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Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah, PopWatchers! I am celebrating with this classic (and R-rated) South Park clip.

I just can’t play the Adam Sandler song again. I…just can’t.

Sound Bites: Best TV clip of the week?

Why watch an entire week’s worth of TV when you can just watch EW.com’s Sound Bites? There are so many reasons. Thousands, really. But watch this anyway. My name is @EWAnnieBarrett and I happen to enjoy showing people clips of Larry David wearing women’s panties.

'Sound Bites': Vote for this week's funniest TV

Are you confident in your sexualité, just like Mariska Hargitay? Good for you! You should watch our Sound Bites video after the jump! Vote for your favorite clip in the poll, or nominate your own line from this week’s TV in the comments. And if you have suggestions for next week’s show, or just want to share your feelings about The Net, email me or tweet me @EWAnnieBarrett.


Post-Halloween Clip du Jour: Christopher Walken reads Lady Gaga

Halloween is over, but Christopher Walken’s powerful dramatic reading of Lady Gaga’s eminent piece of poetry, “Poker Face,” on BBC1’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross will boast a YouTube time stamp of Oct. 31, 2009 forever. Witness a haunting lyrical miracle, below.

I already like Walken’s interpretation better than Lady Gaga’s, but the jury’s still out for me on whether Eric Cartman’s more “melodic” effort on last week’s South Park (featured at the end of last week’s Sound Bites video and embedded after the jump — that song takes on a whole different meaning with a guttural male voice, huh?) was more effective than Walken’s. Who wore it better? Oh, well. It’s not a contest. I mean: Ohhhhhhhhhh! READ FULL STORY

'Sound Bites': Your favorite TV clip this week?

This week, in an extra-creepy Sound Bites: Michael Scott can’t suit his way out of inadequacy, Castle pays homage to Firefly, Natalie Portman trips out on Top Chef, 30 Rock‘s Jenna spoils the secret behind Lost, and much more. Oh, and everyone gets to dress up for Halloween, even delusional entertainment writers who think half-baked Dancing With the Stars costumes are fabulous. Vote for your favorite featured clip after the jump, or nominate your own in the comments! If you have noms for next week’s show, email me or tweet them to @EWAnnieBarrett. Boo.

Sound Bites: Vote for the best TV clip of the week!

This week in Sound Bites: Jason Schwartzman helps me find contact info for Chuck Bass, Glee paid homage to Clueless and didn’t even know it, and I badly impersonate Sesame Street‘s The Count. Like 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy, I’m honestly not trying to make this sound gay; it’s just happening. Thanks to everyone who sent in Sound Bites nominations here and on Twitter (@EWAnnieBarrett)! Calorie fest starts 3 p.m. Watch the madness, then vote below. Laser shield!

'Sound Bites': Vote for the best TV clip of the week

In this week’s Sound Bites — brought to you by racial profiling, half-assed cheer moves, and gay magic — Tina Fey and Ted Danson duke it out for MVP, Jane Lynch proves she is composed of solid white gold, I do a truly horrible Oprah impression, and we do know what Butters is saying. Stare motionlessly at mathematical equations while listening to “Eye of the Tiger” and then press play below for the best of this week’s TV.

'Sound Bites': TV's best lines this week?

In this week’s episode of Sound Bites: The late-night hosts react to the Letterman situation, The Office has a wedding party and everybody comes…down the aisle, our Twitter followers go Swimfan levels of crazy for Glee, Jacko comes back to life on South Park, and…sandwiches. Sentences? SANDWICHES. Plus: I stick to my #1 policy: When there’s a will to relate anything/everything to Arrested Development, there’s a way. Can you blame me? Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken? Press play below.

'South Park' Kanye West 'gay fish' episode to re-air

Normally, Kanye West’s puppy-stomping on the VMAs last night would be exactly the kind of celebrity misbehavior perfect for parody on South Park. Except South Park already delivered the perfect Kanye-skewering episode five months ago, which is why Comedy Central will re-air it tomorrow for two straight hours, starting at 9 p.m. ET. If you’re unfamiliar with the insta-brills episode (read our original take on it), entitled “Fishsticks,” this clip (with some NSFW language) should get you up to speed:

How good was this episode? Instead of an ALL CAPS rant, it got Kanye to apologize for his out-of-control ego — now that is some good TV. Will you re-watch the episode, PopWatchers? Or do you think this is exactly the kind of attention the rapper/genius/homosexual haddock lives on?

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