk-hero status as quarterback of the Florida Gators and the Denver Broncos, he was recently cut by the the New York Jets after a humiliating season sitting on the bench of a losing team. No other NFL team has picked him up since. Is it really conceivable that an athlete who can’t even persuade an NFL team to give him a chance is sport’s most influential figure?

Yet there he is, ranked in front of the future Hall of Famer (and Saturday Night Live all-star) who displaced him in Denver, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, and LeBron James. What gives? Where are the athletes who I actually see on TV commercials, like Phil Mickelson, the Williams sisters, or Danica Patrick? Did the cool kids decide that “Influential” really meant “Overhyped” without telling me?

Click below for the Forbes Top 10 list, full of NFL QBs and Olympic stars basking in the glow of London. READ FULL STORY

Matthew Perry puckers up for the LA Kings' Kiss Cam -- VIDEO

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, and yesterday’s Game 3 between the LA Kings and St. Louis Blues brought out the stars, including Taylor Kitsch, Eric Stonestreet, and Matthew Perry. Only one of them, however, got caught on the Kiss Cam. See who Perry smooches in the video below. We don’t want to spoil it for you. READ FULL STORY

Jason Collins on 'Good Morning America': 'I think the country is ready for supporting an openly gay basketball player' -- VIDEO

Jason Collins became the first openly gay pro athlete in a major U.S. team sport yesterday after his personal revelation in a Sports Illustrated cover story. Today, Good Morning America snagged an interview with Collins to discuss his decision and his amazing last 24 hours. ”[You] just try to live an honest, genuine life and the next thing you know you have the president calling you,” said Collins, who spoke to President Obama after his announcement. ”He was incredibly supportive and he was proud of me and said that this not only affected my life but others going forward.”

When George Stephanopoulos mentioned tennis legend Martina Navratilova, Collins said he hoped he could be someone’s role model in the same way that she had been for him. Stephanopoulos asked Collins what he would say to a 12-year-old boy practicing basketball now, who happens to be gay. ”It doesn’t matter that you’re gay,” Collins said. ”But a key thing is that it’s about basketball. It’s about working hard. It’s about sacrificing for your team. It’s all about dedication and that’s what he should focus on.”

Collins added, ”But when you finally get to that point of acceptance, there’s nothing more beautiful than just allowing yourself to really be happy and be comfortable in your own skin.”

Click below for a video clip:

NBA player Jason Collins comes out: 5 powerful quotes from his 'Sports Illustrated' article

NBA center Jason Collins authored a piece for Sports Illustrated today that began with three very powerful sentences: ”I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” Many have noted that this makes Collins the first openly gay male major American professional sports player and Collins explained that this is one of the reasons he felt it was time to speak. Collins wrote eloquently about his journey through the NBA, as well as his journey from keeping a big secret about himself to coming out and feeling comfortable in his own skin. The piece is incredibly honest and raw and Collins’ bravery has been praised all over the Internet this morning. Bill Clinton tweeted ”I’m proud to call Jason Collins a friend,”  the NBA Commissioner David Stern issued a statement ending, ”We are proud [Collins] has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue,” and Jason Collins’ Twitter following has skyrocketed from about 4,000 to over 18,000 and growing.

However, along with praise there have been a number of ugly comments as well. The Sports Illustrated comments section is littered with posts of Collins’ ”sins, ”deviance,” and other homophobia. Although now, it looks like comments have been shut off on the story. In his writing, Collins joked ”… if I’m up against an intolerant player, I’ll set a pretty hard pick on him. And then move on.”

The whole editorial is definitely worth a read (click over to SI here), here are five particularly powerful quotes: READ FULL STORY

Durham Bulls celebrate 25th anniversary of 'Bull Durham' in awesome(ly bad) ways

To honor Bull Durham, the 1988 film that made both their team and comical minor league baseball ballpark promotions famous, the Durham Bulls are hosting movie-themed activities throughout their 2013 home schedule. Cue the “Bull Durham Racers,” people wearing mascot-size costumes of Nuke, Crash, and Annie, who run across the warning track and then mingle with the crowd for photo ops. Check out a video below.

Trivia contests are also planned, along with videos of current and past players reciting famous lines from the Kevin Costner-Susan Sarandon film. Other tributes include the “Nuke Dog” at concession stands, various giveaway items, and Bull Durham-era throwback jerseys worn by the team at all Saturday home games (which will be auctioned off for charity at season’s end). If you’re a diehard Bull Durham fan with some vacation time, you may want to head to North Carolina on Sunday, June 16, when the players will also wear those throwback jerseys for a “game-long tribute to the film coinciding with the exact weekend it was released a quarter century ago.” Hope you enjoy that, visiting team (Indianapolis Indians)! And you know that bull mascot is goin’ down. READ FULL STORY

Ryan Lochte interview leaves anchors in stitches -- VIDEO

If you need a laugh right about now, you’ll want to watch this. Good Day, the morning show on Philadelphia’s Fox 29, did a satellite interview yesterday with Ryan Lochte, who’s promoting Sunday’s premiere of his E! reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do?. Here’s the full interview. Below is the part you’ll care about — anchors Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones laughing uncontrollably afterward. She almost loses a false eyelash from crying. READ FULL STORY

'Old-school' Carmelo Anthony tunes up for NBA playoffs with some Frank Sinatra

The first round of the NBA playoffs begin tomorrow with a 3 p.m. showdown between the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. The Knicks — who secured the second seed in the Eastern Conference — had their best regular season in 15 years, due in no small part to Carmelo Anthony, the NBA’s leading scorer. We’ll leave the more intricate hoops talk to the experts, but EW caught up with Anthony to ask about his must-see-TV, what’s on heavy rotation on his iPod, and the last movie he saw with his son. (Hint: a different kind of ballgame).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What kind of music do you like to listen to before a big game?
I try to put my iPod on shuffle. But I try not to listen to real upbeat music — I try to stay mellow. I’m around a lot of athletes and everyone has their headphones on. I’m always trying to figure out what everyone is listening to. And you can tell a lot about a person’s personality in their choice in music. Before a game, some people have it turned all the way up, super loud, super hype. And some people like to go super mellow to stay quiet and focused. READ FULL STORY

'One Shining Moment': Louisville cuts down the nets

The tournament started 22 days ago, the final game didn’t tip off until 9:23 ET last night, and Lousiville didn’t cut down the nets til close to midnight. But the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, that annual spring bug better known as March Madness, isn’t officially over until “One Shining Moment,” the post-final montage that captures all the blood, sweat, and tears of the Big Dance.

I’m sure the CBS video technicians can put these three minutes together in their sleep by now: cue smiling cheerleaders, the mascots, the band, the opening tip, and then off and running to the slams, the Cinderellas, the tears, and the final “shining moment.” It can’t erase the horror of your disaster office bracket, but weren’t Florida Gulf Coast and Wichita State fun to watch while it lasted?

See it again below: READ FULL STORY

Baseball's Opening Day: The day your pre-season high hopes go to die

Opening Day of the season is very special to all baseball fans, but especially to those in cities like Pittsburgh, Miami, and Minneapolis, where the first pitch delivers hope to loyal fans who are accustomed to — or expecting — long, losing summers. No errors have been made yet, no bad calls by the umps, no called third-strikes with the bases loaded. This could be the year for the [insert your team's name here], folks.

Here in New York, it’s been a tale of two cities in recent years, as the Mets have been Amazin’ in all the wrong ways while the Yankees have maintained a level of excellence that is both awesome and somewhat joyless. But even that may change this year — no thanks to the Mets — as the Bronx Bombers fielded a team this afternoon in their home-opener against the rival Boston Red Sox that left many Yankees fans scratching their heads and asking, “Who are these guys?” READ FULL STORY

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