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Toy Fair 2007: Spidey, spuds, and too-realistically-masculine dolls

Spidey_lEvery February I geek out over Toy Fair. I know I shouldn’t, I’m almost 30, but Idon’t think I’ll ever get over it. The show was chock full of licensed"stuff" (nothing groundbreaking) for the upcoming Transformers,Spider-Man 3, Ratatouille, and Golden Compass films. The stand-out was the Spider-Man Deluxe Spinning WebBlaster from Hasbro. I never knew shooting black and white sillystring, uh… I mean "web fluid", would be so engrossing. And then there was the Mr.Potato Head Spider Spud that came with enough parts to change him back toPeter Parker Potato. Sexy.

Here’s a quick smattering of other items that got myattention:


Tobey who? Snoopy is the new Spidey!

What do you get when you send the philosophical kids of Charles Schulz’s classic Peanuts cartoon into the Marvel comics universe? Peppermint Patty Phoenix? Spider-Man Snoopy? Daredevil Charlie Brown? Click here (scroll down) to see the amusing results for yourself.

Trailer Blazer: 'Spider-Man 3'

94813__spiderman_lWas the hype for last night’s "premiere" of the new Spider-Man 3 trailer (watch it here) warranted? Let’s see, we got:
- Tobey in the superhot black Spidey suit.
- Tobey busting out of the superhot black Spidey suit.
- The comfort of knowing that likable Thomas Haden Church (Sandman) will, in fact, have a post-Oscar nod career.
- The reminder that while Kirsten Dunst’s voice can be annoying ("Do you wanna push me away?"), we’d much rather watch her than Kate Bosworth.
- The realization that Harry is actually the only role we care to see James Franco in (or is that just my experience watching the Annapolis trailer talking?).
- Proof that Topher Grace is always a welcome sight (although EW.com poster Phil has already taken issue with his highlights).
- Plans for May 4, 2007.
What did you think?

Attention citizens! You will not escape the 'Spidey 3' trailer

Remember when an "event" didn’t need ironic air quotes around it? Nope, me neither. I’ve lived my entire adult life inside the hype machine. For me, every new divorce or moderately funny YouTube video merits a news blast. I can hardly separate events from "events" any more. For example, I understand something rather important happened yesterday. Somebody got kicked to the curb after a long and fruitless occupation… it was either this guy, or this guy, or both. Dunno. I can’t make those sorts of distinctions anymore.

That said… y’all, I am super-psyched about the debut of tonight’s full, two-and-a-half-minute Spider-Man 3 trailer! It’s gonna be "roadblocked" across all the Viacom networks (CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime, The Sumner Redstone’s Fishtank Channel, etc.) at about 10pm. Yes, "roadblocked." Don’t you like it when a theoretically fun leisure activity is characterized as something aggressive and compulsory? Like the upcoming Christmas Blockade and Thanksgiving Checkpoint.


Movie sequel titles: Is it all in the numbers?

Pop quiz! Which movie would you rather see: A) Daredevil 2 or B) Daredevil: Taking It to the Streets?

If you chose A or B, you are required by PopWatch law to click here for a story in The New York Times about inane research on whether folks prefer movie sequels with titles that include numbers (megahit Spider-Man 2, for example) or names (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life).

If you answered "neither," then you get an A+ and a free link to today’s Official PopWatch ’80s Video of the Day (click here). You also get to read the Cliffs Notes version of the Times story, brought to you by the good people at Movie City News: "Yet Another Utterly Idiotic Academic Paper Given More Mindless Promotion By The Paper of Record… Please Alert Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3, And TF&TF: Tokyo Drift."

Carnage a Trois: 'Spider-Man,' 'Rush Hour'

152731__jeanclaude_lWith Spiderfans still panting from last weekend’s arachno-rockin’ Spider-Man 3 teaser, another morsel surfaces, this one decidedly SPOILER-LIKE. (Don’t click the word "morsel" unless you’re prepared to have a plot point revealed.) The accompanying commentary muses that this seemingly mythology-shaking story point may in fact be a dream sequence.

What’s not a dream sequence? Apparently, the participation of one Jean-Claude Van Damme (pictured) in the shadowy Manhattan Project known as Rush Hour III. Rumor has it, he’ll play the villain. Which means he’ll fight Jackie Chan — hopefully in the guise of a high-kicking Hasid, a la The Order (a movie that, sadly, forever fused klezmer and Van Damme in my mind.)

Van Damme vs. Chan — damn! Neither’s in his prime, and Van Damme may not even be in his original body. But he’d make a fine Rush Hour villain, methinks, especially one named "Bruno Cavalier," which may be the most glorious movie name since Karl Hungus.

Goldurnit, Ratner! You got me again. I’m kind of looking forward to this now. Not quite as much as I’m looking forward to this, but close.

addCredit(“Jean-Claude Van Damme: Jesse Grant/WireImage.com”)

Trailer Blazer: 'Spider-Man 3' teaser

153119__spider_lJust posted at Apple today, in time for Tobey Maguire’s 31st birthday, the spankin’ new Spider-Man 3 teaser features a prominent cameo by the fabled black suit, as well as a glimpse of the really cool Sandman effect, a fetchingly blonde Bryce Dallas Howard (as Peter Parker love interest Gwen Stacy), an awed Topher Grace (as Eddie Brock), a great final shot (pictured), and the suitably anguished emoting of Mr. Maguire. I know Superman Returns comes out tomorrow, but Spider-Man 3 is now officially the superhero movie I can’t wait to see. Only 311 more days…

Spider-Man comes out -- and just in time!

151811__spider_lThese superheroes, man. Why they gotta throw it in your face?

Spider-Man has come out… as Peter Parker. It’s in the latest edition of Marvel’s "Civil War" story arc. In the Marvel-verse, there’s apparently a debate raging over secret identities, with some heroes feeling they should stand and be counted (and registered) from purposes of transparency and safety. Others (including ultrapatriot Captain America) disagree.

Forgive me, but I’ve got to question the timing of this announcement. Just as Superman’s buzz builds (along with his own set of coming-out rumors), Spidey jumps into the limelight with his own unmasking. I’m not making any accusations. I’m just saying: Maybe a certain arachnoid emo-boy is aligning his politics with his publicity machine.

Again, I’m not slinging mud. But superheroes know how the game works. Don’t be surprised when the Blue Beetle files a frivolous lawsuit against Volkswagen on June 27.

'Spider-Man 3': He believes he can fly

14046__spiderman_lIn our continuing quest to bring you every scrap of Spider-crap we can scrounge up, we give you these images from the shoot — which is, at the moment, still in New York. The caption for that first one might read, "Does this Spider-suit make my ass look fat?" The answer, oddly, is yes. But "Spider-ass" is simply another arachnoid attribute he’s inherited. And he got off easy. Look at the junk in the trunk on this dude. And you wouldn’t want to find one of these in your sleeping bag.

But we can do better than static fan pics, people. There’s video too! Actual moving pictures! In this incredibly revealing clip, it’s revealed that, um, that people really seem to like Spider-Man. And that’s a bit of a revelation, I suppose: After feeling put-upon and unloved for most of Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker’s finally getting the bouquets he wanted. And here comes Venom to screw all that up. Venom! You stinker! You want to kick my man’s ass? Be warned, bucko: There’s a lot to kick.

'Spider-Man 3': More villains?

You’d think three villains — Venom (Topher Grace), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), and the new Green Goblin (James Franco) — would be enough to slake the geekthirst of any Spider-fan. But according to this scoop from Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad, there is another.

Yes, a fourth villain will be announced sometime around Comic-Con. Might it be Lizard, the horribly mutated alter ego of Peter Parker’s scientific mentor, Dr. Connors (played by the probably-too-good-for-this-and-that’s-as-it-should-be actor Dylan Baker in Spider-Man 2)? Are we looking at a Kingpin scenario here? Or maybe it’s one of these scrubs. Let the wild speculation begin!

And with it, a question: How many villains is too many? Has the continuing success of the X-Men franchise convinced Marvel and Hollywood that there can never be too many baddies (or goodies, for that matter)? Is there no such thing as "creep creep"?

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