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New 'South Park' references death of Osama bin Laden

Boy, those guys are good: Just three days after President Obama announced to the nation that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan, Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to work a reference to the event into Wednesday night’s new episode of South Park. Poking fun at Comedy Central’s recent Comedy Awards, Jimmy and other special ed students hold an awards ceremony celebrating the world’s funniest (Ben Stiller, Jimmy himself, and Tyler Perry were award winners — the latter winning the Kathy Griffin Award, given to the celebrity most likely to show up). It goes awry, however, when the Germans get wind that they’ve been labeled the least funny people in the world. (SPOILERS AHEAD) READ FULL STORY

'South Park' is on TV tonight, but I'll watch online tomorrow. What TV do you only watch on the Web?

South Park has a brilliant history of capitalizing on the news of the day for its story lines, which is why the show’s fans will be eagerly flipping on their TVs tonight to see if Trey Parker and Matt Stone will address the death of Osama bin Laden on this week’s episode.

Well, at least some of those fans. Me? I’ll be “tuning in” tomorrow on my computer, watching the episode via South Park‘s official website. For one thing, Wednesday nights just have too much other television for me to take in (thanks, American Idol, for those continued 90 minute marathons). For another, my fiancé loathes South Park so much, he kinda doesn’t even really like it living inside our DVR. (A recent South Park promo featuring a clip from last week’s “HumancentiPad” elicited this response from him: “Not. Happy.”)

But mostly, I just enjoy watching South Park on my computer more than on my TV. READ FULL STORY

'South Park' meets the (NSFW) 'Human Centipede' in Wednesday's season premiere

There was a time — let’s call it “two weeks ago” — when the only people interested in The Human Centipede were humorous musicals writers, parodical video game constructors, eccentric foot tattoo devotees, tongue-in-cheek sock monkey manufacturers, the folks over at Funnyordie.com, and fans of extreme horror. But this twisted 2010 tale of a crazy German surgeon who stitches together three unfortunate victims to form a, yes, “human centipede” has now invaded mainstream TV comedy.


'Book of Mormon': Why Josh Gad almost turned down his star-making role -- EXCLUSIVE

A few months ago, Josh Gad was best known for small parts in movies like 21 and Love and Other Drugs. Today, he’s one of the stars of Broadway’s newest hit The Book of Mormon, the blissfully blasphemous musical written by Avenue Q‘s Bobby Lopez and South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Gad plays Elder Cunningham, a misfit Mormon missionary sent to Uganda to baptize the natives. The role is already drawing rave reviews and bringing Gad, 30, the biggest publicity of his career. But as it turns out, the actor almost didn’t sign on to the musical when he was first wooed for the role by Lopez three years ago.

“I remember Bobby first sending me a demo recording of one of the show’s numbers that’s rather controversial, and I called my agent and said, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,'” Gad tells EW. READ FULL STORY

'Book of Mormon': Matt Stone and Trey Parker share their favorite musicals -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The Book of Mormon officially opens tonight at Broadway’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre. But co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker (who wrote the musical, along with Avenue Q‘s Robert Lopez) have long histories with musical theater — going all the way back to Parker’s high school days in a questionable production of The Flower Drum Song. In the somewhat NSFW video below, the South Park pair talk about their favorite musicals, their most nerve-wracking Mormon moments, and why they aren’t surprised by the lack of controversy surrounding their dirty-mouthed show about one of America’s most controversial religious groups. Check out the full interview after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart is somewhere probably STILL raving about 'The Book of Mormon'

Watching Jon Stewart rave about The Book of Mormon, the new Broadway musical from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, last night for a solid seven minutes, I realized that in an instance like this, his opinion actually carries as much weight with me as any theater critic’s will — if not more. That said, I was always going to go see The Book of Mormon, but now, if it doesn’t live up to my expectations, I will be disappointed in him as well. Watch the fawning interview below.  READ FULL STORY

'Book of Mormon' bows on Broadway: How offensive is it?

There were no protesters to be found outside NYC’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre on 49th St. yesterday evening. Ordinarily, that information wouldn’t be news, but last night wasn’t quite an ordinary occasion: It was the first preview performance of The Book of Mormon, the new musical by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez. (Check out EW’s Q&A with them in this week’s issue.) An irreverent tuner about two Mormon missionaries in poverty-stricken Uganda, Mormon has been touted as the most potentially obscene production to ever grace the Great White Way. So just how off-color is it? READ FULL STORY

'South Park' creators: 'Spider-Man' musical 'sucks' -- EXCLUSIVE

Trey-Parker-Matt-StoneImage Credit: Michael Yarish; Jacob CohlSouth Park visionaries Trey Parker and Matt Stone officially join the Broadway community tonight with the first preview performance of their new musical The Book of Mormon. (Be sure to check out EW’s full Q&A with the duo in our new issue, on stands tomorrow.) And true to their hell-raising reputation, the pair aren’t making nice with their new neighbors — specifically Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. “It’s horrible,” says Parker of the problem-plagued mega-musical. “I don’t think there’s any bombshell in us saying Spider-Man sucks. Nobody thinks it’s good.” Adds Stone: “Obviously, art is subjective. But not in that case. That’s just not good.” READ FULL STORY

Comedy Central logo threatens all mankind

Check it out, check it out: Comedy Central has a new logo. Goodbye globe-with-three-skyscrapers-dwarfed-by-huge-hilarious-words. Hello, simple hieroglyph that you’re sure you’ve seen before somewhere on your keyboard. Alas, it’s not there. It only seems like it should be, a distant cousin to @ and ©. But there’s much much more here, hiding behind their Christopher Nolan-inspired elegance. Clearly, Comedy Central intended to combine the logos of Carolco and Chanel, in an effort to trigger our subliminal craving for sweet-smelling killing machines from the future. Take a look at the new Comedy Central, if you dare!!!! READ FULL STORY

'South Park' kills Justin Bieber. Baby, baby, baby oooo-uch.

Oh my god! They killed Bieber! On last night’s new episode of South Park — the thrilling conclusion of the Coon & Friends trilogy — Cartman and the dark lord Cthulhu teamed up to rid the world of (Cartman’s version) of evil: the inhabitants of San Francisco, Burning Man’s hippies, Whole Foods, and, their “most challenging and most evil opponent,” Justin Bieber. “In order to save the Earth,” said Cartman as the Coon, “this little butthole had to be stopped.”

I suppose this is what you get when you’re responsible for a generation of hair-induced whiplash. See the video after the jump!


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